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By Michael P. Garofalo, M.S.


Tarot Major Arcana Index


The List is arranged in the traditional Marseille 1751 deck order.

Note:  The first draft of these webpages will be completed by August, 2011.  Thank you for your patience.  As of 6/6/2011, I had completed up to The Hermit


0.    The Fool

1.    The Magician

2.    The High Priestess 

3.    The Empress    

4.    The Emperor  

5.    The Hierophant  

6.    The Lovers  

7.    The Chariot

8.    Justice    

9.    The Hermit 

10.   The Wheel of Fortune 

11.   Strength  

12.   The Hanged Man 

13.   Death  

14.   Temperance 

15.   The Devil 

16.   The Tower  

17.   The Star 

18.   The Moon  

19.   The Sun  

20.   Judgment  

21.   World  




Tarot Studies, Practices and Research

By Michael P. Garofalo, M.S.


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