Eight Limbs of Yoga (Astanga)

The Eight Branches of Classical Raja Yoga  

1.  Yamas:  The Guidelines for Conscious Living, the Moral Codes, the Ethical Principles,
                  The Five Principles of Behavior Towards Others and Oneself


2.  Niyamas:  The Guidelines for Personal Living, Five Rules for a Healthy Mind-Body


3.  Asanas:  Postures, Exercises, Sequence of Physical Exercises


4.  Pranayama:  Breathing Exercises


5.  Pratyahara:  Control of the Senses, Self-Observation, Looking Within


6.  Dharana:  Concentration, Mindfulness


7.  Dhyana:  Meditation


8.  Samadhi:  Self-Realization, Enlightement, Bliss, Joyfulness




These guidelines for conscious living are taken from the “Yoga Sutra” compiled by
the wise Indian scholar Pantanjali over 1,900 years ago.    



More information about Classical Raja Yoga can be found at Mike Garofalo’s 
Valley Spirit Hatha Yoga website at:  www.egreenway.com.  















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