Walnut Trees
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Walnut Trees
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Black Walnut Explorations.   By Carlene Cooper.  19Kb.  

California Walnut Marketing Board

Diamond Walnut Growers

Dragon Mother Wood Works

Drying Walnuts

Gothic Gardening:  Walnut
  Comments on the walnut tree's reputation as a sinister tree.


La Noix Gaillard

Plant Friends of the Black Walnut

Mark Rieger's Fruit Crops   Facts, information, cultivation, folkore, botany.  

Mystical World Wide Web: Trees    

Nut Trees:  Folklore, Magick, Myths, Legends, Esoterica

Sacred Trees.   By Nathaniel Altman.  San Francisco, Sierra Club Books, c 1994. 
244 pages, index, bibliography, list of organizations, illustrations, drawings, black 
and white photos.    ISBN: 0882666207.  

The Spirit of GardeningOver 2,700 quotes arranged by over 135 topics.  Complied by 
Michael P. Garofalo.  

Tree Medicine - Tree Magic.   By Ellen Evert Hopman and Diana Green.  Custer,
Washington, Phoenix Pub., 1992.  176 pages.  ISBN: 0919345557.  

Trees for Healing:  Harmonizing with Nature for Personal Growth and Planetary Balance.   
By Pamela Louise Chase and Jonathan Pawlik.  North Hollywood, California, Newcastle 
Publishing Co., Inc., 1991.  257 pages.  Notes, bibliography, list of organizations.  The lore 
and magical aspects of trees.  ISBN: 0878771573.  MGC.  Organized by areas of the
United States.  Includes a bibliography.  

Trees - Quotes for Gardeners I

Trees - Quotes for Gardeners II    120Kb.  Includes a bibliography and links.  

Trees - Quotes for Gardeners III    46Kb.   

Trees - Quotes for Gardeners IV
    48Kb.  Includes quotations about wild trees and forests.  

Trees:  Lore, Spirituality, Magic, Folklore, Myths

Vegetarians in Paradise    

Walnut - Botanical.com (A Modern Herbal)   17Kb.  

The Walnut: History, Nutrution, Folklore, Recipes.  Vegetarians in Paradise.   39Kb.

Walnut - Juglans    Facts, cultivation, history, folklore.  By Mark Rieger.    22Kb

Walut: Lore, Legends, Magick  

Walut Recipes and Cooking    By Peggy Trowbridge.  20Kb.  

Walnut Trees:  Lore, Myths, Magick, Esoterica.  By Michael P. Garofalo.   

Walnut Trees - Red Bluff, California

Walnut Varieties from the University of California

Walnuts in the Perigord, France

Walnuts: Myth, Lore, Magick, Esoterica   

The Wisdom of Trees.  By Jane Gifford.  New York, Sterling Publishing, 2000.
160 pages.  ISBN:  0806927852.

Wonderful Walnuts, Wisdom and Folklore   14Kb.

World Wide Walnut
   An outstanding site!!





Walnut Trees
Quotes, Poems, Lore, Notes


"Worthy of mention also, in Leland's Book [Charles Leland, Magic and Occult Remedies, 1892]
is the story about the walnut witches.  Manuscripts from old witch trials in Italy speak of this
walnut tree which (it is said) had always been there and was in leaf all year long.  For centuries,
legends were told of the great witch gatherings in the town of Benevento, at the site of an ancient
walnut tree.  In the year 662 A.D., Saint Barbato converted the Duke of Benevento (a pagan) to 
Christianity and had the tree cut down.  The witches replanted the walnut tree from seed, and 
legend says it still stands in Benevento.  Bottles of Strega Liguore, manufactured in Benevento
today, bear labels upon which appears the old walnut tree with a group of witches and satyrs
dancing around it."  This activity was associated with the worship of the Goddess Diana.  
-   Raven Grimassi, Ways of the Strega, 1995, p. 11



"Some scholars say the term derives from the Teutonic German wallnuss or welsche nuss 
and and others from the Anglo-Saxon word wealh meaning foreign or alien and hnutu meaning 
nut. It's difficult to trace the native home of the walnut tree, but ancient Romans believe it 
originated in Persia. Early cultivation spanned from southeastern Europe to Asia Minor 
to the Himalayas. Greek usage of walnut oil dates back to the fourth century B.C., nearly a 
century before the Romans. Franciscan priests brought the walnut to California, USA around 
Peggy Trobridge, Walnut Recipes and Cooking



"Drive through the verdant valleys of the Périgord Noir and you cannot help but be struck by the 
majestic groves of walnut trees that grace the landscape. Although the trees you see today are 
newer, there is evidence that the walnut has existed in this corner of the world for 17,000 years 
or more, and that the nuts figured into the diet of Crô-Magnon man. The walnut has played a 
prominent role in the local culture and commerce since then. Tenth-century peasants paid their 
debts off with the nuts; 11th-century peasants were expected to tithe walnuts to the church; 
13th-century merchants considered walnut oil as precious as gold; and in the 18th century, 
walnut oil as well as wine constituted a thriving trade on the waters of the Dordogne toward 
Bordeaux and beyond to the Netherlands, Germany, and Great Britain."
Walnuts in the Perigord (Southwest France) 









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