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December 17, 2017

Observing, Doing, Performing

Watching While I Sit   Watching a performance.  Watching someone perform a Taijiquan form, Karate kata, Kungfu routine, dance routine, sword or staff routine, sporting event.  Being a observer of an art.  Learning by watching and listening and being still and paying attention.  How sophisticated and knowledgeable is the observer, the fan, the follower?  

Performing the Taijiuan form alone.  Practicing alone.  Exercising your body by doing the form and related qigong, yoga, warm up and stretching exercises.  Nobody is looking at and observing you practice the form.  Playing with the form on your own.  Enjoying the form on your own.  Adjusting, modifying, creating with the form on your own.  I have always enjoyed doing the Yang Taijiquan form at different speed levels, using some fajing bursts, different highs, playing, experimenting.  

Performing the Taijiquan form, and related exercises, in a group.  Two to ten people working together to synchronize the timing of their movements, staying together, cooperating, having fun, coordinated, choreographed.  We are just watching each other.  Our teacher, coordinator, coach may be carefully observing our group effort, judging, correcting, suggesting.  We try our best to move in a unified manner.  

Performing the Taijiquan form for other persons - an audience.  Performing during testing with our teacher/coach.  Performing at a competitive event.  























































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