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Disks     (Pentacles, Coins, Worlds, Diamonds) 

Ace of Disks   [Success, Wanless]  

2 of Disks   [Change, Crowley; Reflection, Wanless]         

3 of Disks   [Works, Crowley; Nurturing, Wanless]  

4 of Disks   [Power, Crowley; Nuturing, Wanless]  

5 of Disks   [Worry, Crowley; Setback, Wanless]  

6 of Disks   [Success, Crowley; Synergy, Wanless]  

7 of Disks   [Failure, Crowley; Breakthrough, Wanless]  

8 of Disks   [Prudence, Crowley; Change, Wanless

9 of Disks   [Gain, Crowley; Harvest, Wanless]  

10 of Disks   [Wealth, Crowley; Reward, Wanless

Princess of Disks (Crowley), Page of Pentacles (Waite, Marseille),
            Child of Worlds (Wanless), Knave of Disks, Jack of Diamonds 

Prince of Disks (Crowley), Knight of Pentacles (Waite, Marseille),
            Child of Worlds (Wanless), Jack of Diamonds   

Queen of Disks (Crowley), Queen of Pentacles (Waite, Marseille), 
            Woman of Worlds (Wanless), Sage of Worlds (Wanless), Queen of Diamonds    

Knight of Disks (Crowley), King of Pentacles (Waite, Marseille), Man of Worlds (Wanless),
            Sage of Worlds (Wanless), King of Disks, King of Diamonds  


Disks, Pentacles, Coins, Worlds
Traditional Meanings, Associations, Correspondences

Material World, Body, Sensations, Health
Grounded, Centered, Present
Actualization, Manifestation, Concrete, Real, Results, Harvest 
Skills, Work, Craftsmanship, Worth, Value 
Security, Home, Children, Food, Money, Rewards, Fruits of Labor 
Economics, Tradition 
Powers of Earth, North


Disks, Pentacles, Coins, Worlds
Metaphors, Similes

Get down to earth 
Salt of the earth 
A diamond in the rough 
Steady as a rock 
Two feet on the ground 

Reversals, Negatives

Dollar short and a day behind 
Treated like dirt
Stick in the mud 
Money is the root of all evil 







A Note about the Tarot Card Images on this Webpage



I plan to complete the first draft of this webpage by the end of August, 2011. 


The Way of Tarot: The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards.  By Alejandro Jodorowsky and Marianne Costa.  Translated by John E. Graham.  Interpretation of the Marseille Deck.  Rochester, New York, Destiny Books, 2009.  536 pages.  ISBN: 9781594772634.  Discussion and interpretation of the Marseille Tarot, Ten, pp. 271-279.   

The Voyager Tarot: Way of the Great Oracle Book.  By James Wanless, 1989.  Book and Deck.  Discussion and interpretation of the Voyager Tarot, Ten, pp. 168-170. 

Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot.  By Rachel Pollack.  Revised with a New Preface.  San Francisco, California, Weiser Books, 1980, 2007.  Index, bibliogrpahy, 354 pages.  ISBN: 1578634083.  This book uses the Waite-Smith-Rider 1909 Deck for analysis and interpretation.  Discussion and interpretation of the Waite-Smith-Rider Tarot, Ten, pp. 258-259. 

The Crowley Tarot.  The Handbook to the Cards by Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris.  By Akron (C. F. Frey) and Hajo Banzhaf.  Translated from the German by Christine M. Grimm.  Stamford, CT, U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 1995.  222 pages.  ISBN: 0880797150.  I have found this book to be an extremely useful reference tool when doing an analysis of a card.  This is my favorite book on the Thoth Tarot.  Discussion and interpretation of the Crowley-Harris-Thoth Tarot, Ten, p. 178. 

Understanding the Tarot Court.  By Mary K. Greer and Tom Little.  Special topics in Tarot Series.  Woodbury, Minnesota, Llewellyn Publications, 2004.  288 pages.  ISBN: 0738702862.  VSCL. 

The Tarot Court Cards: Archetypal Patterns of Relationship in the Minor Arcana.  By Kate Warwick-Smith.  Destiny Books, 2003.  224 pages.  ISBN: 0892810920.  VSCL. 





Keywords for the Crowley Tarot.  by Hajo Banzhaf and Brigitte Theler, 2001.

The Book of Thoth (Egyptian Tarot).  Aleister Crowley, 1944, 1977.  

The Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols. By Angeles Arrien, 1987, 1997.  

The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals.  By Mary K. Greer, 2002.

Tarot Wisdom: Spiritual Teachings and Deeper Meanings.  By Rachel Pollack, 2008. 

Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot.  By Lon Milo Duquette, 2003. 

Learning Ritual Magic.  By John Michael Greer, Earl King, Jr., and Clare Vaughn, 2004. 

Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey.  By Sallie Nichols.  Introduction by Laurens van der Post.  York Beach, Maine, Samuel weiser, Inc., 1980.  References, 392 pages.  ISBN: 0877285152.  VSCL.

Portable Magic: Tarot is the Only Tool You Need.  By Donald Tyson.  Woodbury, Minnesota, Llewellyn Publications, 2006.  Index, bibliography, 230 pages.  ISBN: 0738709808.  VSCL. 

Tarot as a Way of Life: A Jungian Approach to the Tarot.  By Karen Hamaker-Zontaq.  Red Wheel, Weiser, 2007.  268 pages.  ISBN: 9780877288787.  VSCL.  

Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners   By Joan Bunning.  Weiser Books, 1998.  320 pages. 







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