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My wife, Karen, and I, use a Schwinn 103 Upright Exercise Bicycle at home.  

At the
Tehama Family Fitness Center, where I teach Hatha Yoga, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, and Qigong, I attend an indoor cycling class three days every week.   We use the
Star Trac V-Bike Spinner in a room just for group cycling classes.  The facility also offers many other types of Star Trac aerobic training equipment.  

This is the indoor cycling equipment that I currently use on a regular basis.  It is not necessarily the "best" equipment or the equipment I would "recommend" that you
purchase.  However, this equipment is quite useful and durable for the purposes intended.  I am satisfied with this equipment.  The Star Trac Spinner Pro is a very
popular model in health and fitness clubs and considered by many to be an excellent product, and the Schwinn 103 is a high volume sales model for the home user. 

I have attended the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) indoor cycling workshop.  The instructor, Timmi Lemen, was very good.  This is a one
day workshop, 9am-5pm.  We used the
LeMond Rev-Master indoor cycles during this workshop.

I taught spin cycling at the Tehama Family Fitness Center for two years. 

This webpage is the place for my research, notes, and ideas on this topic.  




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Notes and Quotes
Indoor Cycling


"Ultra-endurance cyclist, motivational trainer and internationally acclaimed fitness expert Johnny G, who created the original Spinning program that sparked the indoor cycling trend, 
says, "The beauty of indoor cycling is that you set your own level of intensity by adjusting the bike's resistance, so your age, size or fitness level doesn't matter. The goal is to help you 
find the champion within."  Fitness experts agree that indoor cycling is an excellent cardiovascular workout, providing the same health and weight management benefits as other aerobic activities.  It is particularly versatile because it's a non-impact activity."
Are You Ready for Indoor Cycling?








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