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By Michael P. Garofalo, M.S.


Tarot Minor Arcana Index



Minor Arcana of the Tarot

Category Suit Suit Suit Suit
Visconti-Sfori 1451 Coins Swords Staves Cups
Marseilles-Brunel 1750 Disks Swords Wands Cups
Waite-Smith-Rider 1909 Pentacles Swords Wands Cups
Crowley-Harris-Thoth 1940 Disks Swords Wands Cups
Wanless-Knutson-Voyager 1984 Worlds Crystals Wands Cups
Cardinal Directions North East South West
Playing Cards Diamonds Spades Clubs Hearts
Human Attributes Body
Visconti-Sfori 1451 Obtaining Defending Creating Interacting
Elements  Earth  Air Fire Water



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Disks     (Pentacles, Coins, Worlds, Diamonds) 

Ace of Disks   [Success, Wanless]  

2 of Disks   [Change, Crowley; Reflection, Wanless]         

3 of Disks   [Works, Crowley; Nurturing, Wanless]  

4 of Disks   [Power, Crowley; Nuturing, Wanless]  

5 of Disks   [Worry, Crowley; Setback, Wanless]  

6 of Disks   [Success, Crowley; Synergy, Wanless]  

7 of Disks   [Failure, Crowley; Breakthrough, Wanless]  

8 of Disks   [Prudence, Crowley; Change, Wanless

9 of Disks   [Gain, Crowley; Harvest, Wanless]  

10 of Disks   [Wealth, Crowley; Reward, Wanless

Princess of Disks (Crowley), Page of Pentacles (Waite, Marseille),
            Child of Worlds (Wanless), Knave of Disks, Jack of Diamonds 

Prince of Disks (Crowley), Knight of Pentacles (Waite, Marseille),
            Child of Worlds (Wanless), Jack of Diamonds   

Queen of Disks (Crowley), Queen of Pentacles (Waite, Marseille), 
            Woman of Worlds (Wanless), Sage of Worlds (Wanless), Queen of Diamonds    

Knight of Disks (Crowley), King of Pentacles (Waite, Marseille), Man of Worlds (Wanless),
            Sage of Worlds (Wanless), King of Disks, King of Diamonds  



Swords     (Crystals, Spades) 


Ace of Swords   [Brilliance, Mind, Intellect]

2 of Swords   [Peace, Crowley; Equanimity, Wanless]  

3 of Swords   [Sorrow, Crowley; Creativity, Wanless]  

4 of Swords   [Truce, Crowley; Logic, Wanless]   

5 of Swords   [Defeat, Crowley; Negativity, Wanless]    

6 of Swords   [Science, Crowley; Confusion, Wanless]   

7 of Swords   [Futility, Crowley; Dullness, Wanless]    

8 of Swords   [Interference, Crowley; Synthesis, Wanless]    

9 of Swords   [Cruelty, Crowley; Narrowness, Wanless]   

10 of Swords   [Ruin, Crowley; Delusion, Wanless]   

Princess of Swords (Crowley), Page of Swords (Waite, Marseille),
            Child of Crystals (Wanless), Knave of Swords, Jack of Spades 

Prince of Swords (Crowley), Knight of Swords (Waite, Marseille),
            Child of Crystals (Wanless), Jack of Spades      

Queen of Swords (Crowley), Queen of Swords (Waite, Marseille), 
            Woman of Crystals (Wanless), Sage of Crystals (Wanless), Queen of Spades     

Knight of Swords (Crowley), King of Swords (Waite, Marseille), Man of Crystals (Wanless),
            Sage of Crystals (Wanless), King of Spades  



Wands     (Clubs) 


Ace of Wands  

2 of Wands   [Dominion, Crowley; Purity, Wanless

3 of Wands   [Virtue, Crowley; Compassion, Wanless]  

4 of Wands   [Completion, Crowley; Aspiration, Wanless

5 of Wands   [Strife, Crowley; Oppression, Wanless

6 of Wands   [Victory, Crowley; Trust, Wanless

7 of Wands   [Valor, Crowley; Courage, Wanless]  

8 of Wands   [Swiftness, Crowley; Harmony, Wanless]

9 of Wands   [Strength, Crowley; Integrity, Wanless

10 of Wands   [Oppression, Crowley; Growth, Wanless]  

Princess of Wands (Crowley), Page of Wands (Waite, Marseille),
            Child of Wands (Wanless), Knave of Wands, Jack of Clubs   

Prince of Wands (Crowley), Knight of Wands (Waite, Marseille),
            Child of Wands (Wanless), Jack of Clubs         

Queen of Wands (Crowley), Queen of Wands (Waite, Marseille), 
            Woman of Wands (Wanless), Sage of Wands (Wanless), Queen of Clubs       

Knight of Wands (Crowley), King of Wands (Waite, Marseille), Man of Wands (Wanless),
            Sage of Wands (Wanless), King of Clubs  



Cups       (Hearts)    


Ace of Cups

2 of Cups   [Love, Crowley; Equilibrium, Wanless]

3 of Cups   [Abundance, Crowley; Love, Wanless

4 of Cups   [Luxury, Crowley; Anger, Wanless

5 of Cups   [Disappointment, Crowley; Disappointment, Wanless

6 of Cups   [Pleasure, Crowley; Sorrow, Wanless]  

7 of Cups   [Debauch, Crowley; Fear, Wanless

8 of Cups   [Indolence, Crowley; Stagnation, Wanless]

9 of Cups   [Happiness, Crowley; Fulfillment, Wanless

10 of Cups   [Satiety, Crowley; Passion, Wanless]  

Princess of Cups (Crowley), Page of Cups (Waite, Marseille),
            Child of Cups (Wanless), Knave of Cups, Jack of Hearts   

Prince of Cups (Crowley), Knight of Cups (Waite, Marseille),
            Child of Cups (Wanless), Jack of Hearts             

Queen of Cups (Crowley), Queen of Cups (Waite, Marseille), 
            Woman of Cups (Wanless), Sage of Cups (Wanless), Queen of Hearts          

Knight of Cups (Crowley), King of Cups (Waite, Marseille), Man of Cups (Wanless),
            Sage of Cups (Wanless), King of Hearts  




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