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Classic of the Way and Virtue

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Research, Compilation and Indexing by
Michael P. Garofalo
Green Way Research, Valley Spirit Center, Gushen Grove Notebooks, Red Bluff, California







Chapter and Thematic Index

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

Chapters 1-20
Dao de Jing by Laozi
Compiled and Indexed by Michael P. Garofalo


Chapter 1   

What is the Tao, Name (ming), Reason's Realization, Observe (kuan), Embodying the Tao, Everlasting (ch'ang), The Inadequacy of Names, Ineffable, Eternal, Being (yu), Spirit and Matter, Nameless (wu-ming), Tao, the Way, Mother (mu), Desire, Profound, Deep, Named (yu-ming), Spirituality, Appearances, Wonder, Dark (hsan), Inexpressible, Portal, Dao, Two and One, Understanding, Origin (shih), Freedom, Manifested (chiao), Gateway, Unity, Always (ch'ang), Plurality, Life Spring, Desire (yu-y), Source, Active, Quiescent, Mystery (miao), Existence, Non-Existence, Non-Being (wu), Mystical, Essence, The Way: Tao/Dao 道, Virture: Teh/De 德, Classic/Canon: Ching/Jing 經, 體道

Chapter 2   

Self-Development, The Idea of Comparisons, Beauty, Ugliness, Long and Short, Unselfish, Modesty, High and Low, Compliment, Associate, Connect, Simile, Definitions, Language, Musical Notes, Sage, Silence, No Rewards, Effortless Action, Complimentary, Contraries, Completion, Action, Existence, Non-Existence, Emptiness, Humility, Selflessness, Unattached, Work, Accomplished, Achieved, Merit, Contrast, Analogy, Metaphor, Wu Wei, Sage, Acceptance, Success, Equanimity, Semantics, Opposites, Teach by Example, Learn by Doing, Self-Discipline, Act Like the Dao, Impartial, No Expectations, Working with and for Others, Enduring, Working on the Self,  養身   

Chapter 3   

Controlling Desires, Quieting the People, Limiting Actions, Wise Leaders Exercise Restraint, Quietness, Knowledge, Restraint, Simplicity, Basic Needs, Not-Thinking, Stilling Mind, Strength, Not Acting, Inner Life, Peace, Actionless Activity (Wu-Wei), Essentials, Governing, No-Knowledge (Wu-Chih), No-Desire (Wu-Yu), Jealousy, Not Hoarding, Value, Keeping the People at Rest, Sage, Rest, Bones, Simple Minded, Quieting Thoughts, Will Power, Natural, Action, Lead and Teach by Example, Wise, Control, Emotions, Strengthen, 安民

Chapter 4   

Emptiness, Tranquil, Nature, Infinite, Tao, The Ancestor of All Things, God, Lord, Order, Chaos, Sharp, Uniting, Birth, Primeval, Great Obscurity, Untangles Knots, Deep Pool, Universe, First Born, Timeless, Dust, Dao, Fathomless, Vast, Appearance, Creative, Parentless, Bottomless, Totality, Origin, Cosmos, First Cause, Ocean, Gods, Noumenon, Thing In Itself, Permanent, Brightness, Hidden, Vessel, Eternal, Earth,  無源  

Chapter 5   

The Value of Emptiness, Impartiality, Straw Dogs, The Bellows, Less Talking, Doing Nothing, Don't Gossip, Heaven, Earth, Goodness, Empty, Stay Centered, Preserve the Inner, Quietness, Calmness, Centered, Impartiality, Indifference, Heart, Sage, Inner Essence, Watch Within, The Uses of Emptiness,  虛用     

Chapter 6    

The Valley Spirit (Ku Shn, Gu Shen), The Completion of Material Forms, Effort or Labor or Toil (ch'in), The Infinitude of Creative Effort, Mother, Earth, Heaven (t'ien), Endless, Mysterious or Profound or Secret (hsan), Fertile, Spirit or Soul (Shn), Bounty, Enduring or Remaining in Existence (ts'un), Ceaseless, Using (yung), Visible, Creation, Inexhaustible, Spontaneous, Deep, Root or Origin or Cause (kn), Field, Spring, Female (p'in), Deathless, Womb, Gate or Door or Entrance (mn), Source, Continuous (mien), Valley or Fountain (ku), Productive, Rebirth, The Mysterious Female,  成象    

Chapter 7   

Eternal, Heaven, Earth, Humility, Body (shen), Dimming Radiance, Longevity, Selfless (wu szu), Indifferent, Restraint, Equanimity, Inner Life, Self-Produced, Spontaneous, Impersonal, Durability, Realization, Eternal, Lasting (chiu), Everlasting, Preservation, Security, Health, Enduring, Existence (ts'un), Sage, Longevity, Winning, Intelligence, Universe, Cosmos, Humility,  韜光       

Chapter 8

The Nature of Goodness, Water, Easy by Nature, Lower, Humble, The Placid and Contented Nature, Flowing, Benevolence, Sage, Don't Contend, Be Peaceful, Humble, Efficient, Timeliness, Leadership, Skillful, Depth, Te, Faith, Order, Faultless, Heart, Stillness, Truth, Leadership, Government, Business, State, Grounded, Firm, Kindliness, Virtue, Sincere, Able, Action, Timeliness, Speech, Quarrel, Sage, Wisdom, Master, Inner Life, Low like Water,  易性

Chapter 9   

Moderation, Practicing Placidity, Simplicity, Greed, Good Work, Misfortune, Thieves, Axe Sharpening, Moderation, Bow, Gold, Empty, Full, Sharp, Wealth, Honors, Completion, Obscurity, Pride, Work, Retiring, Reputation, Extremes, Stopping, Safety, Fame, Arrogance, Way of Heaven, Seclusion, Retirement, Fulfilling, Tao, Quitting, Insolence, Calamity, Excess, Ruin, Withdrawal, Obscurity, Fullness and Complacency Contrary to the Dao,  運夷      

Chapter 10  

Physical and Bodily Soul, Vital Breath, Youthfulness, Mental Clarity, What is Possible, What Can Be Done, Impartiality, Spontaneity, Wholesome Personality, Natural Breathing, Intelligent Activity, Self-Control, Vital Breath, Cleanse the Mind, Virtue, Leadership, Meditation, Love, Cleansing the Mind, Impurities, Bird, Nurturing, Female, Passive, Cleanliness, Governing, Possibilities Through the Dao,  能為   

Chapter 11  

The Value of Empty Space, Empty Cup, Axle, Wheel, Clay, Pots, Hollow, Door, Windows, Empty House, Space, Uncluttered, Open, Free, Empty, Usefulness, Existence, Non-Existence, Uses for the Non-Existent,  無用  

Chapter 12  

Colors, Sounds, Tastes, Reduce Desires, Attend to the Inner Not the Outer, Insatiable Longing of the Eyes, Sage, Values, Holy Man, Eating, Inner, Horse Racing, Hunting, Music, Greed, Craving, Sensuality, Simplicity, Madness, True Self, Calmness, Striving, Chasing, Treasures, Excesses Offend the Senses,  檢欲  

Chapter 13  

Loathing, Shame, Favor, Disgrace, Honor, Dishonor, Body, Self-Love, Care of Body, Anxiety, Humiliation, Fear, Troubles, Self, Fear, Courage, Sage, Love, Death, Fearless, Unworried, Ailments, Surprise, Dedication, Care, Bodiless, Calm, Self-Direction, Courage, Leadership,  厭恥  

Chapter 14  

In Praise of the Profound; It is Colorless, Silent, and Subtle; The Manifestation of the Mystery, Invisible, Clue, Shapeless, Form of the Formless, Something Shapeless, Elusive and Evasive, Faceless and Backless, Void, Marvelous, Mysterious, Nameless, Elusive, Secret, Nothingness, Invaluable Thread, Non-Being, Intangible, Colorless, Silent, Elusive, Serene, Zenith, Nadir, Front and Back, Empty, Nameless, Rarefied, Present, Timeless, Image of the Imageless, Top and Bottom, Celebration of Mystery, Tao, Dao,  贊玄  

Chapter 15  

That Which Reveals Virtue: Cautious, Grave, Reserved, Illusive, Unpretentious, Simple, Humble, Still, Empty; Qualities of Masters of the Dao: Subtle, Profound, Penetrating, Sages, Murky Water, Less is Better, Guest, Don't Stir Up Trouble, Renewal, Longevity, Watchful, Spontaneity, Acceptance, Spiritual,  顯德

Chapter 16  

Emptiness, Resting, Returning to the Root, Knowing the Eternal, Ten Thousand Things Arising and Returning to the Source,
Community of Feeling, Longevity, Sage, Leader, Abode of Eternal Tao, Sky, Eternal, Enlightenment, Rest, Tao, Inner Life, Heaven, Peace, Emptiness, Stillness, Quietude, Receptivity, Root, Unchanging, Return, Things, Enlightened, Serenity, Death, Impartiality, Freedom from Fear of Aging, Immortality,  歸根  

Chapter 17  

Simplicity of Habits, Faith in Rulers, Independence of People, Earned Respect, Despised Rulers, Trust, Antiquity, Three Ages, History, Self-Rule, Self-Reliance, Fear, Tao, Self-Reliance, Peace, Prosperity, Wu Wei, Great Rulers, Control, Accomplishments of the People,  淳風   

Chapter 18   

Compassion, Filial Piety, Justice, Jen, The Decay of Manners, The Deterioration of Society, Hypocrisy, Chaos, Natural, Selfishness, Change, Tao Disappears, Six Relationships, Social Convention, Way, Morality, Convention, Disharmony, Bureaucracy, Formalism, Rules, Country, Family, Artifice, Deception, Pretense, Unnatural, Disorder, Sham, Religion, Clans, Dishonesty,  俗薄  

Chapter 19  

Return to Simplicity,  Renounce Scheming and Contriving, Lessen Desires, Duties, Morality, Formalism, Naturalness, Kindly, Humility, Simplicity, Conventionality, Contrivances, Greed, Selfish, Purity, Equanimity, Non-Differentiation, Holier Than Thou, Superiority, Be Plain and True,  還淳

Chapter 20  

Learning, Being Different from Ordinary People, Isolation of the Sage, Mother, Doubt, Fear, Simplicity, Baby, Doubts of the Hermit, Homeless, Solitary Life, Rustic Living, Stupidity, Loneliness, Not Learning, Innocence, Useless, Meditation, Sitting, Multitude, People, Convention, Stop Learning, Bright, Dull, Ordinary, Unique, One of a Kind, Impractical, Uselessness of the Wise Man,  異俗  

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Chapters 21-40
Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu
Compiled and Indexed by Michael P. Garofalo

Chapter 21  

Emptying the Heart, Eluding Sensations, Deep and Obscure, Never Vanishing, Profound, Vague, Eluding, Tao, Quintessential Energy, Illusive, Being, Heart of Emptiness, Beyond Sense, Unending, Purity, Truth, Change, Present, Past, Doorway, Future, Beauty, Unfathomable, Nebulous, Grand Integrity, Knowledge, Essence, Dao, Seed, Form, Unformed, Origin, Nameless, Knowledge Through the Dao,  虛心  

Chapter 22   

Humility, Few Desires, Crooked, Straight, Imperfect, Partial, Complete, Humility, Forbearance, Humility, Not Gloating, Setting an Example, Avoid Idle Talking, Striving, Ancients, Destruction, Rebirth, Sage, Adaptation, Honor, Merit, Virtue, Completion, Empty, Full, Yielding, Bending,  益謙    

Chapter 23   

Quiet, Happiness, Dao, Reason, Faith, Events, Flow, Change, Virtue, Trust, Good Associations, Loss, Heaven, Earth, Friendships, Worthy, Way, Reticence, Wind, Tao, Eternal, Cloudbursts, Rain, Nature, Intelligence, Accord, Conformity, Acceptance, Failure, Taciturn, Sage, Transitory, Power, Adaptation, Teh,  虛無  

Chapter 24   

Non-Assertiveness, Modesty, Reclusiveness, Trouble from Indulgence, Gluttony, Humility, Modesty, Reticence, Cancer, Rotten, Tiptoes, Stand, Unnatural, Walk, Bragging, Waste, Sage, Indulgence, Malignant, Proud, Conceit, Extremes, Useless, Counter-Productive, Unfit, Unclean, Excretion, Painful Graciousness,  苦恩   

Chapter 25  

Giving it a Name, Wondrous and Complete, Heaven, Earth, Imaging the Mysterious, Being What It Is, Unchanging, Mother, Law of Tao, Greatness, Undefiled, Describing the Mysterious, Formless, Flow, Eternal, Home, Reason, Silent, Boundless, Powers, Tao, Whole, Life, Origin, Inherent Nature, Self-Existent, Indescribable, Dao, Incomprehensible, Qi, Inscrutable, Inexhaustible, Energy, Chi, Energy,  象元  

Chapter 26   

Gravity, Stillness, Act Lightly, Virtue of Gravity, One's Proper Place, Dignity, Leisure, Tao, Sage, Restlessness, Heavy, Light, Still, Moving, Indifference, Solitude, Hermit, Horses, King, Heaviness and Lightness, Boat, Sleep, Simplicity, Beauty, Chariot, Self-Control, Calmness, Root, Leadership,  重德  

Chapter 27   

Traveler, Walker, Speaker, Planner, Talents, Tao, Enlightened, Sage, Subtle, Knot, Equality, Details, Guide, Dao, Sage, Tool, Waste, Economy, Practicality, Teaching, Learning from Everything, Skillful, Mastery, No Talents are Wasted, The Function of Skill, Paradoxical , Dexterity in Using the Dao, Cultivating Perfection, Bad, Good, Spiritual, A Good Walker Leaves no Tracks,  巧用   

Chapter 28   

Simplicity, Keep to the Female, Embrace Opposites, Be a Model, Returning to Simplicity, Tao, Model, Honorable, Retaining Integrity, Harmony, Male, Female, Nature of Opposites and Change, Wood, Carving, Sculpture, White, Black, Simplicity, Opposite, Complimentary, Yin, Yang, Possibilities, Open, Utensils,  反樸    

Chapter 29   

Abandon Excess, Not Forcing Things, Variations, No Extravagance, Taking-Loosing, Spirit, Kingdom, Empire, Front, Back, Warm Cold, Simplicity, Austerity, Variety, Peaceful, Reticence, Extravagance, Indulgence, Strong, Weak, Excess, Opposites, Taking No Action, Sage, Humility, Wu Wei,   

Chapter 30   

Abandon Excess, Avoid Daring, Strike Only of Necessity, Be Wary of War, Maturity, Violence, Destruction, Battle, Dao, Peace, Old, Worn, General, Minister, Government, Force of Arms, Necessity, Mastery, Arrogance, Thorns, Resolve, Army, Reconciliation, Reason, Tao, Death, Poverty, A Caveat Against Violence,  儉武  

Chapter 31   

Evil, Omens, Create Don't Destroy, Tao, Weapons, Arms, Wars, Pacifism, Sage, Delight Not in Warfare, Dao, Peace, Calmness, Self-Defense, Murder, Killing, Weeping, Bitter, Rites, Rituals, Be Peaceful, Funeral, Left, Right, Soldiers, Rulers, Sorrow, Non-Violence, Battle, Avoid Wars,  偃武  

Chapter 32   

Nameless, Tao, Ineffable, Seas, Rivers, Heaven, Earth, Eternal, King, Free, Guidance, Rest, Dao, Streams, Dew, Stopping, Harmony, The Tao with No Name, The Virtue of Holiness, Shapes, Equality, Rain, Simplicity, Effortlessly, Indestructible, Unfathomable, Valley Streams, Rivers that Run to the Sea,  聖德 

Chapter 33   

Wisdom, Enlightened, Clever, Self-Control, Determination, Vigor, Long Life, Self-Mastery, Longevity, Immortal, Discriminating Between Attributes, Knowing Oneself, Endurance, Virtue of Discrimination, Contentment, Self-Knowledge, Energy, Tranquility, Perseverance, Eternally Present,  辨德   

Chapter 34   

Tao is All Pervading, Perfection of Trust, Nourishing Ten Thousand Things, Returning to One's Root, Tao, Modesty, Task of Achievement, Greatness, River, Returning, Creatures, Smallness, Humility, Productivity, Root, Sage, Left, Right, Creative, Nameless, Source, Origin, Love, Giving, Hiding One's Virtues, Dao,  任成   

Chapter 35   

Ease, Peace, Music, Tao, Value, Inexhaustible, Finding Comfort, Virtue of Benevolence, Peace, Form, Inaudible, Indeterminable, Boundless, Tasteless, Tranquility, Dao, Invisible, Symbol, Cooking, Taste, Boring, Dainty, Profound, Endless, Sign, Worthless, Insipid, Mouth, Unnoticed,  仁德    

Chapter 36   

Weaken, Strengthen, Lower, Raise, Hidden, Exposed, Soft, Hard, Paradox, Secret, Fish, Sea, State, Government, Treasures, Lighten, Darken, Opposite, Complimentary, Transform, Weapons, Insight, Wisdom, Security, Inhale, Exhale, Breath, Ignorance, Concealment, Overturning, Reversal, Subtle,  微明 

Chapter 37   

Simplicity, Government, Tao, Active, Reform, Rest, Still, Tranquility, Administration of Government, Taking No Action, Wu Wei, Natural, Nothing Undone, Freedom, Non-Assertion, Wood, Uncarved, Block, Nameless, Equilibrium, Kings, Transformation, Princes, Rectify, Regeneration, Quiet, Desire, Lust, Calmness, Exercise of Leadership,  為政    

Chapter 38   

Superior, Inferior, Goodness, Tao, Virtue, Goodness, Wu Wei, Doing Nothing, Leaves Nothing Undone, Superior Virtue, Conventionality, Dao, Discourse on Virtue, Hiding One's Virtues, Loosing the Tao, Unpretentious, Foolish, Justice, Ritual, Anti-Confucian, Fruit, Flower, Propriety, Kindness, Pity, Hidden, Sage, Morality, Righteous, Humble, Wit, Loyalty, Benevolence, Ignorance, Fitness, Profit, Conduct, Superficiality, Discarding and Regaining,  論德   

Chapter 39   

One, Tao, Steadfast, Plentitude, Heaven, Earth, Spirits, Valley, Creatures, Origin of the Law, Oneness, Equilibrium, Whole, Origin, Chariot, Stone, Interrelated, Coordinated, Dependent, Power of the Dao, Root of Order, Elements, Dao, Princes, Source, Procreation, Generation, Integration, Unity, Totality, Core, Lowliness, Essentials, Fundamental, Simple, Common, Pieces, Supports, Underpinning, Source of Authority,  法本    

Chapter 40   

Contraries, Opposites, Movement, Dao, Deeds, Action, Origin, Unnamed, Heaven, Evolution, Retirement, Inaction, Subtle, Void, Non-Existence, Emptiness, Weakness, Softness, Ten Thousand Things, Nothingness, Simplicity, Indescribable, Cycles, Something, Reversible,  去用 

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Chapters 41-60
Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu
Compiled and Indexed by Michael P. Garofalo

Chapter 41   

Sameness and Difference, Hearing of the Tao, Dao, Laughing, Opposites, Contraries, Hidden and Nameless Tao, Reason, Appearances, Hidden, Mysterious, Contradictions, Non-Rational, Power, Purity, Steadfast, Completion, Scholar, Student, Sage, Sustain, Goodness, Empty, Full, Virtue, Learning, Understanding, Process, Cycle, Imperfect, Flawed, Incomplete, Perfection, Complex, Tao, Humor, Fulfillment,  同異 

Chapter 42  

Transformations, Dao, Modification, Reason, Violence, Two, Three, One, Many, Tao, Obscure, Carriages, Princes, Fools, Violence, Increase, Decrease, Unity, Duality, Teaching, Virtue, Tyrant, Hostility, Unnatural, Myriad Beings, 10,000 Things, Language, Titles, Creative, Origin, Breath, Chi, Emptiness, Yin, Yang, Harmony, Death,  道化 

Chapter 43  

Emptiness, Heaven, Space, Weak, Strong, Void, Non-Action, Softness, Spaciousness, Universal, Wu Wei, Fullness, Stone, Misunderstood, Ineffable, Showing, Accomplishment, Gentleness, Strong, No Expectations, Soft, Hard, Power, Yield, Water, Seamless, Penetrable, Impenetrable, Not Acting, Overcoming the Impossible, Wordless Teaching,  偏用 

Chapter 44  

Body, Possessions, Gain, Loss, Sufficiency, Cautions, Contentment, Stopping, Hoarding, Longevity, Fame, Loss, Security, Economy, Waste, Limits, Excess, Wealth, Vulnerable, Happiness, Simplicity, Consumerism, Security, Precepts,  立戒

Chapter 45  

Changes, Opposites, Contraries, Tranquil, Great or Overflowing Virtue, Stillness, Perfection, Attention, Imperfect, Movement, Skill, Awkward, Straight, Crooked, Full, Empty, Purity, Quiet, Sitting, The Virtue of Greatness, Hot, Cold, Contrasts, Eloquent, Dumb, Calmness, Sage, Wisdom, Serene, Achievement, Great Accomplishment,  洪德   

Chapter 46  

Horses, Universe, Desire, Discontent, Selfishness, Enough, Dao, Moderating Desire and Ambition, Simplicity, Tao, Sage, Satisfaction, Crime, Envy, Manure, Greed, Calamity, Misfortune, Limiting Desires,  儉欲

Chapter 47  

Sage, Door, Window, Present, Here and Now, Discovering the Distant, Seeing the Distant, Staying Present and Aware, Avoid Theorizing, Stay Home, Travel, Dao, Non-Action, Wandering, Immediate, Surroundings, Acting, Accomplishment, Self-Discovery, Tao, Heaven, Naming, Self-Discovery, Awareness, Quiet, Discovery,  鑒遠

Chapter 48  

Simplifying, Releasing, Action, Wu Wei, Non-Action, Forgetting, Restraint, Grabbing, Reducing, Letting Go, Distress, Meddling, Effort, Relax, Accomplishment, Adding, Subtracting, Tao, Interfering, Learning, Changing, The Way, Natural, Sage, Activity, Dao, Non-Interference, Striving,  忘知

Chapter 49  

Sage, Humility, Equality, Receptivity, Trust, Humility, Goodness, Honesty, Indulgence, Harmony, Sincere, Honest, Honorable, Self-Effacing, Mother, Nurturing, Virtue, Heartfelt, Neutrality, Equanimity, Wisdom, Calm, Kind, Faithful, Trustworthy, Child, Peaceful, Leadership, Fatherly, Ruler, Simplicity,  任德

Chapter 50  

The Value Set on Life, Value Life, Esteem Life, Become Invulnerable, Followers of Life, Rhinos, Tigers, War, Invulnerable, Three Out of Ten, Accept Death, Esteem Life, Immunity, Nourish Life, Avoid Injury, Invincible, Weapons, Protected, Immortality, Inner Life, Dying, Freedom, Percentages, Odds, Liberation, Out of Harms Way, Fearless,  貴生

Chapter 51  

The Nourishment of the Tao, Virtue as a Nurse, Guiding, Creativity, Mystical Power, Teh Nourishes, Producing, The Way, Freedom, Nature, Follow the Tao, Harmony, Integrity, Nurturing, Integrity, Hidden Power, Life Giving, Dao, Working, Material, Origin, Strengthen, Protection, Natural Development, Self-So, Power, Unforced, Harmony, Honor Virtue,  養德 

Chapter 52  

Returning to the Source, Great Mother, Soft and Small, Avoiding Misfortune, Tao, Study Origins, Silence, Eternal, Longevity, Humility, Listening, Seeds, Undying Nature, Softness, Brightness, Constancy, Limit Senses, Child, Door, Strength, Dao, Nurturing, Illumination, Meditation, Inner Light, Constant, Insight, Inner Life, Contain Energy, Misfortune, Harm, Roots, Wither, Offspring, Clarity, Enlightenment, Quiet, Silence, Humility, Gentle, Examine Relationships,  歸元 

Chapter 53  

Follow the Way, Avoid Shortcuts, Disadvantages of Wealth, Avoid Greed, Work, Be Diligent, Riches, Walking, The Way, Wealth, Excesses, Gaining Insight, Look at the Facts, Starvation, Weapons, Greed, Tao, Clothing, Alcohol, Eating, Weeds, Fields, Palaces, Possessions, Corrupt, Extravagance, Appearances, Thieves, Grain, Robbers, Braggarts, Gluttony, Fashion, Hoarding, Riches, Theft, Brigands, Opulence, Grand Direction, Dao,  益証

Chapter 54  

Dao, Observation, Person, Family, Village, City, State, Country, Insight, Intuition, Cultivation, Views, Planting, Embracing, Self-Cultivation, Community Efforts, Virtue (Te), Observing the Tao, Goodness, Strength, Abundance, Genuine, Prosperity, Increase, Benefit, Productive, Not Uprooted, Future Generations, Point of View, Microcosm, Assess, Growing, Widespread, Abundance, Enduring, Exuberant, As Below So Above,  修觀  

Chapter 55  

Invincibility, Mysterious Virtue, Safety, Male, Female, Harmony, Virtue, Vitality, Newborn Child, Useless Arts, Snakes, Birds, Sexual Vitality, Dao, Natural Path, Accept Aging, Conserve Energy, Breathing, Infant's Energy, Chi, Death, Decay, Harmony, Bones, Muscles, Sexual Erection, Follow the Tao, Misusing Strength, Qi, Eternal, Enlightened, Intercourse, Mating, Procreation, Erection, Energy, Enhancing, Longevity, Heart, Sign of the Mysterious,    玄符  

Chapter 56  

Virtuous Passivity, Virtue of the Mysterious, Circumspection in Speech, Ineffability, Blend, Soften, Doors, Sharpen, Dao, Those Who Know Do Not Speak, Closing the Senses, Mystic Oneness, Independence, Untangle, Knots, Harmonize, Sage, Attainment, Tao, Silence, Restraint, Mystical, Unravel the Knots, Beyond Good and Evil, Aloof, Noble, Indifferent, Gain, Free, Ambivalent, The Way, Dignity, Loss, Enlightened, Honor, Mysterious Identity,  玄德   

Chapter 57  

Leadership, Warfare, Simplification, Genuine Influence, Doing Nothing, Peace, Fewer Laws, Reform, Chaos, Rules, Poverty, Weapons, Taxes, Freedom, Less Government, Self-Rule, Restraint, Quietude, Wu Wei, Simplicity, Thieves, Good, Tranquil, Serene, Reserved, Unnecessary Cleverness and Desires, Sage, Habits of Simplicity,  淳風    

Chapter 58  

Transformations According to Circumstances, Sages, Good and Bad, Effortless, Self-Regulating, Good Government, State, Law, Sage, Less Government, Facilitate, Adaptation to Change, Liberal Government, Wise Leader, Modeling, Kindness, Cutting, Process, Happiness, Facilitating, Non-Harming, Hiding One's Light, Justice, Peace, Honest, Straightforward, Direct, Illuminate, Bright, Dazzle, Goodness, Evil, Rectitude, Just, Upright, Enlightened, Fair, Candor, Kindness,  順化   

Chapter 59  

Guarding the Tao, Government, Knowing Limits, Restraint, Longevity, Building, Leadership, Nation, Mother, Growth, Roots, Storing, Follow Reason, Frugality, Virtues, Mother of the Kingdom, No Limitations, Integrity, Overcoming, Tao, Enduring, Stores, Saving, Storage, Dao, Moderation, Tree, Trunk, Wisdom, Peace, Foresight, Teh, Master,  守道    

Chapter 60  

Ruling, Governing, Cooking Fish, Emotions, Maintaining the Throne, Ghosts, Evil Spirits, Wise Ruler, Keep Your Perspective, Not Harming, Power, Tranquility, Weakening Evil, Unharmed, Harmony, Manifesting Virtue, Sage, Realizing Te (Virtue),  居位


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Chapters 61-81
Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu
Compiled and Indexed by Michael P. Garofalo

Chapter 61

The Virtue of Humility, Stillness, Great States Need to Acquiesce, Receptivity, Quietude, Female (p'in), Passivity is Power, Woman, Serving, Male (mou), Adequate Food, Boundary (pu kuo), Humility, Large Country, Stillness (ching), Small Country, Motherhood, Abasement, Bending, Condescension, Sea, State, Wife, Water, Low Lying (hsia), Submission, Rivers, Acquiescence, Compromise, Cooperate, Heaven (t'ien hsia) People, Nation, Benefits, Government, Politics, International Relations, Lowering (hsia), Diplomacy, Service, Unity, Peace,  謙德  

Chapter 62  

Practicing the Dao, Practice Reason, Sitting Still and Reasoning, Honest Conduct, The Admirable, Horses, Jade, World Honored Tao, Emperor, Secret (ao), Ministers, Ten Thousand Things, Values, Gift of the Tao, Treasure (pao), Be Still, Virtue, Admirable, Officials, Kneel (tso), Guilt, Sinner, Sitting, Stillness, Son of Heaven, Refuge, Non-action, Three Ministers (kung), , Laws of the Universe, Sanctuary, Good (shan), Treasure, Honor (zun), Wealth, Offenses (tsui), Esteem,  為道  

Chapter 63  

A Consideration of Beginnings, Do (wei), Deal with the Great While it is Small, Do Without Doing, Avoid Anger, Practice Non-Practice, Know (chih), Taste Without Tasting, Return Love for Hate, Think at the Start, Patience, Reversing, Sage, Difficult, Small, Details, Anger, Keep it Simple, Easy, Plant, Detachment in Actions, Nurturing, Accomplish (wei), Problems, Flavorless, Anger, Injury (yan), Virtue, Impartiality, Sage, Beginning, Starting, Love, Hate, Gentle, Non-Interference, Non-Coercion, Piecemeal, Disinterested, Inner Life, Nothing to Do (wu wei),  恩始

Chapter 64  

Consider the Insignificant, Don't Cling, Govern (chih), The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step, Not Grasping, Tree, Tower, Transgressions (kuo), Sage, Remain Careful to the End, Disorder, Guarding the Small, Plan (mou), Disorder (luan), Great Things Have Humble Beginnings, Be Present Now, Basics, Twigs, Journey, Beginning, Work, Master, Desire, Li, Naturalness, Simplicity, Scatter, Disperse, Few Desires, Do No Harm, Sitting, Fragile, Attention, Concentration, Not Grasping, Break, Heedful, Failure, Easy (i), Leading, Guard the Minute, Act (wei), Fragile, Learning, Motionless, Sage, Ends, Action, Heedful, Virture, Order, Self Becoming (tzu-jan), Spontaneous, Ten Thousand Things, Non-Attachment,  守微       

Chapter 65  

The Virtue of Simplicity, Effortless Excellence, Straightforward, Secret, Wisdom, Model, Excellence, Reversal, Virtue, Value of Ignorance (y), Hiding, Te, Learning Overrated, Heaven's Rule (chi shih), Dao, Harmonize, Enlightened, Clarifies (ch'ing), Sage, Educate, Guide, Ancient, Pure Unmixed Elegance, Plainness, Dark (hsan), Alignment with the Way, Master, Know (chih), Profound, Model, Polarity, Reverts (fan), Unity, Leadership, Harmony, Teaching, Honesty, Tao, Enlighten (ming), Avoid Cleverness,  淳德  

Chapter 66   

Subordinate the Self, Put Yourself Last, Valley Streams Flow Downward (hsia), Small Rivers, Sage, Plain Language, Ocean, Humility, Sage, Noncompetition, Words, Sea, Strive, Exalt, Lead by Following, Untiring (pu yen), Contend, Esteem, Not Striving, Humility, Modesty, Wise Leader, Serving, Person (shen), Enlightened, Rule, Superiority, Kindness, Gentleness, Exalt, Accomplishment, Constructive, Follow, Guide, First, Last, Contend, Oppose, Gentleness,  後巳

Chapter 67   

Three Precious Things: Gentleness, Compassion, Love (tz'u), Mercy, Tao, Economy, Thriftiness, Patience, Liberality, Benevolence, Generosity, Humility, Three Precious Values: Compassion, Economy, Frugality (chien), Modesty, Dao, Three Treasures (pao), Moderation, Bravery, Untimely, Death, Failure, Three Virtues, Economic, Victory, Gentle, Useless (pu hsiao), Strength, Heaven, Leadership,  三寶  

Chapter 68  

Compliance with Heaven, Be a Peaceful Warrior, Don't Contend, Without Desire, Blend with the Tao, Effective Military Leaders, Leadership, Fighting, Battle, Strategy, Tactics, Caution, Avoid Anger, Humility, Peacefulness, Not Wrathful, Power (Te), Peaceful Persuasion, Conqueror, Way of Heaven, Calmness, Commander, Employer, General, Perfection (chi), Inferior, Superior, Enemy, Restraint, In Accord with Heaven, Not Striving,  配天  

Chapter 69  

The Function of the Mysterious (Dao), Act as a Guest with Reserve, Host, Guest, Underestimate, Tactics, Battle, Enemy, War, Fighting, Treasure (pao), Weapons, Warriors, Retreating, Disputes, Peacemakers, Yielding, Military Strategy, Use of the Mystery, Reconciliation, Compromise, Healing, Compassion, Uselessness of War, Attitude, Inch, Foot, Calamities (huo), Rival, Foe, Restraint, Withdraw, Advance, Respect, Defend, Sorrow, Never Make Light of an Enemy,  玄用  

Chapter 70  

Difficult to Understand, They Who Know Me Are Few, Hide Your Jewels, Difficulty of Being Rightly Known, Understanding (i-chih), Practice, Followers, Kept to One's Heart, Practice (i-hsing, chih), Hidden, Simple Clothes, Few (kuei), Wool, Jewels, Hidden Treasure, Self Control, Wisdom, Sage, Nature, Dao, Ruler (chn), Ancestor, Language, Leadership, Ordinary, Words (yen), Jade, Principles, Underappreciated, Progenitor (tsung), Source, Rare, Concealed, Hidden, Ancient, Follow (ts), Educating, Teaching, Learning, Easy to Know and Easy to Practice,  知難  

Chapter 71   

The Disease of Knowledge, Knowing the Unknowable, Highest Attainment, Highest or Best (shang), Delusions, Ignorance, True Knowledge, Sage's Wisdom, Mental Health, Pretensions, Know (chih), Sage or Holy Man or Wise Woman or Enlightened Person (Shng Jn), Wisdom, Freedom, Sickness or Illness or Disease (ping), Liberation, Ignorance, Stupidity, Sick of Sickness, Not Knowing or Ignornace or Foolishness (pu chih), Mental Illness, Unwise, Pain,  知病

Chapter 72   

Respect Yourself, Know Yourself, Recognize Your Attributes, Show or Display (chien), Oppression, Government, Be Humble, Cherish Yourself, Acceptance, Restraint, Wonder, Fear of Power, Don't Bother Others, Fear (wei), Dread, Confidence, Openness, Sage, Holy (shng) Man (jn), Wise Person, Household, Livelihood, Selflessness, Restrict (hsia), Letting Go, Leadership, Dwelling (ch), House, Self-Respect, Skills, Hidden, Distinguish (kuei), Humility, Self Development, Conservative, Burden (yen), Respectful, Show Off, Choose or Prefer (ch'), Don't be Narrow,  愛巳 

Chapter 73  

Avoiding Striving and Daring Actions, Hate or Despise (wu), The Way of Heaven is Quiet, Cause or Reason (ku), Life or Living (huo), Naturalness, Victory or Overcome (shng), Daring to Act, Slip By or Loss (shih), Heaven's Way, Tao Way, Courage or Bravery (yung), Freedom Non-Competition, Slow or Patient (ch'an), Ambivalence Regarding Acts, Manner or Behavior (jan), Self-Restraint, Justice, Retribution, Favoritism, God's Blessing, God's Curse, Daring or Fearlessness (kan), Way (Tao), Content or Compete (chng), Nature's Course, Accomplishing, Responds or Answers (ying), Plans or Designs (mou), Understands or Knows (chih), Injury or Hurt (hai), Inevitable, Death or Killed (sha), Heaven (t'ien), Sage, Net (wang), Vast or Wide (k'uei),  任為 

Chapter 74   

The Fear (wei) of Death (ssu), Executioner, Carpenter, Kill or Execute (sha), Danger, Skill, Hazards, Threaten (ch), Overcoming Delusions, Worries, Professions, Skills, Rare or Few (hsi), Avoiding Inappropriate Occupations, Constantly (ch'ang), Having Relevant Skills at Work, Law, Government, Intimidation, Dishonest or Bizarre (ch'i), Lumberjack, Get or Take (t), Tree, Safety, Criminals, Lord of Death, Injury or Wound (shang), People (min), Seize or Hold (chih), Cutting Your Hands, Craftsman or Artisan (chiang), Dare or Venture (kan), Chopping, Wood, Inevitable, Carpenter (cho), Master or Great (ta), Capital Punishment,  制惑

Chapter 75   

Harmed Through Greed, Starving (chi) People (min), Famine, Excessive Taxes, Seeking or Striving (ch'iu), Don't Worry About Death, Eat (shih), Be Disinterested, Not or Without or Nothing (wu), Less Bad Government (chih) is Better, Worthy or Good (hsien), Injury from Covetousness, Lightly or Frivolous (ch'ing), Ruling Classes, Officials or Authorities (shang), Taxes or Levy (shui), Not Striving, Acting or Meddling (wei), Esteem or Honor (kuei), Avoid an Excessive Interest in Daily Affairs, Difficult or Hard (nan), Death (ssu), Poor, Truth (fu), Impoverished, Life or Living (shng), Work, Exemplars, Intensity and Vigor (hou),  貪損

Chapter 76   

Grass (ts'ao), Trees (mu), Soft and Supple is Best, Stay or Stop or Rest (ch'u), Companion or Comrade (t'u), Man or Person (jn), Yielding is Wise, Tenderness, Army or Soldiers (ping), Growing or Born (shng), Withered, Weak or Gentle (jo), Dry, Rigid or Decayed (k'u), Yielding, Unyielding or Stiff (ch'iang), Below or Lower or Beneath (hsia), Caution Against Strength, Military Power, Tender or Soft or Pliant (jou), Flexibility, Death (ssu), Delicate or Supple (ts'ui), Above or Higher or Superior (shang), Beware of Strength, Ten Thousand (wan), Things or Beings (wu), Fell, Chop Down, Weapons, Hard or Stiff or Rigid (chien), Dry or Rotten (kao), Great or Big (ta),  戒強

Chapter 77   

The Way (tao) of Heaven (t'ien), Excess or Surplus (yu y), Deficient (pu tsu), cies, Bow (kung), Archery, Heaven's Reason, Releasing, Impartiality, Sage or Holy Man (shng jn), Lower or Bring Down (yi), Show or Display or See (chien), Supplement Deficiency, Have or Possess (yu), Loose or Loss (sun), Acting Sage, Non-Attachment to Deeds, Below or Underneath (hsia), Supplement or Add On or Increase (pu), Worth or Virtue or Goodness (hsien), Bend or Flex (chang), Decrease or Diminish (sun), Imbalance, Self-Control, Raise or Lift Up (ch), Gives or Offers (fng), Don't Brag, Balancing, Person or Man (jn), Archery, Expect or Claim (shih), Letting Go, Top or Higher (kao), Humility, Enough or Sufficient (tsu), Can or Able To (nng), Stop or Stay (ch'u), Works or Accomplishes (wei),  天道

Chapter 78   

Water (shui), The Soft Overcomes the Hard, True or Correct (chng), Seem or Appear (jo), Dishonor or Disgrace (kou), Soil or Earth or Grain (chi), The Failed are Often Chosen, Paradoxes, Have Faith, Trust, Rituals, Belief, Weak (jo),  Overcomes the Strong, Hold or Keep (shou), Follow or Practice (hsing), Assault or Attack (kung), Conquer or Surpass or Overcome (shng), Accept Responsibility, Good Omen or Blessing (hsiang), Accept Disgrace, Below or Under (hsia), Heaven (t'ien), Offering or Sacrifice, Don't Make Sacrifices, Double Meanings, Altar or Shrine (sh), Hard or Firm (chien), Opposite or Paradox or Crooked (fan), Country or Nation (kuo), Words (yen), Inexpressible, Ambiguous, Vague, Exchange or Replace (yi), Watercourse Way, Unyielding or Stiff (ch'iang), Soft or Pliant or Supple (jou), Lord or Master or God (chu), King (wang), Sage or Holy Man (shng jn),  任信

Chapter 79   

Meeting Your Obligations, Good or Perfect (shan), Keeping Promises, Hold or Grasp (chih), Making Agreements (ch'i), , Able or Power (k'o), Patience in Collecting Debts, Patience, Without or Not (wu), Enforcing Contracts, Left Side (tso), Recognizing Agreements, Lawyer, Witness, Harmony or Equilibrium (Ho) Justice, How or Where or What or Question (an), Sage or Holy Man (shng jn), Impartiality, Grudges, Preference or Favorite (ch'in), Disputes, Correcting Wrongs, Collecting Debt (tso), Claim (ts), Hatred or Enmity (yan), Peaceful Process, Good or Righteous (shan), Contract (ch'i), Justice, Way of Heaven, Virtue or Power (t), Perfection,  任契

Chapter 80   

Community or Village (kuo), Contentment, Old Age or Aged (lao), Distant or Far Away (yan), Peaceful Life, Wear or Display (ch'n), Rural Living, Joy or Rejoice (lo), County or State (kuo), Remaining in Seclusion, Tenfold (shih), Simple Life, Ride (ch'ng), Small Country, No Wars, Plain Living, Not Showing, Neighbors, Utilize or Use (yung), Weapons, Fewer People, Chickens, Cocks or Rooster (chi), Dogs (ch'an), Boats (chou), Carts or Carriages (y), Food, Clothes (fu), See or Sight (wang), Travel Little, 100 or One Hundred (po), Stay at Home (ch), People or Citizens (min), Spot or Place (so), Sound or Barking (shng), Simplicity, Small (hsiao), Go To or Visit or Back and Forth (lai), Everyday Life or Practices or Customs (su), Don't be Too Intellectual, Enjoy or Delight (kan), Implements or Utensils (ch'i), And or Yet (erh), Take Seriously or Mind (chung), Beautiful (mei), Standing Alone,  獨立

Chapter 81   

The Nature of the Essential, Sincere or Truthful (hsin), Hidden Value, Good Home Life, Simple Living, Propounding the Essential, Sensible Man, Not Arguing, Dispute or Quarrel (pien), Honest Truth, Hoard or Accumulate (chi), Selfish, Long Life, Learned or Erudite (po), Good or Righteous (shan), Helping, Not Hoarding, Hurt or Injure (hai), Way of the Sage, Avoid Scholarship, The Learned May Not Know, Contend or Compete or Contest (chng), Heavenly Tao, Eloquence, Yielding, Beautiful or Pleasing (mei), Wisdom, Inner Truths, Meditation, Knowing or Aware or Wise (chih), Sharing, Giving, Kindness, Heaven, Tao, Reciprocating, Words (yen), The Manifestation of Simplicity,  顯質


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Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu
Gushen Grove Notebooks for the Dao De Jing
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I have prepared one webpage for each of the 81 Chapters of the Tao Te Ching (Dao De Jing), The Classic of the Way and Virtue, by Lao Tzu (Laozi).  Each of these webpages now includes over 16 different complete translations of the Chapter; with the aim of providing up to 24 different translations for each Chapter by the end of 2014.  Most of the translations of verses selected for each Chapter are from translations freely available in the public domain, while a few verses come from cited books in print.  To my knowledge, in 2013, this is the largest collection on the Internet of different complete translations of each Chapter of the Tao Te Ching arranged by the 81 Chapters.

A full index of the sources for each translator's version is provided.  This Chapter Index can also function as a Concordance to the Daodejing

If you know of a translation that is freely available in the public domain, but one that I have not used, please send me the source or the text. 

Commentaries and related references are included on the webpage for each Chapter.  The Chinese characters for the Chapter, and a Wade-Giles and Pinyin romanized transliteration of the Chapter will be included on each webpage.  Suggestions for purchasing good books on the subject are provided on each webpage and in my reading list.  References to related subjects in Taoist mind-body arts, published online by Green Way Research or at Ripening Peaches: Taoist Studies and Practices, are provided.  A number of these webpages include my own interpolations of the Chapter, poems, and comments.  Finally, some information is provided on each webpage about studying Tai Chi Chuan or Chi Kung or with me at the Valley Spirit Center in Red Bluff, California. 

I hope that enthusiasts of Taoist works will find this hypertext collection of translations of and indexes to the Tao Te Ching useful in their studies.  New readers of the Tao Te Ching will find many suggestions for wise and peaceful living in the varied translations and interpolations of this classic Chinese contribution to our world heritage. 

Use the Ctrl + F keystroke combination to open the search function in any web browser.  Then, you can search this webpage by keywords, themes, terms, subjects, Wade-Giles transliteration spelling, nouns, verbs, or adjectives.  This standard webpage search tool enables you to use this chapter index as a Concordance to the Tao Te Ching

I completely update and improve one Chapter webpage every day; and, I am currently working on Chapters 1-10.   

Thanks for visiting this website.  Your feedback and support are appreciated. 

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