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Aging Well
Reflections, Observations, Notes, Bibliography, Links

Compiled and Indexed By

Michael P. Garofalo

April 5, 2004



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Bibliography and Links

Many of these links relate to how exercise and the practice of Taijiquan and Qigong
can help an older person maximize their health and well being; however, the selection
is not limited to this topic.  The selections reflect my diversified readings and studies 
on the general topic of Aging Well.    



Active Aging Tips and Suggestions.   American College on Sports Medicine Active
Aging Partnership and Strategic Health Initiative on Aging.  

Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The Quantuum Alternative to Growing Old.  By 
Deepak Chopra, M.D..  New York, Harmony Books, 1993.  Index, 342 pages.
ISBN: 0517592576.  

Aging Well
: Surprising Guideposts to a Happier Life from the Landmark Harvard
Study of Adult Development.   By George E. Vaillant, M.D..  Boston, MA, Little,
Brown and Company, 2002.  Index, 373 pages.  ISBN: 0316989363.  Three separate
groups of 824 persons were studied during their entire lives.  Dr. Vaillant provides
some summary analysis, and provides dozens of detailed case studies to illustrate
these summary observations.  Expanding upon Erick Erikson's Childhood and Society
(1950) model for the development of individuals, Dr. Valliant proposes that the six 
adult life tasks are: identity, intimacy, career consolidation, generatively, keeper of the
meaning, and integrity.   

Aligned, Relaxed, Resilient
:  The Physical Foundations of Mindfulness.   By Will Johnson.
Boston, Shambhala, 2000.  137 pages.  ISBN: 1570625182.  MGC.  

American Associaton for Retired Persons (AARP)

American College on Sport Medicine   

American Council on Exercise

Ancient Way to Keep Fit.   Compiled by Zong Wu and Li Mao.  Translated by Song Luzeng,
Liu Beijian, and Liu Zhenkai.  Paintings by Zhang Ke Ren.  Foreward by Kumar
Frantzis.  Bolinas, California, Shelter Publications, 1992.  211 pages, glossary.  
ISBN: 0679417893.  Outstanding illustrations by Zhang Ke Ren.  MGC.

Arthritis Therapy - Exercise - Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong   Bibliography, links,
notes, quotes, and references to medical studies.  23Kb.  

Chen Style of Taijiquan

Chi Kung and T'ai Chi Chuan Bibliography and Links  

C'hi: The Power Within.   By Geoff Pike and Phyllis Pike.  Chi Kung Breathing Exercises
for Health, Relaxation and Energy.   Boston, Charles E. Tuttle Co., 1993.  Index, 272
pages.  ISBN: 0804830991.  A man in is 40's overcomes poor health and cancer through
the daily practice of Chi Kung and martial arts.  

American Geriatrics Society Complete Guide to Aging and Health.   By Mark E. Williams,
M.D..   New York, Harmony Books, Crown Publishers, 1995.   Information.  

Diabetes - Exercise Therapy: Taijiquan and Qigong

Eight Section Brocade Qigong    Eight Treasures Chi Kung.   By Michael P. Garofalo.   
Instructions, notes, links, bibliography, quotations, and charts.  170Kb+.

Foundation for Health in Aging (American Geriatrics Society)

Growing Old: The Ultimate Freedom.  By Maxwell Jones, M.D..  New York, Insight Books,
Human Sciences Press, 1988.  Index, references, 116 pages.  ISBN: 0898854059.  
Dr. Jones, a British psychiatrist, and a leader in developing open-ended, democratic,
and progressive therapeutic and working groups, wrote this book in his early 80's.  In his
later years, he admits to being increasingly influenced by holistic, synergistic, Eastern,
mystical, intuitive, and open models of life and social relations.  He stresses the need for
older persons to be engaged with others in groups, discussion circles, therapeutic 
communities, continuing education, ashram types of residental retreats, and spiritual quests.  

Grow Younger, Live Longer: Ten Steps to Reverse Aging.  By Deepak Chopra, M.D., 
and David Simon, M.D.   New York, Harmony Books, 2001.  References, index,
289 pages.  ISBN:  0609600796.   Practical suggestions for improving your health and
enhancing chances for longevity by changing your perceptions and beliefs, getting deep 
rest, nurturing your body with healthy food, using nutritional supplements wisely,
using mind/body integration techniques, exercising, eliminating toxins, becoming more
creative, living with loving-kindness, and maintaining a youthful mind.   "The mind/body
techniques of tai chi and qigong are centuries old.  Their graceful slow movements
improve balace, flexibility and strength, enhancing both physical and mental well-being.
We encourage you to find a local tai chi or qigong class and use these beautiful movements
to awaken mind/body integration." p. 123.  

Hatha Yoga: The Hidden Language; Symbols, Secrets and Metaphor.  By Swami Sivananda
Radha.  Foreward by B.K.S. Iyengar.  Spokane, Washington, Timeless Books, 1987,
1995.  Index, 308 pages.  ISBN:  0931454743.  MGC.  

The Healing Promise of Qi: Creating Extraordinary Wellness Through Qigong and Tai Chi.
By Roger Jahnke, O.M.D..  Chicago, Contemporary Books, 2002.   Index, notes, extensive
recommended reading list, 316 pages.  ISBN: 0809295288.

Health and Fitness: Taijiquan and Qigong   Links, bibliography, quotes, notes.  45Kb.

How to Feel Good As You Age: A Voice of Experience.   By John Barnett.  Acton,
Massachusetts, Vander Wyk and Burnham, 2000.  Index, bibliography, 346 pages.
ISBN: 1889242071.  Practical advice by a very active senior citizen from Seattle.
Good tips on planning, positive attitude, assertiveness, lifestyle changes, communicating
your needs, direct action to improve you life, social relations, spirituality, and managing
the details or life.  

International Council on Active Aging  

It's Only Too Late If You Don't Start Now.  How to Create Your Second Life After 40.  
By Barbar Sher.  New York, Delacorte Press, 1998.   324 pages.  ISBN: 0385315058.  
Good advice and practical suggestions from a career counselor and psychologist on
how to free up time for your new life, examinaing and actualizing your dreams, and
creative living.  

Qigong and Taijiquan Bibliography and Links

Living Yoga:  A Comprehensive Guide for Daily Life.  Edited by Georg Feuerstein and
Stephan Bodian with the Staff of Yoga Journal.  New York, Jeremy Tarcher /Perigree,
1993.  Index, 290 pages.  ISBN: 0874777291.    

Martial Arts After 40.  By Sang H. Kim.  Turtle Press, 1999.   352 pages.  ISBN: 1880336294.


The New Yoga for People Over 50: A Comprehensive Guide for Midlife and Older Beginners.
By Susa Francia.  Deerfield Beach, Florida, Health Communications, Inc., 1997.  Bibliography,
index, 286 pages.  ISBN: 1558744533.  I have found this book to be both informative and
inspiring.  It includes many good suggestions on using props in Yoga practice.  

Relaxation and Taijiquan

Scholar Warrior: An Introduction to the Tao in Everyday Life.   By Deng Ming-Dao.  Harper
San Francisco, 1990.   Index, bibliography, 351 pages.  ISBN: 0062502328.

Solo Training: The Martial Artist's Guide to Training Alone.  By Loren W. Christensen.
Turtle Press, 2001.  304 pages.  ISBN: 1880336596.     

Strength Training: Taijiquan, Qigong, Kung Fu and Yoga

Sun Style of Taijiquan   Sun Lu Tang developed this style of Taijiquan after he was over 50
years of age.  

T’ai Chi Ch’uan For Health and Self-Defense.  Philosophy and Practice.
By Master T. T. Liang.  Edited and with a foreword by Paul B. Gallagher.
Revised, expanded edition, 1977. New York, Vintage Books, 1974, 1977.
133 pages.  ISBN: 0394724615.  A man in his 50's with a grave illness takes up the 
practice of Taijiquan and regains his health and vitality.  He becomes a noted Tai Chi master 
and author, and lives to 102 years of age.  

Tai Chi for Diabetes

The Tao of Tai-Chi Chuan:  Way to Rejuvenation.   By Jou, Tsung, Hwa.   Edited by Shoshana
Shapiro.  Warwick, New York, Tai Chi Foundation, 1980.  263 pages.  First Edition.  
ISBN: 0804813574.  Excellent textbook.  A Third Edition is now available.  A man in 
his 50's overcomes his serious illness through the practice of Taijiquan, begins on a 
rigorous path of self development, becomes a noted Taijiquan master and 
teacher, and founds the Tai Chi Farm in the eastern US.   

Taijiquan and Qigong Bibliography and Links   

The Virtues of Aging.   By Jimmy Carter.  New York, Ballantine/Random House,
1998.   140 pages.  ISBN:  0345428269.  

Vitality and Wellness.   By Stephan Rechtschaffen and Marc Cohen.  An Omega Institute
Mind, Body, Spirit Book.  New York, Dell Publishing, 1999.  Index, resources lists, 262
pages.  ISBN:  0440508681.   MGC.  Includes chapters dealing with techniques for 
becoming aware of stress, how to meditate, ideas for changing one's perspectives
about the passage of time, a discussion of retreats and quests, how play and laughter 
are critical to health and well being, and a presentation on developing a sound fitness
and nutrition program.  

Walking Fitness Activities

Walking and Qigong

Walking and T'ai Chi Ch'uan

The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing.  By Kenneth S. Cohen.
Foreword by Larry Dossey.  New York Ballantine Books, 1997.  Index, notes, appendices, 
427 pages.  ISBN: 0345421094.  One of my favorite books: comprehensive, informative, 
practical, and scientific.

Way of Walking: Eastern Strategies for Vitality, Longevity, and Peace of Mind.  By Jacques
Moramarco and Rick Benzel.  McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books, 2000.  256 pages.
ISBN: 0809225867.

Yang Style of Taijiquan: Bibliography, Links, Notes, Quotes   

Yoga and You: Energizing and Relaxing Yoga for New and Experienced Students
By Esther Myers.  Boston, Shambhala,1997.  Index, 244 pages.  ISBN: 1570623201.  MGC.

Yoga, Taijiquan and Qigong

Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness.   By Erich Schiffmann.  New York,
Pocket Books, Simon and Schuster, 1996.  357 pages.  ISBN: 0671534807.  MGC.

Yoga: The Technology of Ecstasy.   By Georg Feuerstein.  Los Angeles, Jeremy P. Tarcher,
1989.  Index, notes, 344 pages.  ISBN: 0874775205.   MGC.  

Yoga and Taijiquan 







"But who you are is not a concept in the sky, and it's not a record of you accomplishments
either.  The most original and creative side of you can re-emerge only when you get time
of your own, free time, wide-open time, uncommitted time, time in which to go after dreams
or do absolutely nothing if you choose.  Without it you can't have a self."
-  Barbara Sher, It's Only Too Late If You Don't Start Now, 1998, p 228



"America is growing older at an unprecedented rate. The number of people 65 and older is 
larger than ever before, and those 85 and older constitute the fastest growing segment of the 
population. When the baby boom generation enters its senior years, between 2010 and 2030, 
it is projected that one in five Americans will be over 65."
-  American Geriatric Society,  What is Geriatrics?



"Ten Ways to Inspire People to Keep Fit:  Be a role model; make fitness fun; be both active
and productive; make workouts short and sweet; extoll the benefits; train for a charity event
together; set short-term goals; offer to be a workout partner; use inspirational music; don't 
preach, lecture or nag. "
American Council on Exercise









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