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Michael P. Garofalo
Valley Spirit Taijiquan Instructor

April 18, 2004



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1.  "T'ai Chi Ch'uan" means

(a)  Supreme Ultimate Martial Art
(b)  Martial arts
(c)  Chinese yoga
(d)  Hard style Chinese kung fu
(e)  Entering tranquillity


2.  "Qi Gong" means

(a)  Soft sytle internal martial art
(b)  Unifying body and mind
(c)  Internal energy training
(d)  Breath control
(e)  Five Animal Frolics


3.  The Five Animal Frolics were created by

(a)  The Taoist Master Chang San Feng in 1200 AD
(b)  The poet-philosopher Lao Tsu in 500 BC
(c)  The compiler Pantanjali in 300 BC
(d)  The philosopher Confucious in 500 BC
(e)  The medical doctor Hua To in 200 AD


3.  The Bear Frolic includes

(a)  Turning and twisting the body at the waist area
(b)  Crawling on the ground on all four limbs
(c)  Sleeping many extra hours during the winter months 
(d)  Using extra strength and quickness when doing push hands
(e)  Hitting a heavy punching bag for twenty minutes a day


4.  Another standard Romanized spelling of "T'ai Chi Ch'uan" is

(a)  Tie Jee
(b)  Taijiquan
(c)  Tay ju jjuan 
(d)  Tai Chi
(e)  Tai Ge'e Chan 


5.  The "Dan Tien" is

(a)  Located in the center of the head, and called the "Third Eye"
(b)  Located below the heart, and called the "Manipura."
(c)  Located at the bottom of the foot, and called the "Bubbling Spring." 
(d)  Located behind and below the navel, and called the "Elixir Field."
(e)  Located in the throat, and called the "Upper Cauldron." 









The Hidden Tiger
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