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Daoist Studies and Practices
By Michael P. Garofalo, M.S. 

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"2012 Reader's Choice Awards - Top Ten Blogs.  The Cloud Hands Blog was nominated the most in a survey of 11,000 readers.  A well respected figure in the American Qigong scene, Mike Garofalo writes about gardening, taijiquan, mysticism, walking and qigong." 
Into Mountains, Over Streams: The International Journal of Qigong and Taijiquan Culture


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"Mr. Michael P. Garofalo has done excellent research and comparisons of the various translations of the Tao Te Ching."
Tao by Matsumoto, 7/14/2011


"Thanks for this great page, by the way. It is great to have the Pinyin along with the Chinese characters, and several English translations helps one get closer to the meaning."
Chen Laoshi, 1/31/2013


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