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Kwang Ping Taijiquan
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Michael P. Garofalo

April 4, 2004





Cloud Hands - Yun Shou

Cloud Hands - Yun Shou




Links and Bibliography
Kwang Ping (Guang Ping) Taijiquan of Kuo Lien Ying



Annual Kuo Lien-Ying Memorial

The Chi Garden
    Nina Hopkins Sugawara, HMD  Articles, tips, list of names of
64 movement Guan Ping Yang form, information on Chinese medicine and homeopathy, 

Complete Guang Ping Yang Form.   "Inside Kung Fu,"  March ,2000.  Article by Dave 
Cater about Henry Look (Look Moon Hung).  

Eight Section Brocade Qigong

Forever My Sifu by Henry Look

Grandmaster Kuo.  Kuang Ping Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan.  Harvey Kurland, 1998.

Guang Ping Yang Lineage

Guang Ping Yang Taijiquan Association
   Hisotry, news, reading list, links, bulletin board,
products, conference information.  

Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Chuan Japan.   By D. D. Harrington.  Informative articles, links, 
tips, history, events.  

The Healing Art of Tai Chi: Becoming One With Nature.  By Martin Lee, Emily Lee, Melinda
Lee, and Joyce Lee.  New York, Sterling Publishing Co., 1996.  ISBN: 0806942975.  

Kuo Lien Ying (1895 - 1984).   
  1895  Born in Inner Mongolia, Northern China.  His father was a wealthy silk merchant.
  1907  Began studies in Kung Fu
  1925  Studied Tai Chi with Jou-Yu Wong
  1944  General of Army under Chiang Kai-shek.
  1947  Moved to Taiwan
  1975  Moved to San Francisco's Chinatown
  1976  Married Simmone Kuo
  1984  Died in Mongolia, China

Kuan Ping Poems.  By John C. Harrell.  Photographs by Deborah E. Plummer.  Fullerton,
California, Lightning Publications, 1994.  ISBN: 0963270257.  

The Living Legend of San Francisco Chinatown - Lien Ying Kuo.  "Inside Kung Fu", December,
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North Atlantic Books, 1991.  134 pages.  ISBN: 1556431112.

Look, Henry (1927- )  Tri Internal Martial Arts.  Sacramento, CA   Guang Ping Yang Taijiquan.

Magic Tortoise Taijiquan School

North West Tai Chi Chuan Association

100 Day Program   Training, goal setting, motivation, Guang Ping stretching.  

Popular Modern Styles of Tai Chi Chuan
   Excellent article by Peter Lim Tian Tek.

Push Hands (Tui Shou) in Tai Chi Chuan.  Links, bibliography, quotes, notes.  25Kb.  

Ride the Tiger to the Mountain: T'ai Chi for Health.  By Martin Lee, Emily Lee and JoAnn
Johnstone.  Reading, Mass., Addison-Wesley Pub., 1989.  ISBN: 0201180774.

JoAnna Gee Schoon

A Short History of Quang Ping Yang Tai-Chi Ch'uan

Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan   Bibliography, links, quotes, resources, lists.  100Kb.  

T'ai Chi Boxing Chronicle.   Compiled and explained by Kuo Lien-Ying.  Translated
by G. Guttmann.  Berkeley, North Atlantic Books, 1994.   ISBN: 1556431775.

Tai-Chi Chuan in Theory and Practice.   By Kuo Lien-Ying.  Presented by Simmone Kuo.
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Wave Hands Like Clouds: Kuang Ping Tai Chi.  A Chinese Yoga of Meditation in 
Motion.  By Li, Po.  Harper Collins, 1975.  ASIN: 006121650X.

Weaver, Kevin   Red Bluff, CA.  Mr. Weaver has called the form "Temple Tai Chi."

Wen Wu School of Martial Arts

Yang Family Taijiquan   Bibliography, links, quotes, resources, notes, lists.  150Kb+.  





Kwang Ping Taijiquan of Kuo Lien Ying


"Kuo Lien Ying was one of the few mainland Chinese Taijiquan masters to make his 
home in America. Skilled in both external and internal boxing, he was a respected boxer
in China.  He later moved to Taiwan and then to America.  Kuo had learnt his Taijiquan 
from Wang Chiao Yu in Beijing from a young age.  Wang himself was a student under 
Yang Pan Hou.  An examination of Kuo's Taijiquan shows characteristics of Yang Pan 
Hou's Taijiquan but it differs somewhat from the old Yang form.  Kuo called his form 
Kwang Ping Taijiquan after the city of Kwang Ping where the Yangs had taught for a 
while. He did it to differentiate it from the more extent forms of Taijiquan which he felt 
did not contain all the theories of Taijiquan and that the form he had learnt represent 
the whole transmission as taught by the Yangs in the city of Kwang Ping before going
into the Imperial Court.  It should be noted that Kuo's form is not practiced in Kwang Ping 
city.  Today, Kuo's Taijiquan tradition is being carried on by his wife Simmone Kuo and 
his son.  Based in San Francisco, the style continues its growth primarily in the United 
States where the number of its practitioners continues to increase."
-   Popular Modern Styles of Tai Chi Chuan   Excellent article by Peter Lim Tian Tek.


Kuo Lien Ying came to visit Jou-Yu Wong who was living near the Lao-Tzu Temple in the Ho-Ping-Men
(Door of Peace) sector of Beijing.  At the time, Master Wong was 112 years old and Kuo was in his
thirties.  After Master Wong demonstrated his superiority in Kung Fu, and after Kuo passed the
chin-to-toe test in 100 days, Kuo Lien Ying began his studies with Wong Jou Yu at the Taoist Temple 
until the old monk died at 121 years of age.  
-   A Short History of Quang Ping Yang Tai-Chi Ch'uan









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