Home and Property for Sale

Near the City of Red Bluff, Tehama County, North Sacramento Valley, California

23005 Kilkenny Lane, Red Bluff, California, 96080    

Sold On March 3, 2017



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Contact our Realtor:  Christine Marie Hackstaff, Real Living Real Estate Professionals, Redding, CA

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3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 1909 Square Feet      

4.85 Acre Parcel, Two 125' deep water wells, numerous gardens, 2 ponds, beautiful rural setting, built in 1986.

Price:  $299,000          Effective February 14, 2017

Ranch style home, 1909 square feet, One Floor with Many Recent Improvements     Photographs    

Master bedroom (19'x13")  Closet (13'x2').  Ceiling fan.  Window facing East.  Newly carpeted and repainted.  Locking door.  Smoke detector.
Master bathroom (12'x5.5').  New vanity, new toilet, cabinets for storage, new floor, tub/shower.   

Second bedroom (17'x11').  Closet (8'x2').  Ceiling fan.  Window facing South. New carpeted and repainted.  Locking door.  Smoke detector. 

Third bedroom or Study (14'x10').  Closet (2.5'x2')  Ceiling fan.  Window facing West.  Locking door.  Smoke detector.

Fourth room (den, study, craft room, music room, bedroom) (11'x8')  Ceiling fan.  Window facing West.  No closet.  Smoke detector.

Fifth room (10'x10'), Pantry, storage, freezer, ceiling fan, shoe changing area.  Back door exits to Back Porch (35'x11').  Window facing West. 

Hallway bathroom (13'x5').  New vanity, cabinets for storage, new toilet, new floor, tub/shower.
Hallway closet (3'x2')  
Hallway has two smoke/gas detectors. 

Living/TV room (24'x15')  Avalon wood burning stove, window to West and North, ceiling fan, DISH system
Dining room (12'x12')  Sliding glass doors to West, ceiling fan.   

Kitchen (13'x11')  Refrigerator, propane stove/oven, dishwasher, sink, garbage disposal, counter top work area.  Smoke detector. 

Home Office or Activity Room (22'x11').  Window facing East, washer and dryer, ceiling fan, Internet and DISH system.  Smoke detector. 

Back Porch, Screened, (11'x35').  Facing to the West, concrete floor, with lush fenced-in garden view. 
Garage (18'x29'), includes a separate locked room (6'x8") for safely storing guns or other valuables, or for changing clothes.  Smoke detector. 

This home was built in 1986. 

4.85 Acre Parcel, Two 125' deep water wells, numerous gardens, 2 ponds, beautiful rural setting          Photographs


Price:  $299,000          Effective February 14, 2017


Contact our Realtor:  Christine Marie Hackstaff, Real Living Real Estate Professionals, Redding, CA   Email: chackstaff@gmail.com     530-227-0777 

Galvanized fence and gates in enclosed back yard (114'x40').
Back yard is landscaped with many evergreen shrubs and four large pecan trees.  Lots of summer shade on the west side of the house.
100 fruit trees or vines: peaches, apricots, apples, cherries, figs, grapes, plums, nuts, olives, oranges, lemons, and pomegranates.
Teahouse in the eucalyptus grove by the larger west pond.
Large Circle Garden with fireplace and seating. 
Second smaller south pond by the Circle Garden.
Three storage sheds, gardener's work tables.
Drip irrigation and plenty of garden faucets.  A small pond pump feeds the drip irrigation lines.   
Home well (125' deep) and pressure tank are located in a separate covered blue secure wood building (10'x8') behind the garage.
All of 5 acre parcel is fenced, with a front entry gate so children, pets and property can be secure.
All of the property around the house is densely landscaped providing a beautiful secluded setting.
Front yard has a galvanized fence and two gates.
Propane appliances: water heater, kitchen stove, clothes dryer, central heating.
Electrical appliances: dish washer, evaporative cooler, refrigerators, microwave, fans.
Large rooftop refrigeration air conditioning unit for heating (propane) and cooling (electrical).
A second evaporative cooler unit on rooftop, new unit installed 5/2015 to County Code
Two gable fans.
Avalon wood burning stove in the living room. 
BBQ paved area. 
Dish TV with two ports: Living room and home office.
Telephone outlets in every room. 
Internet connectivity in home office, router with WiFi/BlueTooth.
All electrical outlets are three prong grounded, GFCI grounded outlets in bathrooms 
4.85 acre rural parcel,  211,266 square feet.
The 125' deep south field well uses a DC water pump run by a solar panel.  Underground pipes from south well to both ponds. 
Propane hot water heater in outside wood covered storage unit, heater is 5 years old, holds 40 gallons. 
Home septic tank and two leach lines are in good working order.

Large screened back porch (11'x35', 385 sq ft) facing west.
Garage (18'x29'), includes a separate locked room (6'x8") for safely storing guns or other valuables.

Perfect property for a growing family, retired folks who love gardening and outdoor recreation, or people wanting property for workshops or storage.
Room for sports, raising farm animals, dogs, cats, gardening, games, recreation, plant nursery, home business.   
Plenty of parking for recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, equipment.   
Plenty of room for adding a metal workshop and/or larger garage for storing equipment and machinery.


Contact our Realtor:  Christine Marie Hackstaff, Real Living Real Estate Professionals, Redding, CA   Email: chackstaff@gmail.com     530-227-0777 


4.85 acre rural parcel,  211,266 square feet.  Zoning:  R1-A-MH-B

Two 125' deep water wells, numerous gardens, 2 ponds, lush landscaping, beautiful rural setting          Photographs

Property could be subdivided and another new home built or modular home (Granny Flat or modular) placed on the southern portion of this large property

Irrigation ditch through the property is filled over seven times each summer which supplements both ponds. 
Ponds are also kept topped up by using the second south well running on solar power.
Extensive system of underground PVC pipe and drip irrigation lines to utilize water in two ponds and distribute water.
This home is not in a flood zone, and has good drainage.  Flood insurance was not required for mortgage.  Flood risk considered low by FEMA letter. 
All of property is on flat land.
Clay/sandy soil, no rocks in soil, excellent for gardening.

A variety of useful working garden tools will be included with sale: John Deere LA 115 lawn tractor with cart, Toro lawn mower, electric chainsaw, electric trimmer, power cords, many garden tools (shovels, rakes, hoes, spades), lawn chairs, lumber, hand tools, hoses, etc.  Three sturdy outdoor wooden storage sheds: one brown storage shed (16'x8'), second brown storage shed (16'x8'), third blue storage shed (10'x8').  There is also a covered wood shelter for mowing equipment and gasoline. 

Stove/oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and freezer in pantry are included with the home at sale.  Also, a new propane outdoor gas grill and cover are included with the home at sale. 

Large vegetable garden (38'x18') in a sunny location.  Cultivated with manure, amendments, and roto-tilled for over seven years.  We grow crops all year─ both a summer garden and a winter garden.

Lots of heavily shaded areas for sitting and relaxing outdoors.

Horseshoe pit playing area, badminton playing court, trail bicycle riding path, kite flying area in south field. 


Price:  $299,000          Effective February 14, 2017


Contact our Realtor:  Christine Marie Hackstaff, Real Living Real Estate Professionals, Redding, CA   Email: chackstaff@gmail.com     530-227-0777 

2300 Kilkenny Lane, Red Bluff, California, 96080  

This property is at the end of a quiet .35 mile cul-de-sac (a perfect safe walking path).  All other homes on the street are on 5 acre parcels. 
A quiet rural residential area with all senior citizen neighbors living in newer attractive ranch style homes.
This property is consider to be a "Rural Residence (Agricultural)."  Tehama County, Parcel: 037-120-47, Lot: 9 TR 78-1024. 

You can raise farm animals on this property as per local Community CCRs and Tehama County designation. 

Kilkenny Lane is a road maintained by the Tehama County Road Department.  It is not a private road. 

This property has met the criteria set by the National Wildlife Federation's for being a "Certified Wildlife Habitat."

Your U.S. Mail is delivered directly to your home mailbox.  No need to go to the nearby rural Proberta post office box to send or pick up mail. 

Only 6 miles north to the city of Red Bluff (15,000 population) via Highway 99W (South Main Street).  Red Bluff has shopping (Walmart Super Store, Raleys, Food Max, Home Deport, Staples, etc.), many small shops, dining, five motels, many restaurants, and many service options, and a professional medical complex with a Legacy Hospital (St. Elizabeth).  Here is a map of the location of this house and property. 

Numerous public, charter, and private religious schools available in local area. 

Red Bluff is a transportation and travel hub of Highway 32, Highway 99, and Interstate 5.  Lassen National Park and many lakes are only 40 miles to the east.  The Sacrament River is 5 miles to the east with many boat launching ramps nearby. 

Amazing outdoor recreational opportunities nearby.  Nearby options for outdoor recreation such as fishing, boating, kayaking, water skiing, hunting, bird watching, hiking, archery, mountain trail hiking, etc.

This lovely rural ranch style home has easy access to Interstate 5 via Exit 642 at Flores Ave.  Drive east from Interstate 5 on Flores Ave for 2 miles to reach Highway 99W.  This home has easy and convenient Interstate 5 freeway access within 35 miles to the much larger cities of Redding to the north, or Chico (via Highway 99) to the south which both have 70,000+ populations. 

The local area features mostly huge orchards of almonds, olives, and walnuts; and, cattle grazing lands. 

The area is smog free with clear skies.  It is cool in the autumn and spring, colder in the winter, and hot in the summer─ a classic Mediterranean climate. 

Spectacular views of mountains on three sides:  Southern Cascades to the East, Mt. Shasta and Trinity Alps to the North, and the Yolly Bolly mountains to the West.  Distinct beautiful seasonal changes. 

The two owners for the past 18 years were employed by local school districts, are an older couple as are all the neighbors on Kilkenny Lane, and are avid gardeners and natural history buffs. 


Contact our Realtor:  Christine Marie Hackstaff, Real Living Real Estate Professionals, Redding, CA   Email: chackstaff@gmail.com     530-227-0777 


Photographic story of the Garden Improvements at this Beautiful Home 1998-2007

Information about this Property for Garden and Natural History Buffs

Photos of the Property and Surrounding Area



Online Estimates of the Sale Value of this Home

Zillow Zestimate Report (10/1/2016) =  $341,824     Zillow Listing For Sale   

Zillow Zestimate Report (11/22/2016) = $283, 832 

ReMax Estimate Report (5/2016) = $363,300

Fifth Third Bank Estimate Report (10/10/2016)  =  $258,000

Trulia Estimate Report (5/2016) =  $358,098         Trulia Listing for Sale

Bank of America Estimate Report (10/10/2016)  =  $250,723  

Comparables from Zillow  =  $285,000

Home is For Sale Now, by Owner, as of November 2016.  If not sold by March of 2017, we will hire a listing agent realtor. 


Price:  $299,000          Effective February 14, 2017.


Contact our Realtor:  Christine Marie Hackstaff, Real Living Real Estate Professionals, Redding, CA   Email: chackstaff@gmail.com     530-227-0777 


Recent Improvements to this Home and Property:

In the recent past, we paid for a home inspection by a certified home inspector and by a certified inspector for termites, wood destroying pests and organisms. 
Based on these past inspections we have made many home improvements in 2016 and 2017.
Prospective buyers will need to negotiate with the seller for having a new and current home inspection and termite/mold inspection in 2017 to meet loan and disclosure requirements.


The entire south side of this home was renovated in 11/2015: new siding, new window, new insulation, new moisture barrier, and repainted.
The entire back porch was repaired, new roofing installed, and it was repainted in 2016. 
New metal back door installed and the back door wall were replaced in 12/2015: new door, new siding, new insulation, moisture barrier and repainted. 
New evaporative cooler unit installed, to Tehama County code, in 6/2015.
Many old and oversized trees removed in 5/2015.
South field cleaned off and debris to dump in 6/2015. 

All interior repainting was done by hand with high quality paint.  We used Behr Premium Plus Ultra Stain Blocking Paint and Primer in One,
Latex, Interior, Semi-Gloss, BWC-07, Cotton Blossom (White) Color. 

Two largest back bedrooms were repainted in 1/2016.
Two largest back bedrooms and hallway were recarpeted in 2/2016. 
Both bathrooms were repainted, new flooring installed, new vanities installed, and new toilets installed in 3/2016. 
Living room, dining room, and kitchen were repainted in 6/2016. 
Back porch rescreened in 6/2016. 
Front wood fence repainted in 9/2016. 
BBQ area outside screened porch was paved in 9/2016.
Added a smoke detector to Bedroom 1 and Bedroom 4 on 11/22/2016. 
Replaced knobs on stove and had spark igniters repaired on three burners on 12/3/2016.
Repaired and painted strip of wood along backside garage roof edge in 2/2107. 
Repaired or replaced pump house roof fascia boards and repainted in 2/2017. 
Remove shrubs and trees at least 1 foot away from all sides of house, and any above the roof on 12/4/2016.
Lowered gravel or dirt below the level of all siding to improve grading on 12/4/2016. 

Pump house door replaced and painted in 3/2017.   

Replaced the outdoor water heater wood enclosure door and replaced vents and flashing to top, and repainted enclosure, all in 2/2017. 

Added more black felt roofing paper and asphalt covered roofing paper to north end of the back porch 2/2017. 
Tradesmen to cover patio roof and repair vents in other roof areas in 3/2017. 

Fix minor leak, via house crawl space, in sewer line plumbing junction under hallway bathroom in 2/2017. 
Scrap and repaint with Kilx paint, two small areas in crawl

Additional repairs and reinforcing and repainting some support columns and baseboards and repainting on the back porch in 3/2017.  

Fourth 'craft-study-bedroom' room emptied and repainted from blue to white in 2/2017.
Replaced broken glass in double pane window in fourth room in 2/2017

Repaired problems with gutters in 3/2017.   Installed downspout, repaired breaks and holes. 

In attic, put two junctions of cables into metal boxes in 3/2017. 

Removed plants from 1 foot around all the house.  Improved grading at a few edges around the house. 

Front door upgrade in 2/2017: repainted, woodwork, new insulation.  

Office area emptied and repainted in 4/2017.

When the time comes in the near future, at the time of settled negotiations for the sale of the home, we will have other needed inspections by licensed inspectors.  We will have the sewer and leach lines tested and the septic tank drained.  We will have the home well water system tested and water quality tested. 


The title to the home and property is registered in Tehama County as owned jointly by the two owners.  There are no liens on this property or home. 


Contact our Realtor:  Christine Marie Hackstaff, Real Living Real Estate Professionals, Redding, CA   Email: chackstaff@gmail.com     530-227-0777 


Photographs of this home and its 5 acres of land:

View of Property from Kilkenny Lane

View of Home from Front North Side

View of Home from Front Yard




Living Room Area (24'x15')

Kitchen Area (13'x11')

Dining Room Area (12'x12')




Master Bedroom Area (19'x13')

Hallway Bathroom (13'x5')

Third Bedroom or Study (14'x10')




Second Bedroom Area (17'x11')

Home Office or Activity Room Area (22'x11')

Back Screened Porch (35'x11')




Entrance Walkway and Front Porch  

View east from the front of this home.


    West pond full in the summertime.




Middle pond in Summer.


Looking to the west from our fence.  Almond orchard in the near distance.  Yolly Bolly mountain range to the west is covered with snow.  Numerous seasonal ponds nearby that attract wildlife.  

There are many blooming perennial plants on this property.  The spring iris display is spectacular.    




Fertile vegetable garden (38'x18').
This is our "sunny garden."

Google Earth view of this home and property.


Large open lovely landscaped play areas.




     There are now 100 fruit trees on this property.  All orchard trees are on drip lines.  Looking north.  The trees are much larger now and all bear lots of fruit.


Many plantings, in front yard and back yard, with perennial flower displays.


Fireplace in Circle Garden.
This garden is heavily planted.
Vertical fence is covered in vines.





View from the screened back porch in the springtime blooming season.

Pond on the west side of the property during a refreshing Winter rainstorm.  We average 22" of rain per year. 

Raised garden bends, fencing, and two brown sheds behind fence.





Large open lovely landscaped play areas.
Badminton or croquet play area.

The teahouse is hidden in a grove of eucalyptus trees beside the large pond.




Dining Room (12'x12")







Red Bluff Map.  This home and property is near the Proberta Post Office, 6 miles south of the City of Red Bluff.

Mouse click on "View Larger Map."  Then mouse click on "Proberta" to view exact map location of Kilkenny Lane.  

This house and home are at the end of Kilkenny Lane, .35 miles west of Highway 99W. 








                            Red Bluff




23005 Kilkenny Lane, Red Bluff, CA 96080    (Marked by red dot)

State Highway 99W is A8
Highway 99W is 2 miles east of Interstate 5 via Exit 642 Flores Ave. 




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