11 Objectives to Accomplish in 101 Days


Starting March 1, 2008



11 Objectives to Accomplish in 101 Days
By Michael P. Garofalo


1.  Reduce bodyweight by 10 pounds.  Reduce intake of calories each day to under 2,200 calories.  Reduce the amount of carbohydrates I eat each day.  Don't eat very much in the evening.  Do not take seconds at meals.  Reduce eating something at each meal.  Start at 274 pounds and reduce to 264 pounds. 

2.  Fast walking for 90 minutes four days each week: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Lift weights for 45 minutes at gym four days each week. 

3.  Test and record my blood sugar every morning upon awakening.  Test and record my blood sugar two hours after lunch, four days each week.  Test my blood pressure every morning upon awakening.  Report results to my new physician in May, sooner if the blood sugar numbers are higher than the target range.     

4.  Teach at the Tehama Family Fitness Center each week.  Teach four Hatha Yoga classes, one Taijiquan class, and one spin cycling class.  

5.  Start learning the Chen Style Taijiquan Old Frame, First Routine, Sections 1, 2, and 3.  Start learning the Chen Style Taijiquan Saber 26 form.  Practice each day for 30 minutes.    

6.  Practice the Yang Style Taijiquan 24 Form, Yang Style Taijiquan 108 Long Form, and Yang Style 32 Sword Form every day.

7.  Work on various gardening and outdoor construction projects.  Improve the Sacred Circle.  Accomplish 4 tasks every weekend. 

8.  Work for the CUESD 3 days every week.  Write 3 new grants. 

9.  Finish webpages on the Standard Simplified Taijiquan 24 Form and the Chen Taijiquan, Old Frame, First Routine. 

10.  Finish a variety of home improvement projects.  Accomplish 2 tasks each weekend. 

11.  Prepare ahead for upcoming special events, celebrations, and visitors.    Help Karen around the house on specific preparations. 






Michael Garofalo
Red Bluff, California
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