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Abundance     Three of Cups (Crowley)   

Ace of Cups, Hearts     Ace of Cups    

Ace of Discs, Pentacles, Coins, Worlds, Diamonds     Ace of Discs  

Ace of Swords, Crystals, Spades     Ace of Swords  

Ace of Wands, Clubs     Ace of Wands  

Action     Chariot 7,   Suit of Wands    

Actualization     Suit of Disks  

Air     Suit of Swords  

Analyzing     Suit of Swords  

Anger     Four of Cups (Wanless)   

Aspiration     Four of Wands (Wanless), Suit of Cups 



Balancing     Justice 8    

Batons     Suit of Wands  

Beginnings     Magician 1   

Black Magick     Devil 15   

Blades     Suit of Swords 

Body (Human)     Suit of Disks  

Bowls     Suit of Cups

Breakthrough     Seven of Worlds (Wanless) 

Brilliance    Ace of Swords  



Cauldron     Suit of Cups 

Centered     Suit of Disks  

Chalice     Suit of Cups

Chance     Wheel of Fortune 10  

Change     Two of Disks (Crowley), Eight of Worlds (Wanless) 

Chariot     Chariot 7 

Child     Prince or Princess of Court Cards 

Children     Suit of Disks  

Clouds     Suit of Swords 

Clubs     Suit of Wands  

Coins     Suit of Disks   

Confusion     Six of Crystals (Wanless) 

Commencement    Four of Disks (Wanless)

Communication     Suit of Swords  

Compassion     Three of Wands (Wanless) 

Completion     Four of Wands (Crowley) 

Concrete     Suit of Disks  

Conflict     Suit of Swords  

Cosmic     Star 17   

Cosmos     World 21  

Courage     Seven of Wands (Wanless) 

Courts of Law     Suit of Swords  

Courtship     Suit of Cups 

Craftsmanship     Suit of Disks  

Creativity     Empress 3,   Three of Crystals (Wanless),   Suit of Wands 

Crowley, Aleister (1875-1947)     Book of Thoth Tarot

Debate     Suit of Swords  

Crystals     Suit of Swords (Wanless) 

Cruelty     Nine of Swords (Crowley) 

Cunning     Suit of Swords  

Cups     Suit of Cups



Death     Death 13,   Suit of Swords  

Debauchery     Seven of Cups (Crowley) 

Decisions     Suit of Swords  

Debate     Suit of Swords  

Defeat     Five of Swords (Crowley) 

Delusion     Ten of Crystals (Wanless) 

Desire     Suit of Wands  

Destruction     Tower 16 

Devil     Devil 15   

Diamonds     Suit of Disks 

Disaster     Tower 16    

Disappointment     Five of Cups (Crowley & Wanless)  

Discrimination     Suit of Swords  

Discussion     Suit of Swords  

Disks     Suit of Disks

Divination     Suit of Cups

Dominion     Two of Wands  (Crowley) 

Dreams     Suit of Cups

Dullness     Seven of Crystals (Wanless)  



East     Suit of Swords  

Economics     Suit of Disks  

Ecstasy     Ace of Cups (Wanless) 

Eight (Pip)     Eight     

Emotions     Suit of Cups

Empress     Empress 3  

Energy     Suit of Wands  

Enthusiasm     Emperor 4  

Will     Suit of Wands  

Equanimity     Two of Crystals (Wanless) 

Equilibrium     Two of Cups (Wanless) 

Eros     Lovers 6   

Essence of a Suit     Aces







Failure     Seven of Disks (Crowley) 

Fairness     Justice 8   

Father     Emperor 4  

Fear     Tower 16,   Seven of Cups (Wanless)   

Feathers     Suit of Swords 

Feelings     Suit of Cups

Fertility     Empress 3Star 17, Lovers 6 

Fighting     Suit of Swords  

Final Judgement (Christian)     Judgment 20   

Fire     Suit of Wands  

Five (Pip)     Five  

Food     Suit of Disks  

Fool     Fool 0  

Fortune     Wheel of Fortune 10    

Four (Pip)     Four

Freedom     Fool 0  

Friendship     Sun 19   

Fruits of Labor     Suit of Disks  

Fulfillment     Nine of Cups (Wanless)   

Futility     Seven of Swords (Crowley) 



Gain     Nine of Disks (Crowley)    

Government     Suit of Swords  

Grail     Suit of Cups  

Grounded     Suit of Disks  

Growth     Ten of Wands (Wanless) 

Guardian Angel     Temperance 14

Guide     Hermit 9   



Hanged Man     Hanged Man 12     

Happiness     Nine of Cups (Crowley) 

Harmony     Temperance 14Eight of Wands (Wanless)   

Harris, Freida Lady (1877-1962)     Book of Thoth Tarot

Harvest     Nine of Disks (Wanless),   Suit of Disks 

Health     Suit of Disks  

Heart     Suit of Cups

Heat     Sun 19   

Hierophant     Hierophant 5   

Hermit     Hermit 9   

High Priest     Hierophant 5   

High Priestess     High Priestess 2  

History     Suit of Swords  

Holy Grail Cup     Suit of Cups 

Home     Suit of Disks  

Human Body     Suit of Disks  



Imagination     Suit of Cups   

Improvement     Suit of Wands  

Indolence     Eight of Cups (Crowley)  

Initiation      Magician 1,   Suit of Wands     

Inner Work     Suit of Cups

Innocence     Fool 0   

Innovation     Suit of Wands  

Inspiration     Star 17,   Suit of Wands    

Integrity     Nine of Wands (Wanless) 

Intelligence     Suit of Swords  

Interference     Eight of Swords (Crowley)   

Intuition     Suit of Cups

Judgment     Judgment 20Suit of Swords    

Journey     Fool 0  

Justice     Justice 8   



King of Cups, Hearts     King of Cups 

King of Disks, Pentacles, Coins, Worlds, Diamonds     King of Disks  

King of Swords, Crystals, Spades     King of Swords  

King of Wands, Clubs     King of Wands  

Knave     Princess  

Knives     Suit of Swords 



Lamp         Hermit 9  

Law and Order     Suit of Swords  

Logic     Four of Crystals (Wanless),   Suit of Swords   

Love     Two of Cups (Crowley),   Three of Cups (Wanless),   Suit of Cups  

Lovers     Lovers 6   

Lust     Lovers 6Devil 16  

Luxury     Four of Cups (Crowley)  



Magician    Magician 1   

Manifestation     Suit of Disks  

Marriage     Ace of Cups  

Materialism     Devil 15 

Material World     Suit of Disks  

Matriarch     Empress 3   

Mental Faculties     Suit of Swords  

Military     Suit of Swords  

Mind     Suit of Swords  

Moderation     Temperance 14   

Money     Suit of Disks  

Moods     Suit of Cups

Moon     Moon 18  

Mother     Empress 3  

Movement     Suit of Wands  

Moving     Tower 16  



Narrowness     Nine of Crystals (Wanless) 

Negativity     Five of Crystals (Wanless) 

Nine (Pip)     Nine   

North     Suit of Disks  

Nurturing     Three of Worlds (Wanless) 



Offering     Star 17   

One (Pip)   Aces

Oppression     Five of Wands (Wanless),   Ten of Wands (Crowley)   

Optimism     Suit of Wands  



Page of Cups, Hearts     Princess of Cups  

Page of Disks, Pentacles, Coins, Worlds, Diamonds     Princess of Disks   

Page of Swords, Crystals, Spades     Princess of Swords  

Page of Wands, Clubs     Princess of Wands  

Papess     High Priestess 2   

Passion     Ten of Cups (Wanless),   Suit of Wands   

Patriarch     Emperor 4   

Peace     Two of Swords (Crowley)   

Pentacles     Suit of Disks (Waite)  

Perception     Suit of Wands  

Planning     Suit of Swords  

Platters     Suit of Disks 

Pleasure      Six of Cups (Crowley)   

Pope     Hierophant 5   

Potentiality     Magician 1    

Power     Emperor 4Four of Disks (Crowley)   

Powers of Air     Suit of Swords  

Powers of Earth     Suit of Disks 

Powers of Fire     Suit of Wands  

Powers of Water     Suit of Cups

Present Now     Suit of Disks  

Priestess     High Priestess 2   

Prince of Cups, Hearts     Prince of Cups 

Prince of Disks, Pentacles, Coins, Worlds, Diamonds     Prince of Disks   

Prince of Swords, Crystals, Spades     Prince of Swords   

Prince of Wands, Clubs     Prince of Wands    

Princess of Cups, Hearts     Princess of Cups  

Princess of Disks, Pentacles, Coins, Worlds, Diamonds     Princess of Disks   

Princess of Swords, Crystals, Spades     Princess of Swords  

Princess of Wands, Clubs     Princess of Wands  

Problem Solving     Suit of Swords  

Progress     Suit of Wands  

Projects     Suit of Wands  

Prudence     Temperance 14Eight of Disks (Crowley)   

Psyche (Goddess)     Ace of Cups  

Psychic Powers     Suit of Cups

Purity     Two of Wands (Wanless)   






Queen of Cups, Hearts     Queen of Hearts 

Queen of Disks, Pentacles, Coins, Worlds, Diamonds     Queen of Disks  

Queen of Swords, Crystals, Spades     Queen of Swords  

Queen of Wands, Clubs     Queen of Wands    



Real     Suit of Disks  

Reasoning     Suit of Swords    

Rebirth     Ace of Cups

Receptivity     Suit of Cups

Relationships     Two of Worlds (Wanless) 

Rewards     Suit of Disks  

Responsibility     Emperor 4   

Results     Suit of Disks  

Retreat (Spiritual)     Hermit 9  

Relevations     Suit of Cups

Reward     Ten of Worlds (Wanless)   

Rods     Suit of Wands  

Romance     Suit of Cups

Ruin     Ten of Swords (Crowley)    



Sacrifice     Hanged Man 12  

Sage     Queen or King of Court Cards 

Sanity     Suit of Swords

Santification     Star 17  

Satiety     Ten of Cups (Crowley) 

Science     Six of Swords (Crowley) 

Security     Suit of Disks  

Seeds     Aces

Self Growth     Suit of Wands  

Sensations     Suit of Disks  

Sensitivity     Suit of Cups   

Setback     Five of Worlds (Wanless)    

Sexuality     Lovers 6Devil 15    

Seven (Pip)     Seven 

Shock     Tower 16  

Shrewdness     Magician 1     

Skills     Suit of Disks  

Six (Pip)     Six     

Solitude     Hermit 9   

Sorrow     Three of Swords (Crowley),   Six of Cups (Wanless)  

South     Suit of Wands  

Spades     Suit of Swords    

Spirit     Suit of Swords,   Suit of Wands  

Spiritual Breakthrough     Ace of Cups

Spiritual Retreat      Hermit 9  

Staff     Suit of Wands  

Stagnation     Eight of Cups (Wanless) 

Star     Star 17   

Staves     Suit of Wands  

Stellar     Star 17  

Stones     Suit of Disks 

Strategy     Suit of Swords  

Strength     Strength 11,   Nine of Wands (Crowley)      

Strife     Five of Wands (Crowley) 

Struggle     Suit of Swords  

Success     Ace of Worlds    

Success     Six of Disks (Crowley)   

Summer     Sun 19  

Sun     Sun 19  

Swiftness    Eight of Wands (Crowley)   

Swords     Suit of Swords  

Synergy     Six of Worlds (Wanless) 

Synthesis     Eight of Crystals (Wanless)  



Temperance     Temperance 14  

Ten (Pip)     Ten  

Thinking     Suit of Swords  

Three (Pip)     Three   

Tower     Tower 16   

Tradition     Suit of Disks  

Transformation     Suit of Wands  

Truce     Four of Swords (Crowley)   

Trust     Six of Wands (Wanless)   

Twins     Sun 19   

Two (Pip)     Two  



Unconscious     Suit of Cups  

Understanding     Suit of Swords  

Unity     Aces of the Four Suits  

Universe     World 21   



Valor     Seven of Wands (Crowley)  

Value     Suit of Disks  

Vessels     Suit of Cups

Victory     Six of Wands (Crowley)  

Virtue     Three of Wands (Crowley) 



Wandering     Fool 0  

Wands     Suit of Wands  

War     Suit of Swords  

Warrior     Chariot 7   

Water     Suit of Cups

Watering     Star 17   

Wealth     Ten of Disks (Crowley) 

West     Suit of Cups  

Wheel of Fortune     Wheel of Fortune 10  

Will     Suit of Wands  

Wise Old Man     Hermit 9    

Wit     Suit of Swords  

Work (Labor)     Suit of Disks  

Works     Three of Disks (Crowley)  

World     World 21Ace of Disks     

Worlds     Suit of Discs (Wanless)      

Worth     Suit of Disks  

Worry     Five of Disks (Crowley)   

Yoni     Ace of Cups  


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