Tips, Suggestions, Advice and Notes
for Beginning Yoga Students

Michael P. Garofalo
North Sacramento Valley, California

Valley Spirit Hatha Yoga





1.  My Yoga Class Schedule

2.  Location of My Yoga Classes

3.  Before and After Class 

4.  Breathing

5.  Yogic Guidelines for Conscious Living

6.  List of Postures (Asanas) Sequence in a Typical Class

7.  Sculpting the Mind with the Body

8.  Relaxation

9.  Inspirational Quotations

10.  Willpower, Resolve, Tapas     

11.  Bibliography and Web Links  

12.  Some Closing Remarks   

13.  On Becoming a Yoga Teacher  

14.  Disclaimer

15.  Lifestyle Advice from Wise Persons  

16.  Qigong (Chi Kung) - Chinese Yoga






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