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Social-Political Issues

There are many very important ethical and moral issues related to our social and political environment.  We always live and work in social groups, communities, cities, states, and nations.  Therefore, the great issues like justice, freedom, equality, liberty, fairness, law, tolerance, rights, contracts, agreements, peace, democracy, socialism, capitalism, demands, etc., all relate in one way or other to living a virtuous life.  For Plato, 'Justice,' more inclusively defined than in our current usage, is a central concept in creating a virtuous harmony among mind, body, and emotions.  These issues are treated more extensively elsewhere in books, academia, courts, congressional halls, public debate, media, and on the Internet.  It is impossible to separate concerns for individual values and personal actions from our obvious interaction with nature, family, social, and political circumstances. 

I have expressed my views about two topics of public concern:  limiting the War Powers of the Federal government in the USA; and encouraging a Federal public policy to reduce population growth.  Occasionally, in my Cloud Hands Blog, I express my views and opinions about social and political matters.  My notes on gardening, naturalism, nature studies, environmental concerns, and Green Politics are found in my many webpages at The Spirit of Gardening

My emphasis here at The Good Life website is more on personal behavior, virtues, individual choices, rationality, the good life, practical reason, right action, values, means and ends of human life, rightness and fitness, happiness, developing good habits, improving one's character, and living a virtuous lifestyle. 

There are also many meta-ethical theories attempting to ground ethical and moral judgments on a sure, valid, objective, coherent, realistic, sensible, pragmatic, and reasonable foundation.  I will discuss some of these theories, but really only tangentially. 

My bibliography on ethical and moral issues will give my readers some idea about the books and webpages I have used to learn about and reflect on the ethical virtues within the scope of my emphasis.  Virtue ethics is associated with the following thinkers: Aristotle, André Comte-Sponville, Philippa Foot, Julia Annas, Alasdair MacIntyre, Christine Swanton, Spinoza, Peter Singer, St. Thomas Acquinas.  






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