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Cups       (Hearts)    


Ace of Cups

2 of Cups   [Love, Crowley; Equilibrium, Wanless]

3 of Cups   [Abundance, Crowley; Love, Wanless

4 of Cups   [Luxury, Crowley; Anger, Wanless

5 of Cups   [Disappointment, Crowley; Disappointment, Wanless

6 of Cups   [Pleasure, Crowley; Sorrow, Wanless]  

7 of Cups   [Debauch, Crowley; Fear, Wanless

8 of Cups   [Indolence, Crowley; Stagnation, Wanless]

9 of Cups   [Happiness, Crowley; Fulfillment, Wanless

10 of Cups   [Satiety, Crowley; Passion, Wanless]  

Princess of Cups (Crowley), Page of Cups (Waite, Marseille),
            Child of Cups (Wanless), Knave of Cups, Jack of Hearts   

Prince of Cups (Crowley), Knight of Cups (Waite, Marseille),
            Child of Cups (Wanless), Jack of Hearts             

Queen of Cups (Crowley), Queen of Cups (Waite, Marseille), 
            Woman of Cups (Wanless), Sage of Cups (Wanless), Queen of Hearts          

Knight of Cups (Crowley), King of Cups (Waite, Marseille), Man of Cups (Wanless),
            Sage of Cups (Wanless), King of Hearts  



Cups (Chalices, Hearts):
Traditional Meanings, Associations, Correspondences

Emotions, Emotional Fulfillment, Ecstasy, Feelings, Heart, Moods
Sensitivity, Receptivity, Attunement  
Relationships, Affection, Love, Romance, Intimacy, Courtship, Marriage
Deepest hopes and desires fulfilled, Aspirations, Support, A Gift 
Planting a Seed, Promise of Springtime, Beginning of Good Things, Fertility  
Forgive and Forget, Generosity, Compassion, Goodwill      
Dreams, Imagination, Unconscious
Intuition, Psychic Powers, Inspiration, Divination, Inner Work, Revelations 
Spiritual Awakening, Rebirth, Baptism, Affirmation, New Life, Spiritual Breakthrough       
Good health of kidneys and bladder, Recovery, Feeling Energetic  
Joy and inner peace from friends and family
Powers of Water, Water, West,  

Reversals, Negatives

Hard Hearted, Emotionless, Depression, Dullness, Loneliness 
Curb your emotions
Bottle up your emotions 
Powers of Air (Swords)
Closed or selfish heart 



Cups (Chalices, Hearts), Power of Water: 
Metaphors, Similes, Clichés

Waters of Life
Pour out your heart
Fill up my cup
Feelings can run high 
Raise your glass for a toast 
The cup is full 
The cup is half full. 
The optimist sees the cup as half full, the pessimist as half empty. 
Don't let the cup overflow 
Brimming with promise
Drink up
Overflowing cup
Bottle up your emotions
Raise your cup and drink to success 
Holy Grail Cup
Empty cup
My cup runneth over 




Reversals, Negatives

Dying of thirst 
Crying over spilt milk
Drinking himself to death (alcohol) 







A Note about the Tarot Card Images on this Webpage




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Suit of Cups 

Water (Classic Element) - Wikipedia 

Cups for the Pagan Man 

My Cup Runneth Over - Christian 

Root of the Powers of Water (Cups) from Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley

Small Cards of the Tarot - Cups.   By Erwin Hessle.   Uses the Crowley deck

Giant's Tarot - Cups - Northern Tradition Paganism 

Water and the Sacred

Tarot Suit of Cups from About.Com

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Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners   By Joan Bunning.  Weiser Books, 1998.  320 pages. 







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