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Yang Style Taijiquan Long Form 108 Movements


Taijiquan Short Form, Beijing Simplified 24, Yang Style 


Sword Weapons - Taijiquan Jian


Eight Section Brocade Chi Kung


Master Chang San-Feng


Yang Family Taijiquan


 Master Cheng Man-Ch'ing


Push Hands - T'ui Shou


Sung - Loose, Relaxed, Open, Yielding, Responsive


Taijiquan: Links and Bibliography


Qigong: Links and Bibliography


Valley Spirit Taijiquan Journal


Staff Weapons 
Jo, Bo, Cane, Staff, Spear, Walking Stick, Club, Short Staff


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T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Qigong Directory:
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Silk Reeling, Spiral and Twisting Energy, Circles


The Four Gates
Grasping the Sparrow's Tail: Ward Off, Roll Back, Press, Push
Stress Reduction Techniques
Classroom Lesson Plan for 5th or 6th Grade Students


Breathing and Taijiquan


Taijiquan For Good Health, Fitness and Vitality


Taoism, Nature Mysticism, Alchemy


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Bibliography and Links
Yang Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan Long Form



Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.  Volume One: Tai Chi Theory and Tai Chi Jing.  
By Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming.  Boston, Massachusetts, Yang's Martial Arts Academy,
YMAA, 1986.  Glossary, 276 pages.  ISBN: Unknown.  

Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.  Volume Two: Martial Applications.  By
Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming.  Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, Yang's Martial Arts Academy,
YMAA, 1986.  Glossary, 246 pages.  ISBN: Unknown.   

Authentic Yang Family Tai Chi.  By Fu Sheng Yuan.  Edited by Fu Zhong Wen.  
196 pages.  ISBN: 0646232584.

Ba Gua Zhang    

The Before Heaven 16-Posture I Ching T'ai Chi Form (Hsien T'ien T'ai Chi).  
16-Posture T'ai Chi According to the Interaction of the Eight Trigram Images.
Developed by Stuart Alve Olson.  Published in 2001, pp. 127-199, in
T'ai Chi According to the I Ching: Embodying the Principles of the Book of Changes.
Cheng Man-ch'ing (1901-1975)   Links, bibliography, a list of the movements in
the 37 movements short form of Master Cheng, quotations, and notes.  This short
form is very similiar to the first section of the Yang style 108 long form.  This book
is one of the best studies on the relation of the Tai Chi Chuan form to the I Ching,
Book of Changes.  

"Big Circle and Small Circle T'ai Chi."  Interview with Lu Gui Rong by George Xu,
edited by Marvin Smalheiser.  T'ai Chi, Vol. 25, No. 2, April, 2001, pp. 10-16.    

"A Brief Introduction to Yang Family 88 Taiji San-Shou."   By Key Sun and Leroy
Clark.   T'ai Chi: The International Magazine of T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Vol. 27, No. 6, 
December, 2003, pp. 48- 55.  Includes 88 color photographs to two players
doing the form.  

Chang San-feng   Bibliography, links, quotes, notes.  

Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan  Links, bibliography, quotes, notes.  

Cheng Man-ch'ing (1901-1975)   Links, bibliography, a list of the movements in
the 37 movements short form of Master Cheng, quotations, and notes.  

"Chen Yanling on Practice"  Translated by Alex Yeo.  Chen Yanling was also known
as Chen Gong, Chen Kung or Yearning K. Chen.  Tai Chi International Magazine, 
Vol. 27, No. 4, August 2003, pp. 36- 40. 

Classics of T'ai Chi Ch'uan

A Comparative Study Between the Traditional Yang Style of Yang Chengfu and
Cheng Man Ching's Style.   By J. Justin Meehan.   20Kb+

The Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan: A Comprehensive Guide to the Principles
and Practice.  By Wong Kiew Kit.  Shaftesbury, Dorset, Element, 1996.  Index,
bibliography, 316 pages.  ISBN: 1852307927.  MGC.  The Yang long form
is covered on pp.204 -228.  It is an 85 movement form by Yang Deng Fu and a list 
of the movements as well as detailed line drawings of the form are provided.  The
book also has examples of many martial applications.  

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tai Chi and Qigong.  By Bill Douglas.  Alpha Books,
2002, 2nd Edition.  368 pages.  ISBN: 0028642643.

"Cultivating Jing, Qi and Yi."   By Paul Lam, M.D..  T'ai Chi: The International 
Magazine of T'ai Chi Ch'uan
.  Vol. 27, No. 2, April 2003, pp. 36-38..  

Dancing at Dawn: Taijiquan

Discourse about Jing.   By Zhang Yi Zun.   

Dong Family Orthodox Yang Style Long Form and Fast Form

Fast Form - Yang Style  Tung Ying-Chieh = Dong Ying-Jie ??  [Wu Ta-yeh
said that prior to 1914 Yang Cheng-fu would practice one round of his form 
in less than 9 minutes with brisk kicks and some fa-jing.  Ah - Youth!]

"We all know that Tai Chi is practiced slowly, but slow is a relative term. Tai Chi can certainly 
be practiced at variable speeds which may be slow, slower, slower yet, extremely slow, or, alternately,
less slow, less than slow, accelerated, or Oh my God, did you see that?  Yes, its true; in addition 
to the more common slow practices, there are Tai Chi fast forms that can accelerate to a point that 
they rival the speed of any other martial art. Tai Chi is usually practiced slowly, but nowhere is it 
written that Tai Chi can only be practiced slowly."   
-  John Loupos, Exploring Tai Chi


"Generating Internal Energy."   Interview with Yang Zhenduo by Chris Pei,
edited by Marvin Smalheiser.  T'ai Chi: The International Magazine 
of T'ai Chi Ch'uan
.  Vol. 18, No. 5, October, 1994, pp. 4-10.  

"Getting All Parts to Work Together."   By Mark Wasson.   T'ai Chi: The 
International Magazine of T'ai Chi Ch'uan
.  Vol. 27, No. 4, August, 
2003, pp. 41-44.  

Handbook of T'ai Chi Ch'uan Exercises.  By Zhang, Fuxing.  York Beach, Maine, 
Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1996.  Index, 198 pages.  ISBN: 0877288917.   MGC.  Includes 
a detailed description and line drawings of the Simplified 24 Movement Yang style 
short form, and the standard traditional 88 movement Yang style long form.   Information 
on major characteristics of Yang style, key points of practice, and push hands.  

History of Tai Chi Chuan.  Harvey Kurland.  56Kb. 

"History of the Yang Style Taijiquan."  By Fu Zhongwen and Dr. Mei Ying Sheng.  
Compiled by Ted W. Knecht.  T'ai Chi, Vol. 18, No. 4, August, 1994, pp. 16-19.  

How Do I Go About Purchasing These Books and Videotapes?

"The Importance of Brush Knee Practice."  By Gerald A. Sharp.
T'ai Chi, Vol. 25, No. 2, April, 2001, pp. 31-34.

The Intrinsic Energies of T'ai Chi Ch'uan
.  Compiled and translated by Stuart Alve Olson.  
Chen Kung Series, Volume Two.   Saint Paul, Minnesota, Dragon Door Publications, 1994.
Index, 194 pages.  ISBN: 093804513X.  

Little Mountain Tai Chi Club   Good articles on Yang Cheng-fu.  

"Li Yaxuan's Yang Style."  An interview with Chen Longxiang, longtime student of
Li Yaxuan.  Translated by Yan Shufan.  Tai Chi International Magazine, Vol. 27, 
No. 3, June 2003, p. 21-25.

"A Look at the T'ai Chi Hand."   By Michael Gilman.  Tai Chi International Magazine
Vol. 24, No. 1, February 2000, p. 39-42.  "The hands contain over one quarter of all the
bones of the body.  One sixth of all the muscles of the body are used in hand movements.
A singl hand movement can involve as many as 50 muscles working together.  There 
are as many as 21,000 sensors of heat, pressure, and pain per square inch of the 
fingertips.  The hands can destroy or heal, cause pleasure or pain."

Master Chang San-Feng

Master Cheng Man-ch'ing

Mastering Yang Style Taijiquan.  Bu Fu Zongwen (1903-1994).  Translated by Louis Swaim.  
Berkeley, California, North Atlantic Books, 1999.  Glossary, bibliography, 226 pages.  
Translations of many Tai Chi classics are included.  A list of the 85 movement long form
and detailed notes and descriptions of each movement are provided.  251 movement
analysis illustrations.  Over 76 of the illustrations are traced and drawn from photographs of
Yang Cheng-Fu.  Detailed descriptions of the long form, pp. 26-162.  Push hands information.
Yang Tai Chi essentials.  ISBN: 1556433182.  I have found this to be an excellent book!
This book was first published in 1963 in China as "Yang Shi Taijiquan".  An informative
introduction and good translation by Lous Swaim.  MGC.  

On Tai Chi Chuan.   By T.Y. Pang.  Tai Chi School of Philosphy and Art, 1988.
325 pages.  ISBN: 0961207019.  

The Origin and Development of Yang Style.  By Alex Yeo.
Part 1.  Introduction, Yang Luchan (1799-1872).  
Tai Chi
, June 2003, Volume 26, Number 3, pp 41-46.  
Part 2
Part 3.  The Ten Parts of Yang Funei Taijiquan.  
Tai Chi
, April 2003, Volume 27, Number 2, pp. 48- 51.
Part 4.  The Complete Yang Style Taijiquan System.  
Tai Chi, June 2003, Vol. 27, No. 3, pp 44.-47.  

Push Hands (Tui Shou) in Tai Chi Chuan.  Links, bibliography, quotes, notes.  25Kb.  

Shambhala Warriorship

Silk Reeling (Chan Ssu Jin): Links, bibliography, quotes, notes. 

Staff Weapon

Stillness in Movement: The Practice of Tai Chi Chuan.  Featuring Master Fong Ha.  
108 postures.  120 minute VHS instructional videotape.  Vision Arts Video, 
1996.  ISBN:  0965365107.  MGC.  Produced by Sanford Rosenberg.  

Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan   Links, bibliography, quotes, notes.  65Kb.  

Sword (Jian):  Links, bibliography, quotes, notes.

"Suppleness and Strength in Taijiquan."  By Wu, Ta-yeh.  Internal Arts, Vol. 3, No. 6, 
November, 1988, p. 8-9.

T'ai ChiT'ai Chi: The International Magazine of T'ai Chi Ch'uan.  Wayfarer Publications.
Editor/Publisher: Marvin Smalheiser.  

The Tai Chi Book: Beginning and Enjoying a Lifetime of PracticeBy Robert Chuckrow, 
Ph.D..  Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, YMAA Publication Center, c 1998.   209 pages. 
ISBN: 1886969647.  An excellent general introduction to Taiji from the Yang style 

Tai Chi Chuan.   By Jane Golden.  Includes instructional CD.  A respected teacher
in Northern California.   

T'ai Chi Ch'uan Classics

Tai Chi Chuan's Internal Secrets
.   By Doc Fai Wong and Jane Hallander.  Burbank, 
California, Unique Publications Inc., 1991.  124 pages.  ISBN: 0865681473.  Photos 
and brief descriptions of the 108 movement Yang style long form.  Discussion of 
stances, chi kung, breathing, and push hands.  

Tai Chi Chuan Martial Applications Advanced Yang Style.  By Dr. Wang, Jwing Ming.  
Edited by Alan Doughall.  Jamaica Plain, MA, YMAA Publications, 2nd Edition,
1996.  363 pages.  ISBN: 1886969442.

T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Sword, Saber, Staff and Dispersing-Hands Combined.  By Chen Yen-lin.
Originally published in China in 1932.  Based on writings compiled by Wu Ho-ching who
was a scholar and student of Yang Lu-chan (1799 - 1872).  These written works were 
obtained by Chen Yen-lin (1906 - ?) from the famous Yang Cheng-fu (1883 - 1936).   This 
book was very popular in China, helped spread the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan widely, 
and opened the doors to publishing about internal arts forms.  This book has been 
compiled and translated by Stuart Alve Olson and published by Dragon Door 
Publications as the Chen Kung Series, Volumes 1 -5.  

T'ai Chi Ch'uan Training Speed.   By Peter Lim Tian Tek.  18Kb.

Tai Chi Classics   Links, bibliography, index.  

T'ai Chi For Health - Yang Long Form with Terence Dunn.  VHS videotape, 
120 minutes.  Healing Arts, 1990.  Produced and created by Terence Dunn.    
ISBN: 6301866584.  An excellent instructional videotape!  Fine studio
photography with clearn front view and with a side view insert.  This very
reasonably priced videotape is, in my opinion, the best in the genre and 
should be a first choice for beginners.  

Tai Chi Secrets of the Yang Style.  Translated with commentary by Yang Jwing-ming.
Translations and commentary on Chinese Classics.   Boston, MA, YMAA
Publications, 2001.  Index, glossary, 192 pages.   ISBN:  1886969094.
A translation of 49 documents by Yang, Ban-Hou (1837-1892) and by a
few other Yang family members. 

Tai Chi Theory and Martial Power: Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi.  By Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming.
Jamaica Plain, Mass., YMAA Publication Center, 1996.  Second Edition.  Glossary, index, 
268 pages.  MGC.  ISBN: 1886969434.  

Tai Chi Touchstones: Yang Family Secret Transmissions.  Compiled and translated by 
Douglas Wile.  Brooklyn, New York, Sweet Chi Press, 8th Edition, 1983.  159 pages.
ISBN: 091205901X.

Taijiquan, Classical Yang Style - The Complete Form and Qigong.  By Yang, 
Jwing-Ming.  Boston, MA, YMAA Publications Center, 1999.  Index, glossary,
333 pages, 562 illustrations.  ISBN:188696968X.  There is also an instructional 
and DVD to supplement this book.  The DVD contains the complete 
form, gigong, details instructions for each movement, and 13 postures.  Performed 
by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming and Robert Was.  240 Minutes, DVD9-NTSC, 2003.  
DVD ISBN: 0940871645.  MGC.  

Taiji Sword (Jian):  Links, bibliography, quotes, notes.

Taijiquan Classics

The Tao of Tai-Chi Chuan:  Way to Rejuvenation.   By Jou, Tsung Hwa.   Edited by Shoshana
Shapiro.  Warwick, New York, Tai Chi Foundation, 1980.  263 pages.  First Edition.  
ISBN: 0804813574.  Excellent textbook.  A Third Edition is now available.  The Yang
Family Tai Chi Chuan is covered on pp. 42 - 69.  A list of the 105 movements is provided.
Detailed line drawings of the movements are included.  The drawings are tracings of 
Yang Chen-Fu (1883-1936) also called Yang Chao-Chin.  

"The Teaching of Yang Shou-Zhong."  By Paul Lam.  T'ai Chi, Vol. 25, No. 4,
August 2001, pp. 30-32.  Yang Shou-Zhong was the eldest son of Yang Cheng-fu.  

Teaching Tai Chi Chuan.   Links, bibliography, quotes and notes.  

The Teachings of Master T. T. Liang: Imagination Becomes Reality.  A Complete Guide to the
150 Posture Solo Form.  Compiled by Stuart Alve Olson.  287 pages.  Minnesota, Dragon Door
Publications, 1986, 1992.  Second Edition.  MGC.  ISBN: 0938045091.  Hundreds of detailed
pictures of the form, including some interesting multi-exposure photographs of Mr. Olson doing
the long form.  The is an outstanding guide to the Yang Style form.  The explanations are 
superior and the photography outstanding.  One of my favorite guides to Yang style Tai
Chi Chuan.  

The Teachings of Yang Zhenming (1909-1985), also known as Yeung Sau Chung.  

Ten Guiding Points of Tai Chi Chuan    

Thank You Very Much: David Tobey of Seattle.  I appreciate your suggestions and comments
about this webpage.   

Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi.  Instructional VHS videotape by Shifu Jiang Jian-ye.  132 minutes,
two videotapes.  Website: Jiang's Tai Chi Videos.

"Traditional Yang Style Training."  An interview with Yang Fukui.  T'ai Chi
Vol. 24, No. 5, October, 2000, pp. 17- 24.  

A Tribute to Yang Shaozhong (1910-1985).   By Daniel K. Wong.  T'ai Chi: The International 
Magazine of T'ai Chi Ch'uan
, Vol. 27, No. 6, December, 2003, pp. 30-38.  Yang Shaozhong
was the oldest son of Grandmaster Yang Chengfu.  By age 14 he was working as his
father's assistant.  He worked for the government and in private practice in many provinces
in China.  He had one book published, Usage and Variations of Taijiquan with Illustrated
Demonstration by Two
, Hong Kong, 1962.  

"The True History of the Yang Style."   Inteview with Fu Zhongwen by Marvin Smalheiser.
T'ai Chi, Vol. 25, No. 6, December, 2001, pp. 18-20.

Ultimate Guide to Tai Chi.  (The Best of Kung-Fu Magazine).  Edited by John R.
Little and Curtis F. Wong.  Chicago, IL, Contemporary Books, 2000.  301 pages.
ISBN: 0809228335.   MGC. Includes a photographic study of all the postures
in the Yang 108 long form.  Many very intersting and informative articles.  

Valley Spirit Tai Chi Chuan Journal.  A journal with reflections, notes, suggestions, 
references, questions and answers, links and quotations.  By Michael P. Garofalo.  

Valley Spirit Tai Chi Chuan Club.  Red Bluff, California.  Organizer:  Michael P. Garofalo.

Videotapes on Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan  

Videotapes on Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.  Wayfarer Catalog.  Distributes videotapes
by Lu Gui Rong, Terry Dunn, Doc-Fai Wong, Fong Ha, Jiang Jian-ye, Ye Xiao Long,

Where Can I Purchase These Books and Videotapes?

Wong, Doc-Fai Martial Arts Centers - Plum Blossom International Federation   

Yang Cheng-Fu (July 7, 1883 - March 3, 1936)
"Taichichuan Exercise and Application," Shanghai, 1933.
"Applications of Taichichuan," Shanghai, 1931.  Includes photographs.
    By Yang Cheng-Fu, Chen Wei-ming, and Tung Ying-chieh.
"The Complete Principles and Theory of Taijiquan," Shanghai, 1930
"The Art of Taijiquan," Shanghai, 1925.  By Chen Wei-ming.
    Includes photographs.  

"Yang Cheng-Fu's Early and Later Postures."   By Wu Ta-yeh and Wu Teng
Shu-hsien.  T'ai Chi, Vol. 24, No. 6, December, 2001, pp. 14-15.  

Yang Family Tai Chi 108 Form with Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong.  ALC Productions,
P. O. Box 320532, San Francisco, CA 94132.  Produced in 1997.  VHS, 55 Minutes.
Website: Doc-Fai Wong Martial Arts Centers - Plum Blossom International Federation.
Grandmaster Wong has a Ph.D., O.M.D., authored two books, made a dozen 
instructional videotapes, and is the President of the Plum Blossom International
Federation of Choy Li Fut and Tai Chi Chuan.  Grandmaster Wong was a student
of Hu Yuen Chou, a disciple of Yang Cheng-Fu.  

Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan International Organization  Headquaters in Seattle, WA.
Led by Masters Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun.  YangChen Fu Tai Chi style.  Association,
ranking system, schools, seminars, information.  

Yang Family Taijiquan Traditional Long Form 108 Movements.   By Michael P. Garofalo.
55K+.  List of movements, links, bibliography, quotations.  HTML and PDF versions.

Yang Long Form.  Tai Ch for Health.  By Terry Dunn, a student of Abraham Liu.  120 minute
VHS instructional videotape.  

Yang's Ten Important Points   Yang Cheng-fu (1883-1936)    

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.   By Yang Jwing-Ming.  Hollywood, CA, Unique Publications,
1982.  207 pages.  The standard form in 113 movements.  Includes material on 
pushing hands, applications, and the narrow blade sword routine.  Hundreds of 
photographs with detailed descriptions.  ISBN: 086568023X.   

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.  Presented by Master Ye Xiao Long.   Instructional
VHS videotape.   Part 1, 70 minutes.  Part 2, 61 minutes.  

Yang Style Taijiquan.  By Yang Zhenduo.  Written by the third son of Yang Cheng-fu.  
Beijing, Morning Glory Publishers, 1996.  600 photographs, 291 pages.   
ISBN: 7505404814.  MGC.  

Yang Style Taijiquan.  Traditional Yang Style Slow Form.  Reference video for the
Taijiquan Tutelage of Palo Alto.  Performed by Michael Chan.  Instructional VHS. 

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Essays.   By Peter Lim.  

Yang Style Tai-Chi Chuan, 108 Movements.  By Master Yu Cheng Hsiang.  VHS instructional 
videotape, 60 minutes.  

Yang Taijiquan.  Instructional VHS videotapes by Lu Gui Rong of Shanghai.  Part of the 
China's Living Treasures Series.  Volume 37, Part 1, Yang Training Basics, VHS, 
56 minutes.  Volume 38, Part 2, Yang Long Form, First Section, VHS, 61 minutes.
Volume 39, Yang Long Form, Second Section, VHS, 81 minutes.  Volume 40, 
Part 3, Yang Long Form, Third Section, VHS 80 minutes.   















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