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Five Tigers Attack a Herd of Sheep
Staff Weapon Routine

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June 1, 2007



Warning:  Practicing with Staff Weapons Can Be a Dangerous Activity for Adults




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Five Tigers Kill Many Sheep Staff Weapon Routine

Five Tigers Killing Many Sheep Cudgel:  五虎群羊棍
Five Tigers and Goat Herds (Chinese: 五虎群羊棍; Hanyu Pinyin: wǔ hǔ qn yng gn)
Wu Hu Qun Yang Gun
Five Tigers Stalk the Sheep Staff
Five Tigers Encircling Sheep Staff
Five Tigers Swarming on a Herd of Sheep
Five Tigers Hunting on a Herd of Sheep
Five Tigers Attack a Herd of Sheep
Staff of Five Tigers and Goat Herders
Chinese staff weapon (Gun) routine fourn in Chen Taijiquan and Shaolin Styles.  

  Wu3     Five

  Hu3    Tiger, Brave, Fierce

  Gun2  qn   Group, Crowd, Multitude, Mob

  Yang2  yng  Sheep, Goat

  Gun4  Hun4  gn   Stick, Cudgel, Scoundrel 


Chen Style Five Tigers and Group Sheep Staff.  Instructional videotape by Shifu Jiang Jian-ye.  Instructional videotape, 117 minutes, color.  Traditional Chen Village.  44 Forms with Internal Art.  Capital District Tai Chi and Kung Fu Association of New York.  Albany, New York, CDTKA, 2004.  MGC.  Use a medium staff, wax wood, flexible, about 6 feet in length.  MGC. 


Five Tiger and Sheep Staff.   Instructional DVD.  Chinese language.  50 minutes.  2004.  "A beautiful wushu form (Wu Hu Qun Yang Gun), performed confidently and without tension by Master Hung Ting Seng. The movements are broad, with many sweeps, and an overall mixture of attack, defense, and touches of theater that make for a satisfying form to watch and perform. Part of the 'Wushu Series of Master Hung Ting Seng.' The video method used for instruction involves repeating each movement twice, then once in slow motion, then one more time at regular speed. It is a good method, but would be even better if it were indexed. The camerawork is simple, straightforward (which is good!). The traditional music used is very nice, and a relief for those of us who find the usual wailing guitar soundtracks annoying. In Chinese, with Chinese subtitles, and an English voiceover."


Five-Tiger Killing Sheep Cudgel.   Instructional DVD, 46 Minutes.  Demonstrated and explained by Master Chen Qingzhou.  46 Minutes.  Ancient respected Chen Style Taiji Quan.  In Chinese, with English subtitles.  ISBN: 7887212545.   "The "Five Tigers Capture the Sheep" staff is a classic. Shaolin, Long Fist and many styles share the same set. It's just a good overall staff set known to many teachers often in a few versions. Here is the Chen Five Tiger and it is one of the best sets shown by Master Chen. The general structure is about the same as most five tigers with the distinctive moves of whirling that staff here and there over the head that gives the set its name. For those who want a Tai Chi staff set that is, first and foremost, a good stick set and also partakes of the Tai Chi styles."   ASIN: B000J1NAMK    MGC.  English, French, Chinese, and Spanish subtitles.  Amazon.


Five Tigers Swarming Sheep: List of 45 Movements

Shaolin Five Tiger Fighting Sheep Staff"The series of Shaolin Traditional Kungfu was explained by Shi De Jun, the disciple of the 31st generation of Shaolin Temple. In this series, it gives prominence to the advantage of Shaolin Traditional Kungfu and the fighting skill in practice, let the fans of Wushu know the traditional kungfu of Shaolin and take benefits and also look all over the Shaolin Traditional Kungfu."   DVD, In Chinese, with English subtitles.  

Shaolin Five Tigers Kill Seep Staff.  Instructional DVD, 60 minutes.  Chinese language.  Plum Publications.  "Five Tigers always refers to a more advanced and fiercer version of a weapons form. This is a nice stick set, one of the best in the series. The changes are reasonable but sophisticated with good skills demonstrated for the eyebrow stick. Movements are varied and well balanced with fluid transitions and good changes."




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List of Movements

Five Tigers Swarming Sheep Staff Weapon Routine


  1. Opening Movement
  2. Empty Step, Push Palm
  3. Empty Step, Tap Staff
  4. Reverse Lift
  5. Insert Step, Martial Flower (1)
  6. Insert Step, Martial Flower (2)
  7. Reverse Insert Step, Martial Flower
  8. Bow Stances, Press Staff
  9. Reverse Step, Back Staff
  10. Right Bow Stance, Embrace Staff Under Arm
  11. Jump and Swat Down
  12. Jump and Kick
  13. Swing and Chop (Left)
  14. Swing and Chop (right)
  15. Swing and Chop (Left)
  16. Step Up, Martial Flower, Diagonal Flying Kick
  17. Balance and Gaze at the Moon
  18. Front Leg Sweep
  19. Tornado Kick
  20. Shake Foot, Left Bow STances, Carry Staff on Back
  21. Lift Knee, Embrace Staff
  22. Side Vault Over Staff
  23. Martial Flower, Reverse Step, Carry Staff on Back
  24. Bow Stances, Press Staff
  25. Insert Leg and Balance
  26. Tap Staff Left and Right
  27. Reverse Step, Carry Staff on Back
  28. Throw from Behind, Catch with Opposite Hand
  29. Reverse Step, Flip Hand, Chop
  30. Swing, Reverse Step, Carry Staff on Back
  31. Left, Right, Tap Staff
  32. Swing, Strike, Turn, Bow Stance, Tap Staff
  33. Bow Stance, Point Staff
  34. Insert Step, Tap Staff
  35. Swing, STrike, Turn, Bow Stance, Tap Staff
  36. Engage the Throat
  37. Balance and Gaze at the Moon
  38. Pump Steps, Carry Staff on Back
  39. Close Foot
  40. Double Heel Kick to Sky
  41. Empty Stance, Tap Staff
  42. Throw from Behind
  43. Double Kick Staff
  44. Empty Stance, Staff Lifts Back to Slap Palm
  45. Closing Movement






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