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By Michael P. Garofalo

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This webpage focuses on the theories, arts and practices of Chaos Magic.  It is my online notepad for my research in Chaos Magic.  This webpage is influenced by the writings of Peter J. Carroll, Aleistar Crowley, Phil Hine, Austin Osman Spare, and Robert Anton Wilson.     



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Adults Only.   Chaos Magick is for adults - persons over 18 years of age.  Children need to leave this realm.  Adults who think and act like children, with childish beliefs, with childish fears, or who must always obey somebody "in authority" like a child should also leave this realm.   


Alt.Magick.Chaos REF   An Introduction to the Periodic Postings.  Keywords: ref, faq, ack, chaos, magick, cthulu, elric, fnord, jomama.  Version 2.0. 

Book of Pleasure (self-love): The Psychology of Ecstasy.  By Austin O. Spare. 

The Book of Results.  By Ray Sherwin., 1978, 2005.  88 pages.  ISBN: 1411625587.  Sigil magick. 

Chaos, Gaia, Eros: A Chaos Pioneer Uncovers the Three Great Streams of History.  By Ralph Abraham.  San Francisco, Harper, 1994. Notes, bibliography, index, 263 pages.  ISBN: 0062500139. 

Chaos Magick - Open Directory

Chaos Magic - Texts Online  

Chaos Matrix   A rich website by Fenwick Rysen. 

Condensed Chaos: An Introduction to Chaos Magic.  By Phil Hine.  Tempe, Arizona, New Falcon Publications, 1995.  192 pages.  ISBN: 156184117X.  VSCL. 

Crowley, Aleister  1875 - 1947.    Foundation     Links     Works    Biography

Discordianism - Wikipedia  "A modern, chaos-centered religion founded circa 19581959 by Malaclypse the Younger with the publication of its principal text, the Principia Discordia. It is widely regarded as a parody religion, and has been called "Zen for roundeyes", based on similarities with absurdist interpretations of the Rinzai school. Discordianism recognizes chaos, discord, and dissent as valid and desirable qualities, in contrast with most religions, which idealize harmony and order. The religion is largely composed of whimsical and absurd ideas, though many adherents claim there is a deeper meaning to their flippant attitude. Eris is the matron deity of the religion."  As for the authors of Principia Discordia, Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst is most likely the pen name of Kerry Thornley (1938-1998), and Malaclypse the Younger is most likely the pen name of Gregory Hill (1941-2000).   

Discordianism - Links  

Discordian Society  

Divine Incantations to the Protective Gods of the Five Directions.  From the Taoist encyclopedia, Secret Essentials of the Most High, 574 CE.  Translated by Livia Kohn.  Casting the Circle - Taoist Style. 

Graphics - Occult Twilit Grotto Esoteric   Occult Symbols

High Magic: Theory and Practice.  By Frater U.:D.:.  Woodbury, Minnesota, Llewellyn Pubs., 2005.  422 pages.  ISBN: 0738704717.  VSCL. 

Illuminates of Thanateros (I.O.T).  An esoteric organization using Chaos Magick created by Peter Carroll and Ray Sherwin in the late 1970's. 

The Illuminatus! Trilogy.   By Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.  Includes: "The Eye in the Pyramid, the Golden Apple, and Leviathan."  New York, Dell, 1975.  805 pages.  ISBN:  0440539811.  VSCL. 

Liber Kaos.  By Peter J. Carroll.  Weiser, 1992.  224 pages.  ISBN: 0877287422.

Liber Null and Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic.  By Peter J. Carroll.  Weiser Books, 1987.  214 pages.  ISBN: 0877286396.   VSCL. 

The Magician's Companion.   A Practical and Encyclopedic Guide to Magical and Religious Symbolism.  By Bill Witcomb.  St. Paul, Minnesota, Llewellyn Pubs., 1993.   Appendices, resources, 577 pages.  ISBN:  0875428681.   VSCL. 

The Magician's Dictionary  Online dictionary of the "Apocalyptic Cyclopaedia of Advanced Magickal Arts."  

The Magickal Journal.  Keep a daily Magickal Journal   Every modern Magickal writer I have read (e.g., Aleistar Crowley, Peter J. Carroll, etc.) tells you that you must keep a daily journal of your Magickal activities.  Include written comments on your reading, lessons learned, experiments, thoughts, dreams, plans, poetry, quotes, rituals, observations, sigils, revelations, activities, notes, successes and failures.  These writers also tell you what to write in your Magickal Journal and why. Numerous authors give practical suggestions on keeping a personal, non-Magickal, daily journal (e.g., Ira Progoff), and some of their suggestions can be useful to Magickans.  I'd keep my Magickal Journal to myself, and not let others read it.   

The Magick of Aleister Crowley: A Handbook of Rituals of Thelema.  By Lon Milo DuQuette. San Francisco, Weiser Books, 1993, 2003. Notes, bibliography, 261 pages. ISBN: 1578632994. 

Portable Magic: Tarot is the Only Tool You Need.  By Donald Tyson.  Woodbury, Minnesota.  Index, bibliography, 230 pages.  ISBN: 0738709802. 

Prime Chaos: Adventures in Chaos Magic.  By Phil Hine.  New Falcon Pubs., 1999.  240 pages.  ISBN: 1561841374. 

Principia Discordia   1959.  As for the authors of Principia Discordia, Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst is most likely the pen name of Kerry Thornley (1938-1998), and Malaclypse the Younger is most likely the pen name of Gregory Hill (1941-2000).   

Prometheus Rising.  By Robert Anton Wilson.  Tempe, Arizona, Tempe Publications, New Falcon Publications, 1983.  284 pages.  ISBN: 1561840564. 

Psybermagick: Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magic.  By Peter J. Carroll.  New Falcon Publications, 1996.  132 pages.  ISBN: 1561840920. 

Risk.  Chaos Magick involves practices that inhibit or stimulate the body to alter consciousness, going to the Edge, challenging body and mind, flirting with disorder and loving freedom.  Adults in poor health, mentally unstable, and weak in body or mind should leave this realm.  You practice Chaos Magic at your own risk.  You must accept the consequences of your choices and actions, and accidents can happen.  Forget about whining and crying and blaming somebody else when your life goes sour or health falters after practicing Chaos Magick. 

Secrecy.  Keep your Chaos Magickal activities and practices to yourself.  Don't chat with others about what you are doing.  Sharing your ideas and experiments with others weakens the magical powers.  Few people will be supportive or knowledgeable, and many others will very likely make derisive or critical or negative moral judgments about your activities; and, you don't need to waste your time and energy paddling upstream against the negative and discouraging opinions of others.  Most magical orders required their members to keep their practices secret.  

Shamanic Experience: A Practical Guide to Contemporary Shamanism.  By Kenneth Meadows.  Shaftesbury, Dorset, England, Element Books, 1991.  Glossary, bibliography, resources, index 196 pages.  ISBN: 1852302267.  MGC.  

Spare, Austin Osman (186-1956) - Wikipedia.   English artist and Occultist. 

Spare, Austin Osman Archive   Genius of Zos.  Automatic Drawing by Austin Spare and Frederick Carter; Anathema of Zos: The Sermon to the Hypocrites; The Focus of Life ;
The Book of Satyrs.     

Spare, Austin Osman (Chaos Matrix)

Thelemapedia: The Encyclopedia of Thelema and Magick

Trismegistus, Hermes  Hermes is the Greek version of the Egyptian god Thoth.  He is associated with medicine, learning, literacy, time, magic, arcane wisdom, and the night-darkness-moon.  

Twenty Three Apples of Eris 

VSCL =  Valley Spirit Center Library, Red Bluff, California

Way of the Shaman.  By Michael Harner.  Harper San Francisco, 1990.  208 pages.  ISBN:  0062503731.

Western Esoterica - Hermetics Resources Website

Wilson, Robert Anton (1932-2007)  Author of Illuminatas.   Wikipedia   Homepage






"A Chaos Magickian is a verb.
One who is not afraid to push the definitions into experience.
One who has rejected restriction and the curse of the greyfaces."
Alt.Magick.Chaos REF








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Eight of Wands

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