Body-Mind Metaphors
Soma-Psyche-Spirit Interrelationships, Comparisons, Similes
Clichés, Expressions, Jokes, Adages, Sayings, Wisdom
Ideas for Yoga, Qigong, and Fitness Instructors 

Compiled by Michael P. Garofalo
Valley Spirit Yoga, Red Bluff, California


Head     Face     Neck     Chest     Shoulders     Arms     Hands

Heart     Lungs     Stomach     Kidneys     Waist

Back     Spine     Hips     Genitals    

Legs     Knees     Calves     Shins     Ankles     Toes     Feet     Toes 

Body     Mind 

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Body-Mind Metaphors

A Yoga and Qigong Teacher's Toolkit
Primarily from the English Language 
Clichés, Expressions, Jokes, Adages, Sayings, Wisdom



Head, Brain

Head's Up - be alert.
Chin up
Keep your chin up

You look down in the dumps


Face: Eyes, Nose, Ears, Mouth, Cheeks, Lips

Don't give me any lip. 



Pain in the neck - someting annoying, a problem, difficult, undesirable
Stick you neck out - courageous, take a chance,
He was crestfallen.


Chest, Heart

Heartfelt thanks



Shoulder some responsibility - grow up, work, contribute
He was crestfallen. 
Shoulders back, stand up straight.  
Shoulder the load
Shoulder your own load



Time on our hands



Time on our hands
"All those that believe in psychokinesis raise my hand."



Heart: Quotations, Lore, Sayings, Cliches, Wisdom

Lungs, Breathing, Breath



Stomach, Intestines, Guts, Digestion 



Kidneys, Urination



Waist, Belly, Navel


Yoga - Third Chakra - Manipurna Charka (A few inches above the navel.) 

Fire in the belly
Gut feeling

"Drawing on the fire in the belly we build greater heat and energy to charge our determined practice."



Cross on our back - life's burdens, serious problems imposed on us
Monkey on our back - having a bad habit or vice



Spineless - no convictions, no courage, no determination, wavering, wishy-washy


Hips, Butt, Ass

Put your hip into it, push with your hip 


Genitals, Sexual Organs, Vagina, Penis

He's got balls - strong, courageous, tough, determined


Legs, Thighs, Standing

Stand up and be counted - volunteer, speak your mind, take sides


Knees, Calves, Shins

Kneel down and give thanks


Feet, Toes, Heel, Ankles

Slipped up - making a mistake or error by accident or carelessness
Slipping up
Walking in another's footsteps
Rooted in the earth
Steady on our feet
A toe in the door
Crushed (stomped, ground) underfoot
Stand on your own two feet: be independent, be strong, support yourself  


Body, Overall Bodily Expression

You look down in the dumps.  
"You look fine, how am I?" - a behaviorist's joke
He was crestfallen.

Shoulder back, stand up straight.  Tadasana (Mountain) pose.  







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Body-Mind Metaphors
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An Alchemy of Mind: The Marvel and Mystery of the Brain.  By Diane Ackerman.  New York, Scribner. 2004.  Index, 300 pages.  ISBN: 0743246721.  

Attentiveness Towards Self

A Glossary of Hatha Yoga Postures (Asanas, Poses)
  By Michael P. Garofalo.  








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Body-Mind Metaphors
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