The First and Second Branches of the Eight Branched Tree (Ashtanga
of the Classical Royal Yoga (Raja

Yoga's Guidelines for Conscious Living


Yamas – Living with Other People  

1.   Ahimsa: Non-violence, kindness, compassion, not harming others with actions or thoughts

2.   Satya:  Truthfulness, honesty, giving constructive feedback, fairness

3.   Asteya: Non-stealing, not coveting, not being jealous, honest labor, justice

4.   Bramacharya:  Moderation, not overindulging, sobriety, self-control, keeping your temper

5.   Aparigraha: Non-possessiveness, not greedy, not being so selfish, simplicity  

                      Refer also to the Five Ethical Precepts of Buddhism


Niyamas:  Living with Ourselves

1.   Shaucha: Purity, clarity, cleanliness, orderliness surrounding self and thoughts

2.   Santosha: Contentment, simple joyfulness, gratitude

3.   Tapas:  Austerity, commitment, discipline, work, effort, intense commitment

4.   Swadhyaya:  Self-education, study, learning, spiritual practices

5.   Ishwara-Prandihana:  Surrendering to God or the Divine Energy of the Universe, having
  heartfelt thanks for being able to love and live, showing the presence
  of divine love by being loving to others





These are guidelines or general principles for you to reflect on before you make choices and act.
Yoga is a method for helping you achieve contentment, inner peace, insight, and well-being.    
Learn about the virtues, think clearly about the good life, and try to live a virtuous life. 
Practice some yoga postures (asanas) and breathing methods (pranayama) each day. 
Listen carefully to the advice of wise teachers, mentors, and spiritual leaders (gurus). 



These guidelines for conscious living are taken from the “Yoga Sutra” compiled by
the wise Indian scholar Pantanjali over 1,900 years ago.    



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