Dhammapada Sutta


General Index to the Dharmapada Sutra
Keywords, Themes, Terms, Subjects, Topics of the Dammapada Sutta

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Key:  C = Chapter,  V = Verse    Most non-English words are from the Pali language. 

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Affection  (Piyavagga)   C16   

Ambition   C5  

Aging, Old Age  (Jaravagga)   C11

Anger  (Kodhavagga)   C1, C17  

Appamadavagga  (Heedfulness)   C2  

Arhantavagga  (Arahats)   C7 

Arhants  (Arhantavagga)   C7 

Attavagga   (Self, Ego)   C12  



Balavagga  (Fools)   C5  

Bhikkhuvagga  (Monk)   C25 

Bhiksu   C25   

Bondage   C24  

Brahmanavagga  (Holy Man, Brahmin)  C26  

Brahmin   C26  

Buddha  (Buddhavagga)    C26, C14  



Calm the Mind   C25   

Chapter Index 

Chapter 1 (I)   C1 

Chapter 2 (II)   C2 

Chapter 3 (III)   C3  

Chapter 4 (IV)  C4  

Chapter 5 (V)   C5  

Chapter 6 (VI)   C6  

Chapter 7 (VII)   C7  

Chapter 8 (VIII)   C8 

Chapter 9 (IX)   C9

Chapter 10 (X)   C10  

Chapter 11 (XI)   C11  

Chapter 12 (XII)   C12 

Chapter 13 (XIII)   C13  

Chapter 14 (XIV)   C14 

Chapter 15 (XV)   C15 

Chapter 16 (XVI)   C16  

Chapter 17 (XVII)   C17  

Chapter 18 (XVIII)   C18  

Chapter 19 (XIX)   C19 

Chapter 20 (XX)   C20 

Chapter 21 (XXI)   C21 

Chapter 22 (XXII)   C22  

Chapter 23 (XXIII)   C23  

Chapter 24 (XIV)   C24  

Chapter 25 (XV)   C25 

Chapter 26 (XVI)   C26 

Chapter Index 

Childish Person   C5  

Cittavagga  (Mind)   C3  

Companionship   V61  

Contrary Ways   C1  

Contrasting Pairs   C1  

Craving  (Tanhavagga)   C24   

Culapanthaka's Story   V25 

Cundasukarika's Story   V15  



Dhammatthavagga  (The Just)   C19   

Dhammika Upasaka's Story   V16  

Just  (Dhammatthavagga)   C19

Dandavagga  (Violence)   C10  

Devadatta's Story   V9, V17   

Discernment   C1  



Ego, Self  (Attavagga)   C12  

Elephant  (Nagavagga)   C23

Enlightened Person   C26  

Evil  (Papavagga)   C9   

Evil Fruit   C5  

Five   C25   

Flowers, Blossoms  (Pupphavagga)   C4 

Fools (Balavagga)   C5  

Fragrance of Good Deeds   C4  

Giving (Liberality)   C177   



Happiness  (Sukhavagga)   C15

Hatred   V3C1   

Heedfulness (AppamadavaggaC2   

Hell  (Nirayavagga)   C22    

Holy Man  (BrahmanavaggaC26  

Impurity  (Malavagga)   C18

Indolence   V292  

Jaravagga  (Old Age)   C11  



Kalayakkhini's Story   V5

Kodhavagga  (Anger)  C1, C17  

Kosambi Bhikkhus' Story   V6  

Kumbhaghosaka's Story  V24   

Laziness   V292  

Liberality (Giving)   C177  

Lokavagga  (World)   C13   



Maggavagga  (The Path)  C20   

Malavagga  (Impurity)   C18  

Matthakundali's Story   V2

Meditation   V24  

Metta Sutra (Scripture on Loving-Kindness)   V20

Mind  (Cittavagga)   C3C1  

Miscellaneous   (Pakinnakavagga)   C21   

Monk  (Bhikkhuvagga)   C25 



Nagavagga   (Elephant)   C23

Niryavagga  (Hell)   C22    

Old Age, Aging  (Jaravagga)   C11  

Pakinnakavagga  (Miscellaneous)   C21   

Pandita (Wise Man)   C6 

Panditavagga  (Wise)   C6  

Papavagga  (Evil)   C9   

Path  (MaggavaggaC20   

Piyavagga  (Affection)   C16   

Practice   C1  

Pupphavagga  (Flowers, Blossoms)   C4  



Refine Conduct   C25   

Sahassavagga   (Thousands)   C8  

Samavatti's Story   V21  

Refuge (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha)   C190-C192

Rejoicing   V18 

Self, Ego  (Attavagga)   C12

Skilled Person   C6  

Subject Index

Sukhavagga  (Happiness)   C15   

Sumanadevi's Story   V18     



Tanhavagga  (Craving, Intense Desire)   C24   

Thera Cakkhupala's Story   V1  

Thera Mahakala's Story   V7  

Thera Nanda's Story   V13

Thera Sariputta's Story   V11

Thera Tissa's Story   V3

Thoughts   C3   

Thousands  (Sahassavagga)   C8  

Twin Verses  (Yamakavagga)   C1  

Two Friends   V19  



Uprooting Evil   C24   

Vagga   (Chapter, Section, or Canto of Sacred Verses)    C1

Violence  (Dandavagga)   C10   



Weeds   C24  

Wise  (Panditavagga)   C6  

Wise Man (Pandita)    C6  

World  (Lokavagga)   C13

Yamakavagga  (Pairs, Twin Verses)   C1 



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Chapter Topics and Keywords 
Dhammapada Sutta  (Dharmapada Sutra)


Chapters 1-4, Verses 1-59

I.    Twin Verses, Mind, Anger and Hatred, Discernment, Practice, Contrary Ways, Contrasting Pairs, Yamakavagga   Verses 1-20

II.   Vigilance, Watchfulness, Earnestness, Diligence, Zeal, Self-Control, Joy, Nirvana, Appamadavagga   Verses 21-32

III.  The Mind, Thoughts, Citta, Cittavagga   Verses 33-43

IV.  Flowers, Blossoms, Things of the World, The Flowers of Life, The Fragrance of Good Deeds, Pupphavagga   Verses 44-59


Chapters 5-8, Verses 60-115

V.     Fools, Evil Fruit, Ambition, The Childish Person, Balavagga   Verses 60-75  

VI.    The Wise Man (Pandita), The Skilled Person, The Wise, Panditavagga   Verses 76-89 

VII.   Infinite Freedom, The Venerable (Arhat), The Accomplished Person, Arahant, Arahantavagga   Verses 90-99 

VIII.  Better Than a Thousand, Thousands, Sahassavagga   Verses 100-115


Chapters 9-12, Verses 116-166  

IX.   Good and Evil, Avoid Evil Deeds and Do Good, Consequences of Evil, Detriment, Papavagga   Verses 116-128  

X.    Don't Punish or Kill, Don't Inflict Pain on Others, Overcome Desires, Train Yourself, 
        Avoid Violence, Evil Returns Evil, Dandavagga   Verses 129-145 

XI.   Beyond Life, Old Age, Broken Down House, Illness, Death,  Jaravagga   Verses 146-156 

XII.  Self-Possession, Self Control, Propriety, Duty, Oneself, The Self, Attavagga   Verses 157-166 


Chapters 13-16, Verses 167-220

XIII.   The World, Illusions, Neglect, Practice, Lokavagga   Verses 167-178  

XIV.   The Buddha, The Awakened, Restrained, Unbound, Refuge, Buddhavagga   Verses 179-196 

XV.    Happiness, Being at Ease, Bliss, Follow the Wise, Sukhavagga   Verses 197-208

XVI.   Affection, Pleasing, Sorrow, Attachments, Piyavagga   Verses 209-220 


Chapters 17-20, Verses 221-289

XVII    Guarding One's Character , Daily Efforts, Controlling Emotions, Anger, Kodhavagga   Verses 221-234 

XVIII   Impurities, Faults, Ignorance, Envy, Malavagga   Verses 235-255  

XIX     The Righteous , True Sages, Wise Elders, Monks, The Just, Dhammatthavagga   Verses 256-272 

XX      The Eightfold Path, Impermanence, Meditation, Death, The Path, Maggavagga   Verses 273-289      


Chapters 21-24, Verses 290-359

XXI     Disciples of the Buddha, Contemplation, Forest Solitude, Miscellaneous, Pakinnakavagga  Verses 290-305  

XXII    Woeful State , Sinfulness, The Results of Evil, Hell, Nirayavagga   Verses 306-319  

XXIII   Elephant, Self-Training, Fellowship, Nagavagga   Verses 320-333 

XXIV   Cravings , Bondage, Uprooting Evil, Weeds, Tanhavagga   Verses 334-359    


Chapters 25-26, Verses 360-423

XXV    Refine Conduct, Bhiksu, Calm the Mind, The Five, The Monk, Bhikkhuvagga   Verses 360-382 

XVI     A Brahmin, A Buddha, An Enlightened Person, The Holy Man, Brahmanavagga   Verses 383-423  



Dhammapada Sutta  (Dharmapada Sutra)

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Michael P. Garofalo

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Chapters 1-4, Verses 1-59  
Chapters 5-8, Verses 60-115
Chapters 9-12, Verses 116-166
Chapters 13-16, Verses 167-220    
Chapters 17-20, Verses 221-289   
Chapters 21-24, Verses 290-359
Chapters 25-26, Verses 360-423  
Chapter Topics (1-26)  
General Subject Index    

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