Preparing for the First Harvest Celebration

Early August Feast, Christian Lammas, Celtic Lughnasa , Greek Adonis Festival
6th Celebration of Neo-Pagan Craft Year, Late Summer Feast 

Red Bluff, North Sacramento Valley, California, USA, North America

Research by
Michael P. Garofalo

July, 2007



1.  Collect corn husks, dry and store in shade.  Collect wheat, tie, and hang in shade.  Collect fruit (apricots, plums) and dry. 

2.  Tend your garden daily.  Water your garden each day.  Weed your vegetable garden.  Harvest squash, tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables from your garden each day.  Review list of chores for July, and act accordingly. 

3.  Read about the First Harvest Celebration.  Add notes and links to books, magazines, and webpages on the subject. 

Lammas: Celebrating Fruits of the First Harvest.   Anna Franklin and Paul Mason.  St. Paul, Minnesota, Llewellyn Pub., 2001.  Bibliography, index, 276 pages.  ISBN: 0738700940.   VSCL.  

Links to webpages about the First Harvest Celebration.  Add, revise, check links. 

4.  Donate to a charity that helps feed people.  Donate to a charity or development agency that helps people improve their ability to grow and store food.  

5.  Read about and try making a loaf of bread.  Loaves of bread are a traditional part of the First Harvest Feast.   

6.  Add some appropriate First Harvest songs, chants, invocations, or poems to your Neo-Pagan Craft Journal, Book of Shadows, Ritual Handbook, etc..  

7.  Check out astronomical details about the rising of the Dog Star, Sirius, in late July, and the beginning of the "Dog Days of Summer."  

8.  Prepare for the "Games" of the First Harvest Feast.  The Greek Olympics and Roman Heracleia games were held at this time.  What games might you play?  Horseshoes, boche ball, croquet, volleyball, badminton, frisbee, baseball ....  Get your equipment and playing court ready. 

9.  Renew supplies of your favorite ritual-recreational drug: coffee, tobacco, alcohol, marihuana, etc.. 

10.  Visit your local public library or college library for books, media and magazines on the subject.  In my area, these resources include:

California State University at Chico, Merriam Library 
Tehama County Public Library   
Butte County Public Library  
Shasta County Public Library  









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