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Many thanks to the many hundreds of persons who have written to me in the last fifteen years. 

Here is a selection of some of the feedback that I have received.   



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"I want to thank you for your extensive website. I have found much helpful information on your site over the years.  Thank you for your service to the worldwide taijiquan community.  I encourage you to keep up your excellent work."
-  Andrew Townsend, 6/3/2016, Author of Cultivating the Civil and Mastering the Martial: The Yin and Yang of Taijiquan, 2016


"I love your blog and look forward to the notification in my inbox that you've published another post. It is a centre of quiet and sanity in my stressful life and helps draw me back to my centre. It is better than any pill that my doctor prescribes. Many thanks, Anne.
-  Anne, Just an Old Fashioned Girl Blog, 9/20/2015


"I happened to stumble on to your webpage on the Taiji Jian Form, then continued to surf through the many links on it.  I immediately noticed a marked difference between your website pages, and that of others which I have chanced upon in the past. You took the trouble to reference every source that you quoted, and did so in a very systematic and user-friendly manner.  Plus, it was done in a proper manner.  In compliance with academic standards.  These details drove me to investigate further... and then, I suddenly noticed that your website was recently updated in September 2015, and yet, your earlier webpages dated way back a over decade ago.
Your collective knowledge of academic referencing standards, plus website design best practices, plus in depth and obvious passion for Taiji, is just simply astounding!These skills are rarely seen in combination.  Don't worry 'm not a salesperson or anything. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your work.  Thank you for sharing your Taiji knowledge freely online, and in such a professional manner.  I am impressed."
-  Roz Hussin, October 7, 2015 


"Mr. Michael P. Garofalo has done excellent research and comparisons of the various translations of each verse of the Tao Te Ching.   Thanks to him, we can easily see how various scholars translated the verses; for example, look at Verse 6."
Tao by Matsumoto

"Hi Mike, I really enjoyed your website!"
Shifu Elaine Waters, Colorado, 9/15/2015

“Michael Garofalo has shared his tai chi insights and wisdom, and on-line information for many years via his blog and his other extensive on-line resources.  He is a very generous man who makes many well-considered points.”
-  Sifu Waller, New Castle Tai Chi, England, 2013

"Dear friend, your site is a nice trove of information."
-  Shifu Careaga, Jiang Hu Wulin Group, 9/12/2015

"Michael Garofalo has a variety of superior online directories, and his catalogues of poems (including his own) and writing are worth persuing.  Of special note are his webpages on Daoism and the Tao Te Ching."
-  Gerald A. Sharp, Chi Flow, 2015

"Hi Mike, thank you very much for the very useful information on swinging arms Qigong."
-  Brother Promise, Plum Village Org, France, 7/27/2015

"I found your web pages which are nearly perfect, totally helpful like an encyclopedia, and well thought out.  Congratulations, and thank you for giving us the opportunity of using them."
-  Selma Erdal, Istanbul, Turkey, 7/12/2015

"I started doing Tai Chi 2 years ago and discovered your website about a year ago.  Thank you so much for creating and/or organizing the information available there.  It has been invaluable as a resource in helping me advance my Tai Chi practice. I am especially grateful for the detail instructions on the 24 and 108 hand forms, the 32 sword form and the various fan forms."
-  Ingrid Chin, 6/23/2015 

"I have been reading your work for a while and think very highly of it. I am working upon Master Chen's request on a book on Tai Chi but my writing pales in comparison to yours."
-  Robert G. Downey, Madison, Florida, 2/25/2015

"I was looking for some materials concerning Taijiquan and Qigong, and quite naturally I found your websites, which seem to be the most elaborate (and even in some way "scientific") to be found on the internet.  There can be no doubt that I admire you for this large amount of work which you put in those subjects - which is, of course, an huge amount of life, too."
-  Hanjo Lehmann, M.D., Berlin, Germany, 2/19/2015

"Just a note of appreciation for all the time you spent on your website for the 32 step sword form.  I'm just starting to learn the form and know I will be referring to your work a lot.  Thank you so much for sharing your expertise."
-  Kristina Endo, 2/15/2015


"I recently began studying with Dr. Ming Wu ( in West Hartford, CT. Being directionally challenged, I researched guides to the Traditional Yang Style Long Form and Short Form.  Your clarity of organization, together with the directions for each movement has been an essential learning tool.  I have been taking handwritten notes to adapt your form to his teaching, detailing the differences in direction and movement from class and from Dr. Wu's videos on his website. My next step is to review the descriptions in detail with Dr. Wu.  Your pairing of the visual image of the compass with the movements has been invaluable.  I adapted the wuhealing logo into a compass as a visual guide."
-  Lynn Mangini, 12/23/2014 


"2012 Reader's Choice Awards - Top Ten Blogs.  The Cloud Hands Blog was nominated the most in a survey of 11,000 readers.  A well respected figure in the American Qigong scene, Mike Garofalo writes about gardening, taijiquan, mysticism, walking and qigong." 
Into Mountains, Over Streams: The International Journal of Qigong and Taijiquan Culture


"We just finished up the voting and ... "Congratulations - Your Site is One of the Best Martial Arts Websites On the Internet!" 
Our 2012 awards committee of 12 top martial arts experts voted unanimously for this award for the Cloud Hands Blog.  We are passionate and dedicated to making sure that the best martial arts blogs or websites on the Internet get rewarded and noticed for all of their hard work and effort.  We love self-defense, martial arts and everything that goes with it, and this is our passion."
-  Tony Hackerott, Secretary
    The Mixed Martial Arts Zone Martial Arts Award Committee, Email on 25 June 2012




"For an internet reference I recommend Mike Garofalo's web site, "Cloud Hands."  It is an incredible collection of research into Tai Chi, Qigong, Martial Arts and related themes. His description of the 24 Yang Form is detailed."
-  Byron Gush, Confessions of a Tai Chi Snob, 3/16/2013. 


"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciate your essay on the 8 Brocades.  I actually ran across your site while researching Tai Chi Ruler, but the 8 Brocades essay is probably the most thorough one I've seen.  Thanks for posting all your work. I will be visiting your blog many times in the future -- it's a wonderful resource, especially with your thorough bibliographic work (which I particularly appreciate!)."
-  Professor Heinz Insu Fenkl, June 1, 2014 


"It being still the season of thanksgiving, I wanted to express my gratitude for the incredible archive of quotations, broken down by season and month, that you have put together. My business sends out a newsletter every month, in which we begin with a month-appropriate quotation. I could not imagine a more comprehensive or diligently categorized archive to suit our needs, and I wanted to sincerely thank you for that."
-  Daniel Bieber, December 2, 2013


"You have such an interesting blog.  Thanks for sharing.  I have enjoyed reading your posts.  All the best for your future blogging journey."
-  Sridhar Chandrasekaran, February 16, 2015


"Cloud Hands is an exhaustive resource of links and information on the subject of Chen style Tai Chi provided by Michael Garofalo."
Yangshuo Tai Chi and Kung Fu School, China, 7/12/2013


"The Six Daoist Healing Sounds is an outstanding list of resources by Michael P. Garofalo."
John Voight, 2012


"Michael Garofalo's site remains an inspiration, solid information delivered with style, with lots of Dayan Wild Goose Qigong
Everyday Tai Chi School, 7/1/2013 


"Thank you, Mike, for all you are doing to coordinate and preserve all the great resources on your site.  I always enjoy going to your site and learning more from all the great teachers.  I appreciate your weeding out the dross.  Keep up the great work.  Thanks!"
Justin Meehan, Chinese Internal Arts, 22 June 2007  


"I am an acupuncturist and instructor in the San Francisco Bay area and will participate in annual assembly of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Atlanta on November 14-18, 2012.  I will be one of the speakers for the workshop on "Chinese Therapeutic Exercises: A Cognitive and Kinesthetic Approach."  I will demonstrate the Simplified 24-form Tai Chi Chuan and introduce its therapeutic effects.  I found your website during my searching for the pictures of demonstration.  I am impressed by your detailed instruction and the pictures for each movement.  Although there are some other similar pictures in other websites, your pictures are clearer with sequence numbers for easier following.  It's also amazing that you collected so much information including many citations about various Tai Chi activities.  I believe you are a lover or fan of Tai Chi.  I am deeply moved by your extensive efforts on your website, which is a great reference for a Tai Chi learner.  May I ask for your approval to cite your pictures on your 24 Form webpage in my PowerPoint file for discussion?  We will print out this file as a handout for participants at the workshop.  Of course, I will put your website on it and introduce it to everyone at the workshop, and also express my gratitude for your generous sharing during my lecture."
-  Carol Wang, Email on October 18, 2012    


"It's great to have a person with a librarian's mind involved with the Taiji community.  Also the mind of a poet."
Michael Shaman, 14 November 2005 


"Michael Garofalo is a generous blogger who has shared on-line Tai Chi information for many years via his blog and his other extensive on-line resources."
Newcastle Tai Chi, 2012


"It is amazing to see such a comprehensive page dedicated to Dayan Qigong."
-  Sifu Adam Wallace, Center for Traditional Qigong and Taijuquan, 18 September 2004 


"Your website is comprehensive and informative.  Very nice, Michael!  Have we met?  I took a few minutes on this special day in the history of certain spiritual ideals to cruise Qigong and Tai Chi.  Your website was instrumental in that.  It is an amazing jump station."
-  Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD, 16 April 2006, Healing Promise of Qi,  Website: Feel the Qi 


"Hi Michael, just dropped by to says thank you for all your superb work on compiling information for the Tai Chi Sword.  Based in a small town in Southern Spain, I have few resources locally, and although I received training in the 32 Combined Sword form years ago while living in London, to refresh that material has been difficult.  But not so difficult since stumbling across your site.  Many thanks again for all your efforts - in peace and onions.
-  Paul Read (Bean Curd Boxer), 15 February, 2012 


"Dear Mister Garofalo, I saw your beautiful and interesting website about the tai chi chuan 24 form. I'm an Italian math teacher and I teach for free tai chi chuan to my colleagues at school. I'm going to write a little book for helping them to remember the sequence of the form and I want to ask you the permission to use in my book the drawings you use to explain the techniques on your website. I thank you for your attention and your time. I wish you well."
- Professor Maurizio Giacone, February 8, 2015


"People like you make the Internet a real blessing."
-  Stanley Atamanchuk, 20 April 2004, Tao Te Ching


"You have done exceptional work to gather so many resources.  I have had a quick glimpse, I'm very impressed, and I'm hoping to come back to learn more things from your resources."
-   Paul Lam, M.D.,  Australia, 1 December 2003 


"You provide a great service for our Tai Chi community in maintaining your informative and useful site."
-   Sam Masover, Berkeley Tai Chi, California, 19 January 2005 


"I have been reading your very interesting website - good work!"
-   Nigel Peace, Spirit Revelations, 7 February 2012


"Just a note to thank you for the work you have done to share Sun Taijiquan with folks like me.  I have been studying taijiquan here in Stockton since 1983 and am a retired Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center Director for the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association.  Last year I attended the International Tai Chi Chuan Symposium in Nashville, Tennessee and had the opportunity to learn the Sun Taijiquan '16"  from Grandmaster Sun Yongtian.  I've become very interested in the Sun Style Taijiquan and have purchased some of Sifu Wing Lam's DVD's on the traditional "98" form as well as his DVD on applications. 
In closing, I want to again thank you for your good work in sharing the art of taijiquan with us all."
-  Raymond Tom, Ed.D, Director Emeritus, International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association and Tai Chuan Institute of Stockton, 6 January 2011


"Green Way Research is a very remarkable website related to the study, research and practice of Neijia Gong Fu and beyond presented by Michael P. Garofalo."
-   The Open Mind Designers Internal Martial Arts, 2012


"Mr. Garofalo, let me introduce myself.  Tai Chi/Qigong is my passion.  I have written more than 150 articles on the subject with readership of 18 countries.  I found that you are an incredible individual.  I would like to interview you if your time allows.  Thanks for your kind consideration."
-   Violet Li, 23 November 2010


"Your site is a monument to all that has come of the Tao...a salute to you sir."
-   Jeff and Janice Godrey,
Kunlun Nei Gung: The Art of Bliss with the Portland Kunlun School, 5/10/2010


"Michael P. Garofalo's long page on Master Chang San-Feng includes quotes, legends, poems, bibliography, artwork, links, and more.  One of the numerous well-researched pages on his Cloud Hands website, including the page on the Eight Section Brocade Qigong, and the one describing all 108 movements of the Yang style long form Taijiquan.
Dao House - Practical Dao,  3 September 2003


"You have provided a very thorough and valuable resource for the Taiji community."
-  Scott A. Grubisich, Center for Chen Taiji Studies, 10 February 2004


"I just wanted to say that your webpage Cloud Hands is absolutely fantastic. I am beginning to learn Taijiquan, and your webpage is my one-stop resource for doing just that. The information is wonderfully exhaustive, and it must have taken you a great deal of time and effort to put it all I place my hands together and say THANK YOU; I am so appreciative!
-  Sincerely, J'Lean, 18 January 2011


"I just came across your page while doing research for an upcoming presentation - actually I came across it in the past but because of time constraints did not take the time to visit.  That was a mistake, but you are now saved in My Favorites.  I want you to know that I think you have done an extraordinary service to the tai chi community."
-  Roy W. Geib, Ph.D., Alvin S. Levine Professor of Microbiology & Immunology, Indiana University School of Medicine, 10 Feb 2007 


"I came upon your Sun style Taijiquan website by happy accident the other day.  I thought you did an outstanding job bringing together all that information on the Sun style Taiji.  I myself practice Sun style Taiji and enjoy it quite a bit.  I just wanted to let you know I had stopped by and was very impressed.  Also, being over 40, I found the other section on older folks' fitness to be helpful and interesting."
-  Brian Kennedy, Taiwan, 30 October 2004  


"Dear Sir, thank you for your Tai Chi Chuan works. Following your writing daily inspires me and gives me food for my mind. The links are always indispensable!"
-  Kiachu Shen Ku, 14 Jan 2007


"What a comprehensive website you have.  Well done!"
-   Sifu Toni DeMoulin, Santa Barbara, California, 30 October


"Hello Michael, you have a great web site!  I can hardly wait to search through all the links.  Your love and appreciation for life and its variety is very evident. Thank you for the time spent researching and documenting.  You have accumulated an ocean full of pearls.  I have just received my certification to teach Tai Chi Chuan this past summer, and my first beginner class is under way.  I am grateful to have discovered such a treasure trove of information."
-  Kevin Butler, 15 Nov 2006 


"I just wanted to drop you an email thanking you for your webpage on staff weapons.  It was very helpful.  My dojo is starting a 
cane program and I listed your webpage as a must read."
-  Sensei Jason McIntyre, Nidan, Shotokan Ryu Karate Jitsu of Chatham,  2 November 2003


"I wanted to tell you that I think your guide to the 8 Pieces of Brocade is fantastic and I look forward to reading the completed text.  It is very insightful and has helped me understand what it's all about.  I've been practicing the Chen old form for a couple of years and while we have a different set of warm-ups with more silk reeling and spiraling involved, I was always curious about the 8 Pieces of Brocade, having seen it mentioned in all the Tai Chi magazines and web sites.  Thanks again - great job!"
-  Adam Tinkoff, Stamford, Connecticut, 24 January 2004


"Your website keeps getting better and better!"
Master Carmen Farruggia, Sacramento, California, 9 November 2003


"Michael P. Garofalo's informative and comprehensive web site with masses of information on all aspects of tai chi ch'uan and qi gong."
Lau Sui School of Taijiquan, 2012


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from January 1, 2003 to December 31, 2008.

The Cloud Hands and Valley Spirit Qigong Websites Now Serve Over 1,325,000 Webpages Each Year


"Your entries for the Guo Lin Qigong are wonderful.  Thank you so much.  This will help more people become aware of it.  You have a great generosity of spirit in providing so much information on your website."
-  Theresa Kirke , Tai Chi Chuan Instructor in Ft. Bragg, CA, 27 June 2003


"I liked your article on the Eight Section Brocade.  It is now included on my site."
-   Dean Johnson, Qigong Association of America, 6 February 2004


"This is an amazing website with pages of Haiku poems, Tai Chi Chuan movements, spiritual gardening, and other such diverse and interesting topics.  This website is another world.   Very Zen.   Ancient wisdom for modern times.   Go see!"
-   Lawrence Michail, Compassionate Dragon, Canada, 27 July 2003


"I started with this blog, reading about mind/body work and just cascaded through the rest of the site.  Very cool!  Mike, I found your sites to be interesting and in alignment with my own interests and personal journey."
-  Michael Casko,  Healing Partners, 4/4/06 


"Congratulations on your webpage!  You have done an impressive amount of research and collecting.  I look forward to exploring the links you have posted."
-   Dave Barrett, Portland, Oregon, 8 December 2003, Yang Family Taijiquan Teacher


"I have enjoyed your website.  It is very informative and comprehensive, and, most of all, open-minded.  Thank you for hosting such a resourceful website."
-   M. C. Chuang, San Francisco, CA, 6 October 2003, Student of Master Tony Wong,


"Dear Michael, Always your site is there when one is in need for substantial advise on spiritual matters. I am browsing your whole site in search of a good video on Qigong, particularly, the "Eight pieces of silk brocade".  As the offer is so wide and is hard to recognize who is a real Master in this practice I would appreciate your opinion on a good video or DVD for me to start my practice.  I understand you  are not affiliated with commercial enterprises.  I dare to ask you about it because some time in dealing with bibliography you make valuable remarks on some few exceptional books.  Again I salute you and send you my gratitude for the well of knowledge and wisdom you share with us in such a generous way.  All the very best from Finland,"
-  Hernando Sabogal, 2 Nov 2006 


"I happened upon your website today and felt like I had rounded the corner to find a magical garden.  Such a wealth of information, so deftly proffered.  As a student of tai chi, a practitioner of chi gung -- and an avid gardener -- I simply wanted to thank you.  Please know that your efforts are appreciated.  Peace!"
-   David Gunter, Sandpoint, Idaho, 19 August 2003


"I found your Cloud Hands website several weeks ago and have been gradually working through the forms listed, and finding great benefit from them.  I'm just emailing to thank you for the great resource.  I find your descriptions extremely clear and easy to follow compared to other methods online."
-  Blue, 9 June 2003


"I have used your site as a great resource over the past few years and find the information very well explained and easy to access, thank you for putting in the time to open up the details of the arts we love to everyone."
-  Shifu Neil Ripski, 24 Nov 2006


"I have added a link to your site. My users can benefit from the very helpful information that you have accumulated."
-  David Thomson, Chen TaiChi - Belfast, 6/23/07


"Thank you for creating and maintaining such an informative webpage on Sun style Tai Chi Chuan."
-  Carlton Chin,  11 November 2003


"Lovely website!"
-  Bett Lujan Martinez, Dayan Qigong Teacher, Possible Society, 7 November 2004


"Your site has grown very well and is most informative.  Thanks for all the effort to bring the information to everyone in the martial community."
-  Dwight Cambell, Willamette Valley Tai Chi, 2 April 2004


"I want to congratulate you for your excellent idea to share the Eight Section Brocade.  I will use your website to learn these 
techniques and, when I can, to share them with others.  Thank you for your gift."
-  Dr. Felix D. Petrar, Maramures, Romania, 17 October 2004


"Thank you!" effusively for your amazingly well researched Yi Chuan web pages.  Indeed, for those with eyes to recognize what you've done, the Standing Meditation information alone that you've gathered together is bodhisattvic work of the highest order, in my view.  I was in the process of trying to uncover more information in that regard — beyond the usual texts which I own - i.e. Warriors of Stillness, and The Way of Energy, so on.  I had some small success, but your site goes far, far beyond anything I could have uncovered on my own except over years.  You are to be praised, sir! I mean that sincerely.  I've only briefly scanned your other pages, but they, too, are daunting.  Your "master librarian" skills are much in evidence, as is your obviously long Zen training and the fruition thereof.  I find your site delightful and instructive on many, many levels."
-  Micky Disend, author of "Power Hypnosis," 14 July 2006


"The Five Frolics!  I read the Bear...and loved what you wrote!  The history and spiritual meanings of the poses was fascinating.  Forgive me if this question is answered on your site - I missed that part!  My question is, where can I find out how to do the poses you named and explained?  Is that located on a different part of your site - or is this still under construction?  Then about 
those other four animals... will you be filling all that information in?  Michael, a thousand thank you's!  Your site is fascinating and has a ton of information and wisdom – like a puzzle.  I do appreciate all the time and love you’ve put into your site!  Just thank you! Michael, you are touching so many lives!"
Nancy Hightshoe, 4 February 2006


"Hi Michael.  I am student of Master Aiping Cheng and am basically surfing the web to make sure links and info on our school is accurate.  I think your Sun style tai chi project is a great thing.  It is wonderful to see a site that provides unbiased information and lineage."
-   Shirley Chock, 17 December 2005


"I have enjoyed all of your guides and articles.  I know that if I have a question I just need to go to your Cloud Hands website and I usually always find an answer.  Thanks!"
-   John, from Phoenix, 25 April 2006 


"I discovered your website a couple of months ago while looking for some info on the 5 steps method.   But only now does it start to dawn on me how big the website really is.   What a treasure of info, links, etc."
-   Studiecentrum voor Taiji, Marc Heyvaert, 28 February 2004.  This website includes some translations of information from Cloud Hands into Dutch.

"Het internet bevat werkelijk een schat aan informatie. Vandaag kwam ik terecht op de site van Michael Garofalo.  Zijn site heet 'Cloud Hands Taijiquan and Qigong' en ziet er zeer eenvoudig uit, maar vergis je niet, je komt al gauw terecht in een kluwen van links, artikels, bedenkingen, gedichten en aforismen, enz.  Indien Engels voor jou geen probleem is, dan moet je beslist eens een kijkje gaan nemen."


"I really love your Tai Chi website, specially the webpage on Baduanjin."
-  Tristan, 13 July 2003 


"Nice of you to use my quote on BaguaZhang from Sonshi forum and gave credit to the site. ... I am the person nicknamed the Cardinal who wrote that article.  It was also nice of you to use quotes from Joe Crandall's book and credited him.  He's 
an associate of mine.  Suggested that you can link the title of those books he wrote to his site. ... Other than that, Interesting site!"
-  Cardinal, 13 October 2005,
Baguazhang, Eight Diagram Palms Shadow Boxing  


"I was impressed with the depth of the information presented at your website.  I really appreciate and admire the research you have put into the arts we both so enjoy.  I would like to ask if I can use some of the information from your Eight Section Brocade Qigong webpage for a college course I am teaching on the set. Thank you!"
-  Neil Ripski, Eight Shadows Fist, 5 March 2006


"I just found your Cloud Hands website via a posting on the EmptyFlower Forum.  I think it is an incredible piece of work.  Thank you for creating it!"
-  Richard Blance, 29 October 2003 


"Your website is one of the most useful Tai Chi websites on the Net.  I'm studying in Metro Detroit under Sensei Romanelli.  Although we study a variation of the Yang style, I think your website will have a lot of useful information.  Thank you for creating such an informative website."
-   Jeff Charles, Detroit, Michigan, 14 November 2003


"I am a Tai Chi practitioner here in California.  I have recently become interested in the short staff and am going to add it to my studies.  I wanted to thank you for your webpages on the staff and Tai Chi as they were of great help in my research.  Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge on the subject."
-   Paxton Mobley, 12 November 2003


"Cloud Hands - Wow!  A definite must-read!"
-   Taijiquan - CoWiki Web Collaboration Tool Website, 7 February 2004


"Dude ... loved the site!  Just wanted to share that with you.  More information there on the Sun Style than any place else I've found.  Thanks a load!"
-   Perry Garten, Aurora, Colorado, 16 January 2004


"Thank you so much Mike for publishing the 53 movements of the sword form online.  I have searched long and hard for this information.  Thank you for sharing and for your hard work! Aloha.
Precious James, 3/27/06  


"I came across your website today and was filled with awe and gratitude.  Thank you for all the work you've put into it.
It has inspired me to keep up the practice of the forms."  
-  Jim, Bend, Oregon, 17 August 2004


"Love your website!  It's at the top of my bookmarks, and I've learned much from following your leads."
-   L. Win "Rusty" Morgan, British Columbia, Canada, 2 April


"I would like to also compliment you on all the work you've put into your site.  Last weekend I had only come across your Taijiquan links page.  I realized today that I actually came to your website before when I was researching the Eight Sections of Silk Brocade.  Your notes were a helpful supplement when I just started Qigong three months ago.  I am also finding a great deal
of useful background information on various Taiji forms, classics, etc."
-   Yazen Joudeh, 23 March 2004, New Orleans, Louisiana  


"Thanks very much for the website on staff weapons.  I've been mining it for three nights now, and have a long way to go.
A rich mine indeed!"
-   Tom Ramsay, 28 October 2004  


"I am fortunate to have accessed your website with great interest while on my search for subject matter.  I am a Tai Chi practitioner since long ago and member of Qigong Forum based in Canada. I am 58 and resident of Juhu Beach, Mumbai - the financial capital of India.  I teach Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi to Senior Citizens of my town everyday morning on Juhu beach. One of the forum members has recommended me to teach Eight Pieces of Brocade also and hence the search.  Your website is apt for all information, I needed, to make head start in this direction.  I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for making the contents of your research in this field available for public and specially practitioners like me.  I will be referring to your website for my further study in this subject and all relevant  information. And I am sure, you won't mind this.  Thanking and wishing you warm regards."
-   Sam (Sunil Samant), 9 June 2007 


"I've used your webpages and found them very interesting and well done."
-   Marco Morena, Italy, 21 April 2004


"Thank you very much for your postings on the web concerning Taiji.  Very helpful on the Way (Dao) of someone practicing.  I very much like your collection of multiple sources (e.g., 32 Sword names) and that you mention also other languages.  It makes my understanding sometimes very different ... more rich in variation and more unified in sense."
-   William Scheere, Wellness in Motion, 21 August 2011


"Loved your Tai Chi web site.  Very nice, artful and interesting.  Wonderful job!"
-  Wes Tabler, Berkeley, California, 19 November 2004


"Great website!  Very comprehensive."
-  Ty Wheeler, Body Balance, Grass Valley, California, 15 June 2005


"Excellent instructions and lots of information on the health benefits of each move."
-   Eight Section Brocade Resources, 24 May 2004


"I am beginning to explore qigong and taijiquan.  I was impressed with your bibliographies and resource pages.  You have amassed a lot of information.  I was also impressed with your description of the Eight Section Brocade."
-  Dean Martineau, Seattle, 10 May 2004


"Thank you!  Your website answers many stirrings in me.  Seriously, I cannot express in words how grateful I am for finding your posted information.  Finding your website organized the way it is ... well, it's a blessing."
-   Sally Turpin, California, 24 April 2004


"People like you make the Internet a real blessing."
-  Stanley Atamanchuk, 20 April 2004, Tao Te Ching


"I’m impressed with your ranking and depth of lists on your website."
-  William Weng, 25 May 2004, Li's Tai Chi and Kung Fu Academy 


"Mahalo (thanks) for your website and information ... I asked and I received ... I've been thinking about tai chi, taoism, ying yang, etc., for awhile and up comes your site and information.  It's just great timing.  Anyway, your site is so well organized with references and all.  I was trying to figure out what type of person could do this for free and then read your biography - you've got a great heart and waste no time - so many projects.  I guess you live in the now, eh?  Anyways, mahalos again for the info - hope you keep it up."
-   Roy Owen Inouye, Hawaii, 28 May 2004 


"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website.  The site is a veritable Alladin's Cave of knowledge.  Please keep up the good work!"
-   David Chan, London, 9 September 2004 


"Lately, while wondering in the labyrinths of the virtual world, I suddently found myself at the doors of your beautiful garden.  After a short walk...I was delighted by its useful content, where the abundance of quantity has been well balanced and supported with high quality!   I will return there often, when the time allows, to relax, slow down and remember.  In your green way, you collected many of my favorite mind foods, like: Zen, poetry, nature, spirituality, meditation, quotes, yoga and much more.  All these dehypnotizing messages, presented in a clear and simple way. "
-  Kevork, Syria, 29 September 2004


"I came across your gardening website tonight as I was looking up info on zhan shuang.   Have to say it's a terrific compilation of inspirational quotes.  Inspiration for me anyway, since I'm a horticulturist and can relate to the humor of heart and head that's represented.  Thanks for one of the the best pages I've ever run across on the web!!!"
-  Greg Nance, 18 February 2004


 "Great website Mike!  Thank you for posting all this inspirational and useful information.  God Bless you."
-  Al K., Crete, 14 October 2004  



"Thanks very much for all of your work in gathering information on Tai Chi and so much more.  It's really an extraordinarily kind thing to do.  I'm in a bit of a struggle right now and am looking to find a way out.  My intuition is that Tai Chi may be something I can practice to find some peace. Having all your materials there to research gives me a lot of hope."
-   Jocko Rogers, 27 August 2011





"Happened across your links - very nice and thanks for taking the time to do so.  Excellent articles!   Especially the one on silk reeling, and how it moves energy, explained in a way I had not seen which helped me understand some internal processes.  I do a little bagua, circle walking around three outside posts, usually in martial applications.  But, once I focus, the internal conversations start and the chi wisdom becomes so subtle.  Wow!!"
-   Brad Nicholson, 5 November 2004 




"I am writing to thank you for making the list of movements for the Yang style long form available on your website.  Due to certain
commitments I am unable to attend classes with my instructor as often as I would like and I often find myself forgetting the sequence of movements in the second section.  With your list to remind me of the correct sequence I have found that the quality of my daily practice sessions has increased significantly."
-   Vaughan Greagg, 8 November 2004 




 "I came upon your Sun style Taijiquan website by happy accident the other day.  I thought you did an outstanding job bringing together all that information on the Sun style Taiji.  I myself practice Sun style Taiji and enjoy it quite a bit.  I just wanted to let you know I had stopped by and was very impressed.  Also, being over 40, I found the other section on older folks' fitness to be helpful and interesting."
-  Brian Kennedy, Taiwan, 30 October 2004  


"Lots of good stuff to read here.  An extensive piece on the Eight Fine Exercises too (also called the Eight Section Brocade).
-   Eight Willows Kung Fu Research Group, March 2005


"I wanted to let you know that your walking quotations web site has been a true inspiration to me over the past year.  I broke my leg one year ago this past weekend, which has involved two surgeries, and your quotes have been signatures on my e-mails since then.  Keep up the good work!!!"
-  Robbyn, 20 February 2006


"I stumbled across your tai chi/qigong website a few days ago.  I've recently begun studying Wu style Tai Chi in Austin, TX.  I just wanted to tell you what a GREAT job you have done!  Thank you very much.  What a fantastic resource you have created for people like myself.  I work offshore and it is difficult to continue to practice with guidance from my teacher.  Your explanation of the Eight Section Brocade Qigong exercises is informative and motivating."
-  Elmo Short, 20 March 2006


"I  usually don't respond to peoples requests on web sites for feedback, but I just had to say that your work on Tai Chi is awesome.  When I needed information on learning the 24 posture Yang short form, your web site was wonderful in helping 
me get all the knowledge I would ever need.  I plan on exploring your other web pages and learning more about Chen style Tai Chi and eastern philosophy.  Thanks again ."
-   Jim Evans, March 26, 2005


"I was excited to see the body of work you have done on the Eight Section Brocade, and the clarity with which you state the information."
-   Frank Plucker, 26 March 2005 


"I am studying Tai Chi and happened upon your VERY informative myriad of pages on the topic.  Thank you very much for your compilation, creation, and recording of all of this wonderful information."
-  Dave, 12 January 2006


"I've Googled into the Valley Spirit Journal, Poetry and Cloud Hands, and also visited the Green Way and Spirit of Gardening.  IMPRESSIVE!  Postings on the "older" websites are sometimes very long, but useful as reference.  Maybe an update notice or referral to your currently maintained blogs and websites would be useful to stray visitors?  May I wish you and yours a new year full of hope, health and happiness."
-  Ren Qizhen, 10 January 2006, The Way of Long Life and Long Vision


"Hi Mike, I am a Pa Kua teacher in Costa Mesa Ca.  I really enjoy a lot of the information you have gathered on your website.  Lots of old and hard to find facts and links.  You have put your years of library and internal studies in good harmony.  It's obvious that you have put allot of time into this and I very much appreciate your energy.  I read quit a bit of your stuff and get lost in links!."
-  Ethan Hedayat, 30 January 2011


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