I am Looking for a Good WordPress and CSS/PHP Designer to Hire for Projects

August 14, 2005


I have hundreds of webpages, and many websites on the Net, under the banner of Green Way Research.  
Green Way Research has served up over 10 million webpages since 1995.  I have very good positions 
in all the search engines.  

All my websites are non-profit, hobbyist, labors of love for me.  I make less than $100 per quarter 
from Amazon.

All of my webpages are in simple html.  I write with FrontPage 2000.  In 2006, I plan to purchase 
and learn Dreamweaver MX 2004, as well as advance my knowledge of CSS and PHP.  I'm a librarian 
and manager by profession, semi-retired, into research and writing more than coding.  

My Spirit of Gardening website is the most popular.  

I maintain an on-line journal, called the Valley Spirit Journal.    It is a catch-all for my notes, 
collecting, ideas, finds, leads, daily notes, etc..  

I started a blog with WordPress, called Green Way.  It will feature a quote with a few comments 
each day, and selected links with comments.  Topics: gardening, green way philosophy, mindfulness, 
nature mysticism, Taoism, nature lore, green wizardry, nature studies, garden lore, ecology, etc.. 

I used WordPress for the first time on 8/5/05, after I got a new web host: BlueHost.  I hate writing
in that little dinky editor in WordPress so I write in FrontPage, as usual, and cut and paste the code
into WordPress.  Must be a better way?  


So, for a starter:


1.  Green Way Blog

I'm looking for a person skilled in WordPress who can help me with design and implementation.  

I need an attractive new blog template for Green Way.  

Generally I like dark colored print on a white background.  However, I am very open to other color
combinations that provide for good contrast of text to background.  My older readers need good sharp
contrast to read comfortably.  

Fewer links on the main page might be better, with some sitemap link to open up more detailed 
link sidebars.  I do however, link a lot.

Something in a green flavor might be appropriate, considering the theme.  

I liked some of the one column theme pages, centered, with lots of room for a centered quote 
and them comments in a larger type font.  I don't favor tiny type fonts - I just can't read them
very well.  I have lots of older readers.  How do I get two spaces between sentences.  I hate it when
the text gets squeezed together.  I like a smidge more space between lines.  

I need a feedback/contact/respond form.

I'd like to try using some plug-in for making footnotes.    

My wife, Karen, and I just started our Coppermine Photo Gallery.  We take lots of photos and 
plan to have this area grow more in 2006.  Can we somehow integrate Coppermine in with WordPress?  

I need some graphics/artwork for the blog (see below).  Dividers between posts.  Pull together graphics.  
Clever transitions or link dividers.  

I need someone who can install needed plugins, get me up and running, answer questions, and 
provide some guidance.

I seeking a knowledgeable person who I can do business with in the future.  I plan to use the hourly wage
I get from teaching yoga ($20 per hour), to pay this person $30 or more per hour.  

What would these kinds of services cost?   How do we make arrangements for payments?  Terms?  


Then, if relations go well, onto other projects:


2.  Spirit of Gardening Homepage.  

I need something new, beautiful, functional, and fitting for the entry/homepage/portal/splash page.  
Something I can add to or modify occasionally.  Maybe in CSS for the homepage?  

Some graphics/artwork for the site.  I've used the same flower.gif since 1999.    


3.  Cloud Hands Homepage

T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Chi Kung website.  


4.  Valley Spirit Journal





Contact Form


I need a contact/respond/inquiry/mail form designed and implemented for this blog.  I would also like to 
use the new mail form to replace my current clunky and blunt mail webpage.  I'd like to keep 
spiders from grabbing my email and keep the junk mail down?  Could I modify it myself?  I want
the mail form to give me information about what webpage or website of mine that the reader is 
referring to or using when they send me an email - probably a check box section on a mail form.
I want an auto responder thank you note sent to people who send me an email.  I'd like the email
sent to my POP3 email account.  (I get lots of positive email; and, I need a better method for 
helping my readers communicate with me.)  I'm not thinking so much about gathering comments to
my posts, which would be OK, but implementing an email communication form.  




Maybe a drop down box to select the website they came from.
_____________________   A box for entering text information.

The results from this form should be sent to:  feedback62@egreenway.com

After they send their email to me, I'd like them sent to:  www.egreenway.com/weblog/

They will automatically get a autoresponder thank you email message.

I would like this contact/feedback form to be filed at: www.egreenway.com/mail.htm





Green Way

Hello, welcome to my contact and feedback form.  
I welcome your comments, suggestions, and contributions.  

Thank you very much for taking the time to write and share,

Mike Garofalo  


First Name ____________________________

Last Name ______________________________________________ (Optional)

Your Website: _______________________________________________ (Optional)

Your Email: _________________________________________________  (Optional)


Which one of my websites did you last visit:

Spirit of Gardening
Haiku Poetry
T'ai Chi Ch'uan
Concrete Poetry
Green Way Blog
Valley Spirit Journal
Yoga or Meditation


Can I use the comments, link, citation, and/or graphic that you are sending me 
on one of my webpages?
      Yes  ______    No  ________

Are you willing to exchange links?
      Yes _______   No _________


Your comments or suggestions:



Thank You!




Green Way Research    The Spirit of Gardening     Mind-Body Arts     Poetry       Zen






I loved the artwork/photo above I found at www.ollaflowers.com.
The above was an idea for a image header for the Green Way blog.
I have not yet asked the artist if I could purchase the rights to use this image.

Other ideas are fine by me. 


Michael Garofalo