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Mike Garofalo has been creating webpages at Green Way Research since 1999.  Each year, over 570,000 webpages are served up from the Cloud Hands website which includes Cloud Hands Taijiquan, Valley Spirit Qigong, Ripening Peaches: Taoist Studies and Practices, and One Old Druid's Final Journey

Karen and Mike Garofalo have been creating webpages at the Spirit of Gardening website since 1999.  Each year, over 850,000 webpages have been served to people all around the world from their Spirit of Gardening website from 1999-2013. 

Over three thousand persons have written to us to tell us how these hundreds of webpages have provided them with enjoyment, inspiration, information, and insights.  Many have shared information.  Many have asked questions.  Readers of the Spirit of Gardening and Cloud Hands websites have asked us how they can help us to keep our many webpages online, maintain them, and expand them.   

How You Can Help

1.  Purchase some of the fine books, products or services advertised on our many webpages. 

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8.   Work in your garden.  Support local gardening efforts. 
      Support tree planting and  reforestation efforts.  Follow the Green Way! 


      Mike worked three part-time jobs, and Karen worked two part-time jobs from 1998-2016.
      to help us make ends meet.  We both retired in 2016.  Both of us are over 70 years of age.   

      We need your help to pay for the web hosting costs of publishing and running The Spirit of Gardening
      and Cloud Hands websites, and for expanding their respective offerings. 


Best wishes to you and your family. 

Peace and Prosperity for the hardworking folks around the world. 

Thank you very much! 

Karen and Mike Garofalo



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