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Riding the Ox
Buddhism, Chan, Zen, Taoism, Neo-Paganism


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Herding the Ox   Emoyeni Retreat Center. 

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Subject Search Terms:  Eight Ox Herding Songs, Ox Herding Pictures, Ox Herding Parable,  Riding the Ox, Ten Ox Herding Songs, Zen Ox Parable.  

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"Since the ninth century, students of Zen Buddhism have drawn a parallel between the individual path to enlightenment and the story of the herder and his missing ox. There are 10 stages in the parable, beginning with the search for the ox, in which a boy is racked with doubt because "Nothing has been lost in the first place,/ So what is the use of searching?" In the final stage, the boy reappears as the Buddha of the Future, enlightened. The scroll reprinted here is the oldest known version of the Japanese Ten Oxherding Songs, dating to 1278, and the only known 
example with illustrations in color along with the calligraphy. An introduction by Stephanie Wada, associate curator of the Mary and Jackson Burke foundation (which holds the manuscript) explains, in scholarly terms, both the story and the origins of this scroll and its ten circular drawings (one for each song) and poems. Nothing she writes, however, can have the impact of the eighth part of the parable: with just a wide, empty circle from which both the boy and the ox have vanished, this stage indicates that the attachment to "self" and earthly things has been relinquished. The delicacy and unstudied precision of the calligraphy's brushwork furthers the feeling. Even a Zen novice can appreciate the message of this parable, lovingly inked more than 700 years ago."
-  Publisher's Weekly.   Review of The Ox Herder.



Master Po-chang Huai-hai (720-814 CE) was asked by a monk, 
"What is the Buddha Nature?"
Master Po-chang answered,
"It is like seeking for an ox while you are yourself on it."
The monk asked, "What use does knowing the ox serve?"
Master Po-chang answered,
"It is like going home riding on it."








LaoTzu Rides an Ox







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